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  • cupofdirtfordinner

    hey so ive had this problem for a while because i have 4 alts (they do serve a function, but thats a really long and actually sort of a personal story, so i wont get into that here, but i mostly use them just to fuck with my friends) so logging in and out is really draining, especially since i have different passwords for all of them. but i found a solution.

    there is a web browser called shift, and, well, its actually a horrible browser because they tried to oversimplify it, and they went for something that echoed the screams of the ever so beloved panel design we saw on the xbox one and windows  8 and also there are no extensions, i recommend literally any other browser, fucking vivaldi is better than this shit. BUT, there is a feature that lets you quickly log in and out between different accounts via a sidebar, which is nice, so i just keep discord as the home page, then i set the icon and name to discord on my desktop to fool my stupid dumb stupid and dumb brain that is probably just a bunch of loose screws and a sandwhich bag god threw into my head because he couldnt find the real wiggly pink jello things like the tallest manhandling gir on the first episode of invader zim. 

    but it works for me :D

  • OscarScorp

    +1 on the Exe (PC) please :)

  • Screwdriver

    Support, this would be great on mobile and PC.

  • Void

    This request is years old and has tons of votes and comments,.. not to mention many other threads labeled as duplicates pointing here. Why has this not been done? This is basic functionality. We need the ability to handle multiple personal and professional accounts. People need to be able to have discreet identities based on what they need to separate. This is literally in the top 10 improvement requests by votes and one of the most commented requests too.

  • Vasilis

    I agree with void this feture is in 90% of all social medias and I have been trying to contact them using Twitter and email to take a look at this but all I get is that "they look at suggestions every day"

    This feture is important as some people want to use multiple accounts without having to use canary and stable or web. I personally would use it to test my servers from a member side view to see if everything is working correctly

  • Vera Accalia

    This would especially be useful during the covid pandemic. With workplaces moving online, this would be EXTREMELY useful for people who have work accounts and personal accounts, being able to switch between the two would be helpful. 

  • Audhumbla

    Im here for my annual bump of this request. Also to second @void - the fact that I can actually call commenting again as an annual thing is sad.
    I still need it, I still want it, it's annoying there is no sign of life outside this post thread. The amount of upvotes and activity this has obtained, should be enough to at least validate an acknowledgement response saying they're looking into it. i don't care if it is difficult, just say it's difficult, give us some feedback! It seems like its getting ignored at this point >.>

  • Lasse Raus

    It might be that Discord adressed this request already, maybe somewhere else, maybe repeatedly.

    Also, maybe it's a design choice, pointed out somewhere.

    Anyone googled it?

  • assimilater

    @lasse raus you're welcome to try Googling it.

    There's no valid reason though

  • bleakraven

    I need this! I want to be able to quickly switch between my work account and my personal account on mobile (and desktop) without losing my frequently used emojis, or having to log out and back in.

  • SaberPatriarch

    It would be great , because i always need to enter in settings and set up Hotkeys for comfortable using discord again.

  • tabrisael

    This would be incredibly helpful, especially on mobile

  • PB

    How has this not been added yet? Please Discord devs! Using the pre-release or multiple browsers sort of works but it's so clunky. Please build it into the app!

  • JonathanK

    This is a critical missing feature. It's the make or break point on deciding to move our organizations from Slack and Teams into Discord. People don't want to use their gamer profile at work and switching between profiles is not seamless enough.



  • JuiceCoco

    Please add this feature.

    I need two accounts - one for hobbies and playtime, and the second one is when I need to concentrate on my creator communities and have as little distractions as possible. 

    Switching between these two on the fly would really be a quality of life improvement.

    At the very least, please implement the feature of attaching both Discord accounts to a single email

    Thank you

  • DanKSpooKLy

    Guys please understand having an alt is against the tos anyways so you cant have one, making an account switcher useless. And you may think "Oh discord allows them for permission tests", but no, they just recently implemented "View as role" so you no longer need a test alt.

  • Erudian

    DanKSpooKLy - Please point me to where in the ToS it states that I can't have more than one account. I did a quick read-through of the Terms of Service document and didn't find any mention of such a limitation. Nor did I find any indication of consequences for users with more than one account. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in that document that prohibits me from registering multiple accounts as long as they are tied to legitimate and valid e-mail addresses I own.

    In fact, under the RIGHTS TO USE THE SERVICE heading, it states this (emphasis mine):

    The Company reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice. The Company reserves the right to refuse any user access to the Services without notice for any reason, including but not limited to a violation of the Terms. If you violate these Terms, the Company reserves the right to issue you a warning regarding the violation or immediately terminate or suspend any or all Accounts you have created using the Service. You agree that the Company need not provide you notice before terminating or suspending your Account(s), but it may do so.

    The highlighted statement clearly seems to indicate that, whether or not they would prefer each of us to only have one account/profile, they are well aware - and even "accepting" of the fact to some degree - that individuals may set up more than one presence in Discord. I have multiple accounts - one for my personal "chatting" with friends and family, one for interacting with my social media "brand" presence I've created, and one specifically for interactions regarding the development of a bot I'm working on. Each of these is tied to a legitimate, active e-mail account that I monitor for activity. I do not do this to try to circumvent any rules or conditions in the Discord Terms of Service. I simply want each of these communication streams to be separate and distinct to aid in the management of what information goes where. Additionally, my "personal" account is in several servers, whereas my other "official" accounts are in very few.

    Not to mention the fact that, as is evidenced by many comments in this thread, some companies are starting to use Discord for their own internal communication. This presents an actual need/requirement for individuals - at least those who want to have a personal Discord profile for "entertainment" purposes - to have more than one account. Using a business profile in more "public" servers could potentially open up security and privacy issues for the company. As an IT professional myself, if we used Discord in our office, I absolutely wouldn't allow my users to use their company Discord profile for personal chatting outside of the company. (that actually brings up an idea for another suggestion to implement some sort of centralized management of corporate Discord accounts, but that's for another day)

    I really want Discord to add this feature ("quick" switching between accounts) to facilitate the management of each of these communication streams as I can do with my Twitter and Facebook presences where I have similar accounts set up. As popular and desired as this request is, at its core it's simply a quality of life update for those of us who wish to keep our personal and "professional" identities separate. As Discord is shifting its focus to some extent away from being solely a platform for gamers to coordinate raids and such and I (personally) can't seem to find anything that would prohibit this type of use, now seems like an excellent time to add this feature.

  • Stelard✨

    I still believe a better feature would be allowing multiple identities on one account. But failing that, a way to simultaneously use multiple accounts would suffice. It absolutely cannot be like the awful tenancy switching feature MS Teams has, wherein you become blind to all activity except on the one that is currently active.

  • borninbronx

    Yes multiple identities on 1 account would be ok too as long as they are effectively treated as different discord IDs, but in practice the effect is the same.

    i started using discord for playing games with friends.

    My company adopted it, so I use it for work too.


    I want my friends to see which games I'm playing when i'm not working and see me online.

    I don't want my coworkers to see what I play in my free time or see i'm online.

    Then I've community servers related to my professional activity but not my company, i'm active there and even mod.

    To be reachable I had to give my friends and those community both my accounts and ask people to just ping both to avoid missing conversation.

    It would be so much easier if I could just have both accounts on my phone and PC and just switch between them whenever i want (but still receive notifications from both).


    It's like if you had to logout and re-login to your email every time you need to switch email account. Doesn't make sense.

  • Commander GreyFox

    Easy solution download discord canary As well. You all are just like the people who want the server limit increased. The only difference Is that's not a useless feature.

  • jaythefae

    @Commander GreyFox

    I shouldn't have to download third-party software for a function offered on nearly every social media platform. Additionally, it has already been proven that this feature would not be useless as shown by the numerous comments with clear examples of how the feature would be beneficial. Just because you would not use it does not make a feature useless. You are not the only individual on the application.

  • Erudian

    Commander GreyFox - Hard disagree. I shouldn't need to have two separate installations of different versions of the same application, or some additional 3rd-party "intermediary", or even a "work-around" to be able to use a feature that is already built in to many existing social media and communications platforms. Twitter, for example, makes it very easy for me to be connected to my various "presences" and still be at least moderately aware of activity in any/all of them at any given time. I can do this through both the desktop, web-based version and the mobile app with minimal effort. I simply log in to each account I want to "monitor" on the specific device and I can then see which of those account(s) has recent activity.

    I personally see no need to increase the number of servers to which I can connect - at least at this time - so my opinion would be that that is a superfluous request, whereas you deem this suggestion/request "useless". It's a matter of differing use-case scenarios. Each individual will use the service in a way that works best for them, and no one way is inherently "better" than any other.

  • sonuvagl.tch

    Discord seems to be leaning hard into the "not just for gamers anymore" mindset, and wisely so. The user base and uses for Discord are growing rapidly. So many posters have already given examples of trying to maintain separate personas between friends, work, profession, family and anonymity. Adding this feature seems like a no-brainer.

  • BurFM

    Again't the TOS? As Erudian said show us where. Wanting to separate my work and private life is not an unreasonable request as echoed by others commenting. If they are worried people will use the feature to evade bans anyone who's petty enough to do that can easily create a new identity in chrome and log in via web. If they're really worried they could allow multiple identities to be tied to one account and make bans affect the whole account while only showing the server mods the identity they've banned as to not doxx the person banned. Not adding this feature is only hurting genuine users.

  • Daddio SRSly

    There are a number of workgroups I'm involved with professionally either looking at or have implemented Discord, and I'm not engaging with them from my personal/gamer profile, I need to engage from a professional account.

    Having to log out and switch accounts all the time is really frustrating and impedes productivity, and if Discord wants to be successful in the professional space against Slack and the like, they're going to need to take this requirement seriously.

  • Erudian

    Consider also this specific, hypothetical scenario: A company is using Discord for both internal communication amongst its employees, as well as engaging with its clients publicly. To facilitate a "streamlined" communication channel and improve responsiveness, the company has a "generic" account to which multiple employees can subscribe/log in. These employees still maintain their individual internal profiles but can also monitor the public Discord account for direct messages, mentions, and other interactions with their clients. Just like with a group e-mail address (i.e., contact@somecompany.com), this provides both the company and the client an easy way to maintain a single, consistent point of contact, even if a specific employee leaves the company. Additionally, it can enable the company to control who within their organization can speak on their behalf.

    While accommodating such a scenario may be asking a bit much of the current iteration of the Discord system (and might actually get into some "grey areas" with respect to the current ToS), it's a totally valid use-case that could be tremendously helpful for companies considering adopting Discord. While this specific situation may be better solved with the "multiple identities per account" suggestion - the employees that are tasked with keeping up with that communication channel subscribe or are assigned permission to access the generic Discord account, or something similar - it's certainly possible that some companies could choose to implement the above for one reason or another.

  • Void

    I started a reddit thread on this. Please comment there too, as the public exposure of having this as the top topic on their subreddit might actually elicit a response. Public rather than private asking after so long might encourage them to do something. It's a lot harder to bury something at the top of your subreddit than your internal feedback system.


  • Donkey Kong

    It's kind of ridiculous that after 2 years and literally every other chat and social media app having this feature, Discord is resisting. We don't even get a response as to why.

  • Erudian

    Since I've previously stated that I like Twitter's implementation of this functionality, I decided to use them as an example for "inspiration", grabbed a few screenshots, and cobbled together the following very rough mock-up of basically what I personally have in mind for implementation:

    Some of what I like about this design:

    • Quick access to the profile selection box in the same area where users currently manage their profile (the "down-arrow" to the right of the mic, headphones, and gear icons alongside the currently active profile).

    • An indicator that one or more profile(s) has unread activity (the dot next to that "down-arrow").

    • An indicator in the profile selection list for which is currently active (the checkmark).

    • An indicator next to each other logged-in profile of approximately how much activity has not been seen.

    • The ability to quickly add or manage the profile(s) signed in on this device, and even log out of/delete a profile, if desired.

    Obviously, this is nothing more than a basic idea and totally "rips off" Twitter's website UI, but, as I've stated before, I believe Twitter has one of the more simple and usable interfaces for this functionality.

    (join the conversation on Reddit)

  • Void

    Please post in the reddit thread we are trying to apply public pressure.



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