Avatars by server




  • Ithiloneth

    Hoping community feedback is worth something I've decided to add my voice; this would be a very useful feature.

    Please consider implementing it, and no matter what you decide - respond! I think this posts is large enough to warrant that.

    Edit: Here is the image I would use as my alternate avatar

    It's name is Sprigg and it's a really friendly treantesque Warforged :>

  • Paws

    Would absolutely love this as a feature, something I think about everytime I speak in different servers!

  • Enkidu

    I would like to enthusiastically support the introduction of server-specific avatars. In my home/primary-D&D server with my close friends I need my avatar to be the Liverpool F.C. emblem or else my team will lose, but in my new/school D&D-group server I'd like something more context-appropriate. Thank you for your time and attention, Discord team! I love your service and it has had a positive impact on my life. Keep up the good work!

  • Enigmind

    Any news about this? This would be REALLY awesome to have such a feature! 😍

  • Lhun

    Please consider this petition!

  • springvice

    There are cases where avatars don't match with the server theme and custom avatar by server would help a lot. Millions of users need this. Come on!!

  • Sausage

    plz add :))))

  • Zakail

    just adding another +1 to this


    this would be an invaluable feature for RPers, Tabletop players, and just folks with any shred of creativity in their bones. No excuse not to have this when we already have per-server nicknames. These features go hand in hand.

  • Prime Lorca [10FH]

    A nickname (text) is a couple bytes of data. Giving every user an avatar for each server is a boatload of data. There is an excuse for not having it. We want it all the same, of course, because it would be useful. And we will be grateful if it should become available soon.

  • DyingBlaze

    Could be nice to get, but isn't it possible to make a bot do it?

    I understand if it isn't possible, but would be nice.

  • Abbazaba

    I would also love this feature for at the very least Nitro users. This has been on the back burner for a very long time it seems, but it's a highly requested feature.

  • ChihuahuaJedi

    Just another Discord lover saying I would love this feature!

  • prufrockery


  • SarahDark

    Its been almost a year discord. Where is it? 

  • Koraxtu

    I definitely need this. There are some servers where I'd like to use an irl pic and some that I never want to know what I look like.

  • Lilith Darkbloom

    If we threaten to stop paying for Nitro, will you actually respond?

    x (x)
  • Raverbane

    Now that Nitro is losing the games.  Might want to think about adding this feature to Nitro to give folks a reason to keep Nitro!

  • Neltharain

    This would be awesome!

  • thesmellofrocks

    Please! It’s been a long time! I’d pay for this feature! It would make A LOT of people want nitro


  • ColdMeson_06

    I regret ever writing here, how do I unsubscribe from those emails???

  • Warrior

    Scroll to the top and click the purple "Unfollow" button it the top right to the right of the title "Avatars by server"

  • Spock W.

    This is especially needed for gaming servers. I want my pfp in that server to be the avatar I use online when playing that game.

  • Langren

    I'd like to add my voice to this conversation. Running multiple D&D Campaigns with different groups of friends means that the dungeon master in one group doesn't want to look like the fluffy kitty from another. 

  • no spaghettio

    I would love this so much, please add custom server profile images!

  • Bieberhole

    How about including this as a nitro feature or something?

  • Matihood1

    ^I don't feel like paying for nitro just for 1 feature I'm interested in.

  • aykrivwassup

    I was thinking this could be a great Nitro reward, but it would also be cool as a general feature for all if Discord is cool with that!

  • nullNOVA

    Please, Discord team, add this!

  • Mala

    Another "yes, please" for the pile.

  • Keo

    I need this too !!


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