Allow muting notifications by role




  • emilweth

    Please do this

  • Straat Junon

    Or mutes could actually work. That seems much simpler.

  • Cocoa Puffs No Milk

    There are a lot of great updates happening on discord, but being able to mute role notifications would be the best update for many of us.

  • Toast

    I've had the exact same issue and I'd love to see this implemented

  • coldreactive

    Yes, please add this feature. I've seen features like showing us if someone is mobile take over 13,000 votes before it got implemented.

  • GlenMerlin

    I need this i have servers that have bots that are super spammy (looks at pokecord) and i really don't care to see a mobile notification for every single level up notification regardless of the person if i could just mute the bot role or just mute one role that would be super nice

  • anthonyjr2

    Commenting to say that yeah this seriously needs to be an option. I get multiple notifications a day that I literally cannot mute even if the server is muted because of role mentions popping up anyway.

  • Name Redacted

    This was suggested 6 months ago.. how is this still not a thing? There aren't any downsides to an optional client-side role ping mute (that I can think of). Discord, please implement this.

  • chimeforest

    I think this is what they mean:

    Basically, even if you mute and suppress the server, the channel, @everyone, @here, and @mentions; the server can still assign you a role and @"role" you, and there is no way to block it.

  • Anyar

    With my vote, this suggestion is now equal to the current year 2019. But apparently a simple QoL improvement is too much to ask for.

  • fictive

    It's infuriating that you can not disable the notification badges for role mentions.

    • @everyone is arguably the most important/critical mention feature of Discord, as you can notify your entire community about important information in one message, yet this can be muted entirely.
    • @here can be muted, which most often should be used for quickly getting attention of users.
    • Entire channels can be muted
    • The entire server can be muted.

    Yet, we do not have muting of role mentions.
    Even with every possible setting for muting notifications checked, you still get notification badges for role mentions.

    In my situation I am in a big server where certain members will @role, as is their job, to get the attention of the thousands of people with that role. The first 5 people to answer gets to do the task being asked for. 99.9% of the time I am not interested, don't have time or I don't care for doing anything. It is entirely optional. This happens on an estimated average of 5 times per 30 minutes. It is not critical that I get this notification.

    What I would like to do is to be able to mute all of my roles, or specific roles, in a server.
    Then, when I am ready to participate and have the time, I want to be able to unmute all of my roles, or specific roles, in a server.

    To me it makes no sense that this feature hasn't been implemented yet, when you can already disable notifications and notification badges of more important notification features.

  • MissEvelyn

    Please implement this already.

  • JosephKm

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I have discord in spanish and that option stills in english, they must have done it just now, thank you @jacobbb for telling us, I was never this happy to see in my mail a notification of this post.


    I agree. And it'd be nice if they could allow us to disable single pings (Ex: Someone pinging just one person), because even when I set myself on Do Not Disturb, I'm still able to get ping notifs somehow. If we can disable @here and @everyone, we should be able to disable role pings and single pings.

  • Rana

    This is a must, when some people spam channels or the bot example, we should be able to set mute or mute and supress here/everyone per person atleast.

  • Pororo

    Discord clearly does not intend to patch this - its been ages since this was brought up and no commitment to fix has been made, sad!

  • Eragon

    Discord, please, please, implement this!

  • Justin Reinhart

    Fix this. I'm on a massive server that has 40 games sorted as roles and I am tired of being pinged by people wanting to play a game. At least let me disable badges. 

  • Dswal

    I want to get behind this too. It's frustrating constantly receiving notifications when I'm apart of a community and the admins abuse the roles to get past the server mute.

  • CubicKeys

    A setting (ideally) under the "suppress @everyone and @here" would be perfect. I've been in a server for roughly 5 months now that pings a role I have daily. It would be nice to have an option to disable role notifications.

  • SurgeBaron

    Im a little late to the party but I agree that the ability to mute role mentions would be amazing to have.

  • Why there is 1800+ upvotes and still nothing done about this, and that is 7 months after :( . Is there something that is mentioned somewhere that they are working on something ?

  • ❄ Tray ❄

    Looks like Discord really doesn't care anymore about community. 8 months and still nothing. No quotes. No option to select several message to delete them after that (I'm sick of deleting msgs one by one). And all they care about is their Nitro shit. I wanted to buy this Nitro before, but now, I just will not do that principally because I WILL NOT sponsor company that don't give a shit about community requests. Especially since it was their cool feature and now they forgot about it and just don't care.

  • sorashi

    I'm in a server which uses this as an advertising space. They offer advertisers an @role mention ad for money. In the same manner, they offer users the role removal for money so they don't get notified. I don't know whether it's against Discord's rules, but it sure is annoying.

  • Mercy

    I'd leave that server. If they're trying to make money off of people being annoyed by pings and not being annoyed by pings, one sure fire way to not get annoyed by pings is to leave the server. It's free too!

  • chimeforest

    I wish they would fix this.

    I've muted the server, the channel, @everyone, @here AND @mentions... basically everything.. but I'm still getting constant notifications from @"role"...

    I'd really like only to be pinged when someone it directly talking to me... not every time a server wants to @everyone about their daily update or w/e

  • Aeon1704
    Server is muted, channel is muted and hidden. I still get notifications.
    'Supress all roles' per channel option, when?

  • resynth1943

    Oh wow, Discord still hasn't implemented this? It's been requested for years now. Step up to the plate, or admit that you really don't listen to your userbase anymore.

  • ❄Cryo❄

    Please do this. Some servers are abusing role pings and exploiting users. 

  • hiccups

    I try to twitter people who tweeted about this to vote here. Maybe it helps raise awareness. 

    For me this is the most needed feature ever!


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