Avatars by server



  • Cheeky

    Shouldn't be a nitro feature but I could see something like having a set of 5 for free and more if using nitro with a default wumpus for moderation side changes if they really want a monetized angle to this.

  • actuallyasweetpotato

    This would be soooo useful

  • Flotianchroma

    This would be SUPER nice to have! Attuning my avatar to the server I'm for thematic or role-pay reasons would be a huge QOL thing. I know that on my own server I've heard the lamenting that this can't be done more than enough to know I'm far from the only one. This whole thread gives that even more power.

  • CyborgJiro

    I would love to see this addition.

  • Mel

    So since this still isn't a thing, is this feature ever coming? or is it just wishful thinking?

  • SirHaxe

    10 months and still nothing F


    How is that possible.... Not even an answer after 10 months...

  • Menoly

    Would genuinely like this to be a feature.

  • MercyMerciful

    PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!! I'm in different servers for different reasons and don't want to have to make two accounts to keep stuff separate. A server specific nickname AND avatar would fix all of my current issues. 

  • iamegnirc


  • iiighh



  • Shqrp

    @Bobhigs actually since when I started following this thread, I got more or less 20+ emails

  • Phronesis

    I am very sad to not see any official discord response on this subject. While I understand that these kinds of decisions are group decisions and thus can, and should, have deliberation, allowing users to to know the idea is being considered would be very transparent and appreciated. 

    I understand that many times this is avoided because it may seem better for a group's reputation to act as though it never knew of such a request then to have considered it and rejected it for reasons not accepted by the user base. But by choosing to not address the users, which include actual and potential customers of Discord Nitro, it can instead be viewed as deafness or incompetency. 

    I would highly urge for an acknowledgement of your awareness of this highly commonly requested feature. 

    Thanking you very much for your time and wishing you well, 


  • chaotic sleutral

    Omg I need this, recently I had a dilemma where I was afraid I'd get kicked from some strict servers because of a suggestive pfp I'd put on because of an inside joke in a group chat 

  • [10F] Prime Lorca

    A nickname (text) is a couple bytes of data. Giving every user an avatar for each server is a boatload of data. There is an excuse for not having it. We want it all the same, of course, because it would be useful. And we will be grateful if it should become available soon.

  • Neltharain

    This would be awesome!

  • thesmellofrocks

    Please! It’s been a long time! I’d pay for this feature! It would make A LOT of people want nitro


  • heather

    I would love this so much, please add custom server profile images!

  • Bieberhole

    How about including this as a nitro feature or something?

  • aykrivwassup

    I was thinking this could be a great Nitro reward, but it would also be cool as a general feature for all if Discord is cool with that!

  • Twist the Leaf

    I would love this feature.

  • Keybladesage

    Just wanting to add another vote for this yes please

  • eman826

    I really need this feature, i'm in multiple servers with different levels of formality, some for work, some for friends, some for strangers.

  • FiretronP75

    There is only one possible explanation. They have been writing really sloppy code since day one and never got to clean it up and now it is so bad that it is impossible to make the simplest of feature adjustments. This is actually quite common in software and is often why new companies and products so easily overtake established companies and products. At this point I'm going to predict that a competitor will rise up that has this feature and will completely eclipse Discord long before Discord is able to implement it. That's just the nature of the software business. Discord's technical debt must be so high that they are about to fade away as another has been.

  • AnotherAsmodeus

    This would be an extremely nice feature to have. Fully supported

  • Phoenix Down

    Yes please!!

  • Arcbound

    Please implement this! Everyone wants it, even if it's something we have to pay for.

  • Booltor

    I'd love to see this feature get implemented!


    In the interest of being more specific, here are the places I've found I'd have used this feature if it was available:

    1) Game specific:  Sometimes you want to show a particular screenshot or avatar depending on the theme of the game the discord is built around.

    2) Role play:  I'm participating in role play communities across 2 games, plus tabletop.  If I could have a picture of my main character per server I'm using, it would help newer people identify who I am between the game and the discord, even if I dont have my discord nickname set to my character.


    Thanks in advance to anyone that gives this a read.  Discord is great!  Props to the OP for being the one to put this forward first.

  • AliciaDestiny

    Hopefully this will be a thing soon

  • Cameron

    Signed up to +1 this. Would be very useful, even it it was a Nitro feature I wouldn't mind and would purchase it just for that.


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