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  • Darkn3ssF4lls

    this is really really important if you have a server that has multiple member style roles to differentiate how they are labeled. 

  • Spidey

    its because i have a huge member ship thing and i give them there own roles and i dont want to repeat it you know

  • Spidey

    and plus it hurts my hand  doing the permissions over and over again


  • vital13

    Hello! I'm also agree with this suggetion because I have a big server with many channels. It needs very much time to set new roles! Here are some ideas:

    COPY AND PASTE BUTTON: add some buttons below all permissions for copy and for paste. People can click then on copy to copy the permissions of the role and then on paste to paste the permissions to a role.

    Sync Button:

    Create on single button below the permissions. If you click on it you will see a list of all roles which are set in (just like if you click on 'Add new role' button). Then you can choose which role had to be synced. The permissions of the choosen role will be the same then, like the role which hasbeen synced.

    Please add this feature, Discord-Team!

  • NikoKwaJam (2) 🇰🇪

    Cloning roles would really help.

    I'm setting up a server for a motorcycle community which has several motorcycle clubs. Each club has members & admins with exact same roles but I need them to only have access/ roles in their respective clubs. This will allow each club to be private and self govern themselves but at the same time be able to participate in the open channels. I therefore am having to create several roles that are exactly the same for each club. It's painful.

  • bastet_of_orion
    I could definitely see this being integrated as a role permission, and would work especially well if role trees were ever implemented.
  • Spidey

    would you rather use your hand and copy the permissions repeatedly? 

  • A BMC Weeb

    This would actually be a good feature, as it will allow roles to be made quicker. E.G an Admin/Mod role preset.

  • Inqie

    Upvote for this feature.
    However as a workaround, all new roles default to the permissions of @everyone. You could temporarily change it, add the roles, then reset it.

  • Spidey

    Yea. I call them ranks cause Im kinda different with the role thing

  • shiba.

    i don't see why would you need to copy permissions for that. But an option for cloning roles would be really useful time to time.
    Also maybe after implementing this feature they might stop copying permissions from the @everyone role, every time you create a new role. It's really annoying and causing a f ton of mess when people don't know what they're doing.
    I can't even use @everyone role for my members i had to create my own member role for the people in the server and give no permission to @everyone role because i have lots of rank, achievement and assignable roles, and it's really annoying that everytime you create a new role it's copying @everyone. Assignable roles shouldn't have any permissions they are just name tags. some rank roles are have some permissions like attaching files and they don't need sending, reading message and etc. permissions all over again, the member role is already have those.
    and i can't use a bot to automatically add the member role to new people because it overrides server moderation rules when you give roles to people after they join. so instead i had to create #reservation channel to people to verify themselves. So they can type a custom command like !hi and get their member role. I had to do all these because new roles are unnecessarily copying permissions from @everyone. i mean why would you need to copy permissions from @everyone if everyone already has those permissions.

  • Snowfire(Chryscare)

    I think they mean to clone roles. 

  • rushly

    It would be really helpful as some servers would also want to create plenty of self-assignable color roles for their members

  • username
    I agree, maybe even like a `Duplicate Role` button to easily just copy a role/permissions.
  • Miss Buzz

    I definitely find that useful, especially for RPG servers where all the roles have the exact same permissions (e.g.: @Wizard and @Prince have the exact same role permissions as each other, yet they aren't the same permissions toggled to @everyone).

  • MushuSenpai

    Well it has been now 2 years that this conversation is open and actually nous giveback or any answer from Discord's staff... Is there any bot which can do this for us?

  • Spawn

    That's not quite all of what we are looking for as a whole. In larger servers we would require multiples of the exact same permission because the same permission group gets nested under various chat tabs. You see this become more evident I'm servers with patreon tiers or competitive online gaming guild servers where you have both a verbal and non verbal permission group listed for specific events such as raiding groups generals and soldiers, etc and only certain permission tiers are allowed to talk or even view specific channels. Technically the same could be accomplished by assigning the tier as a second perm but its far slower and mor clunky and eventually you may still end up requiring more than one copy of the group depending on manual or bot assignment etc. Would also limits the functionality of the role sync as you would also have to go and manually adjust the roll order time and time again to make sure the highest rolls were set before the lower in the higharchy rather than having a general role that fulfils the function


    A better example is my server is currently having to do just that. I have one permision role for speaking in channels and one for each time frame of gameplay. In each 8 hour span of normal play we have 3 team leaders and assign them each group members based on play time so they bond and grow with each other and always have people to turn to.


    As it stands just for one server for one guild just to set up one chat folder its

    3 Time periods of play spanning roughly 8 hours. An officer role a general role and a speaking vs non speaking role

    7 role to manage just for controlling 3 groups.

    This is the quickest method imo its also very time consuming I would neec to make 3 sets of the same roles just to accomplish the base role tree this is also assuming I don't have more than one group of players participating in various tasks such as multi game servers, event servers, patreon tiers and alliance should I choose to create or host an alliance servers. 


    I'm my SWtoR server there are 3 Guild Alliance server each with thier own areas as well as Alliance chats for when we do PvE content and each needs Duplicate Rolls with Duplicate perms.

    The roles include, Jedi/Sith, Class (8 for each side which gives comprehensive guides to newbies), Crafting, Gear MinMaxing, Warzone groups, Officers/Generals (Both chats and permission groups), Questions groups across the time frames as well as raid teams pvp training teams etc.

    To be honest the Duplicate role/perm button is a neccessity simply to ease the creation of what honestly shouldn't need to be remaid 30 times

  • Nixxxxxx

    Just like I found out about 'clone channel' right when I finished wiping my discord server, aaa. Now I had to add 3 more roles, and having to remove 'all the permissions' just to make the 'role' a 'display status'.

  • topentarn

    I'd love that, especially between servers.


  • Luwu

    One button "make a copy role" next to "delete Role" should do the trick. After pressing the button it's asking you in a new discord window how you would like to call the role.

  • PrattAlmighty

    This would be very valuable to us, we've got multiple clans in our server and each is identified by their own role / colour so members know who's in what clan. Permissions are all the same, so when I find myself constantly duplicating work when curating channels.

  • YosufRP


  • !Kentrosaurus!


  • D.O.G

    We do need like a copy and paste for channel permission-  you have have one channel setup the way you want and you just copy then paste into the other channels.  


    Some people might have like over 100 channels and do not want to adjust the permission like over 100 times

  • Snowpop

    Has been 3 years now, and we're still waiting... Please add this feature.

  • Archi
    It is really really awesome
  • In Nelly i trust ! do it please !

  • Spawn

    I agree tbh I was surprised to discover this had not already been implemented. I use discord for DND groups and I have to use dang near over 100 roles to lock people out of channels and groups, differentiate between class for resource channels etc. My groups also prefer thier own custom colors. Its odd that between myself and my mods we sometimes spend hours setting up new servers to maintain the content of our games and keep them intact away from our 'general discussions' this feature would help immensly def +1 from me

  • sykmade

    Why is this not yet a thing? It's so easily integrated... come on Dev's. Not like you've got anything better to do than.. ehm... your job...


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