Allow muting notifications by role




  • Unactive

    You can already listen to the message edition and deletion events.

  • Glada_Laxen

    What do you mean by "listen to the message edition"? And "deletion events"? 


    I agree. And it'd be nice if they could allow us to disable single pings (Ex: Someone pinging just one person), because even when I set myself on Do Not Disturb, I'm still able to get ping notifs somehow. If we can disable @here and @everyone, we should be able to disable role pings and single pings.

  • bastet_of_orion
    Not being able to mute role pings on any notification setting is incredibly annoying, because it defeats the purpose of disabling notifications.
  • TheReal

    Agreed - all i need to say

  • Rana

    This is a must, when some people spam channels or the bot example, we should be able to set mute or mute and supress here/everyone per person atleast.

  • coldreactive

    Yes, please add this feature. I've seen features like showing us if someone is mobile take over 13,000 votes before it got implemented.

  • Nightingale


    Basically bigger servers know that people can suppress @everyone and @here pings, so they exploit that by giving people roles then using all the roles at once.

    This is irritating when you're in a server of 23k people, and you're staying for the community. Trying to pay attention to a large chat via pings and then getting other pings from the server that you're in is stupid. I HAVE TO TURN OFF PINGS FOR THE SERVER ENTIRELY TO REMOVE THEM. I don't want to do that when I want to see what my friends have been typing into the main chatroom.

  • Permanently deleted user

    I need this i have servers that have bots that are super spammy (looks at pokecord) and i really don't care to see a mobile notification for every single level up notification regardless of the person if i could just mute the bot role or just mute one role that would be super nice

  • leonades

    seriouslly tho

  • Pororo

    Discord clearly does not intend to patch this - its been ages since this was brought up and no commitment to fix has been made, sad!

  • Eragon

    Discord, please, please, implement this!

  • anthonyjr2

    Commenting to say that yeah this seriously needs to be an option. I get multiple notifications a day that I literally cannot mute even if the server is muted because of role mentions popping up anyway.

  • Germ

    Seriously this needs to happen. Since everybody seems to want to bypass the disabling notifications by forcing new Roles that don't allow that. It's stupid as hell and extremely annoying that people bypass my option to disable notifications. I understand there are reasons for it but this needs to be an option.

  • Evengard

    Some people have multiple servers. And some bad server admins are using roles to get a notifications even when @everyone is muted. Asking to remove a role is just not an option - theese roles are used usually like a method to consent with server rules (bots automatically giving roles, etc), so everyone is assigned a role or can literally do nothing on the server.

    When you have multiple servers it is becoming frustrating when you get continually pinged in the servers which you don't check actively but still using from time to time. I asked once one server admins to stop this behaviour (I was polite), and they just laughed "you're indicating what to do to us, ADMINS?!" and just kicked me from the server. Really, this impossibility to mute role mentions creates toxicity, not is just frustrating.

  • Justin Reinhart

    Fix this. I'm on a massive server that has 40 games sorted as roles and I am tired of being pinged by people wanting to play a game. At least let me disable badges. 

  • Dswal

    I want to get behind this too. It's frustrating constantly receiving notifications when I'm apart of a community and the admins abuse the roles to get past the server mute.

  • Loststone2

    I like need this.

  • CubicKeys

    A setting (ideally) under the "suppress @everyone and @here" would be perfect. I've been in a server for roughly 5 months now that pings a role I have daily. It would be nice to have an option to disable role notifications.

  • Justin Reinhart

    Until this is fixed the "Server Mute" feature is effectively broken. Badges are pointless. I have to right-click unimportant servers and mark as read all day long. It is crazy that this isn't fixed yet. I'm not even a heavy user and I find this to be very frustrating. 

  • Name Redacted

    This was suggested 6 months ago.. how is this still not a thing? There aren't any downsides to an optional client-side role ping mute (that I can think of). Discord, please implement this.

  • MrPottersky

    maybe in 2020, guys?

  • Surge

    Im a little late to the party but I agree that the ability to mute role mentions would be amazing to have.

  • Parabellum

    Getting a little more than frustrated with one server in particular who I've requested to stop using @role mentions and carries on doing it regardless leaving me with notifications across mobile / home pc and laptop I like the dude so I stay in the community but unless something is fixed soon I'll be ditching his server because of it, Discord PLEASE listen to what people are asking, its not difficult you've got server mutes already, Just apply that server mute to include all roles in the API that way no matter what role is created the blanket server mute will disable them. Mute channel does nothing, mute server does nothing, mute @everyone and @here does nothing if people can just bypass it with a simple "Assign you xyz" @xyz Tough luck you can't mute these. 

  • greenroc

    I just left a Discord group because of a role ping (not the first role mention from that group).
    I would have liked to stay in that group, but without the option to mute roles, I left instead.

    If discord adds an option to mute role pings, I shall return to that group, but not before then.

  • Kaeoris

    Please support this feature.

    Servers where people spam Role Mentions are very annoying because that BYPASSES all "mute" settings you may have on that Server and even on Categories or Rooms individually.

    And we obviously don't want to "Disable unread messages icon" in our personal (account) notification settings, because this would kill ALL messages on ALL servers.

    We would only like to be able to mute those Role Mentions on precise Servers / Rooms when necessary.

    Even though, on a parallel topic, it's understandable that personal Username Mentions would not be affected by that.

    See the screenshot below :

  • Surfy

    Please please implement this!

  • Fitz

    Are they ignoring this on purpose or are they ignorant of it?

    Quite odd.

  • [NS] ๖ۣۜAntinonymous

    This would be a great idea, being able to supress all pings!

  • Someone

    Where is Discord, and what are they doing? This function should be added, since role pings are litterally annoying



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