Allow muting notifications by role




  • emilweth

    Please do this

  • hiccups

    I try to twitter people who tweeted about this to vote here. Maybe it helps raise awareness. 

    For me this is the most needed feature ever!

  • Gabbatek

    You guys suck!

  • charitwo
    So you have the entire server and every channel muted, for a game you do not play anymore. This seems to diminish the importance of this server to you. You could either leave the server or request forfeiture of the roles they ping. It would be much simpler.
  • Strato Junon

    Or mutes could actually work. That seems much simpler.

  • CyberFoxar

    This is definetly becoming an issue. We can mute pretty much anything but role notifications. Why ?

  • Icecat1326

    I would also add that you be able to mute roles. Sometimes a role is 100% needed, but only 5% of pings would matter to you. 

  • Cocoa Puffs No Milk

    There are a lot of great updates happening on discord, but being able to mute role notifications would be the best update for many of us.

  • Megamaw

    i have muted an entire server and i am still getting @role pings. some servers have started using @role pings as a way to circumvent disabling @everyone by giving all members a role when they join.

    i've seen this like three times now and it's super obnoxious. please give us a countermeasure.

  • bestrochen

    This seriously needs to be a thing the only alternative is leaving the server entirely. Which defeats the purpose if your using discord for guilds an clans in games. Please mkae it happen before I have to start leaving servers or blocking everyone in them.

  • Asthannoln

    How can this still not be implemented ?

    I muted several servers but still get notifications because of this, implement it asap !

  • Skorpio

    This is getting out of control, please do something to let us block this type of notifications or just disable them, you should use the most conservative option if you can't change the way is working.

  • Catt0s

    badly needed

  • GeneRogue

    Please implement this.  Why can I suppress @everyone or even mute the entire server and still get pinged?

  • Yeah I'm Gay Keep Scrollin

    Please put this in. Without it, muting @everyone and @here becomes useless because the admins of the server can just give a custom role to everyone and use that. This is irritating even in servers I'm active in.

  • Jacob

    Suggested a year ago and still no implementation? There isn't even a downside to this since anyone that would want to be mentioned wouldn't even disable the notifications to begin with. 

  • Blanners

    How isn't this a thing yet? They clearly have the code to mute @everyone and @here, it shouldn't be hard to modify it a bit to englobe *all* pings...

  • Parabellum

    At this point it is obvious Discord doesn't care unless they can profit from it somehow, I'm surprised they've not made it into a Nitro feature "Pay $4.99 a month for ACTUAL server muting so them pesky @Role mentions can go away because the current implementation is a joke" 

    I'm on the verge of uninstalling discord at this point, The new store, the new Nitro server boosts all things aimed at getting revenue in but nothing for Quality of Life improvements for 99% of the userbase who can't afford to buy Nitro you know the people who made discord popular to begin with. 

  • Parabellum 

    Got to love a FAQ which mentions how to disable @everyone and @here but no mention of the @AssignedRole That the servers bot placed on you as soon as you joined and started spamming @AssignedRole with every announcement. 

  • PsychoManiac¹⁸⁹
    Yeah I'm Gay Keep Scrollin

    Please put this in. Without it, muting @everyone and @here becomes useless because the admins of the server can just give a custom role to everyone and use that. This is irritating even in servers I'm active in.


    Yeah, That is exactly what is happening to me right now. which is why i am here rightnow 

  • Louie2k

    My god, how has this not been implemented yet. What possible reason could you have for actually wanting this to be allowed?

  • Mila The Otter

    I was on a server that represented my country. I asked them to give me a role for emojis since I was there long before the decision to restrict such use, and they did, but they also added another role to annoy me and other people, called  ''I piss over your roles''. Every time, any user or mod could ping us and we just had to bear it or leave (which I did in the end, not worth staying). If Discord cannot prevent mod abuse, then they had defeated the purpose of creating a place of equal opportunities for users and mods by making roles as some OP exploit that goes around what has been given to us.

  • Forstrei

    How is this not already a thing? There's a button that says "mute all notifications for this server" and yet role notifications aren't part of 'all'??? I'm in a server for a pvp based mmo, so they have a minimalistic type of security. Basically they have one role and you can only use the server if you have it. I want to be able to connect to the voice channels to communicate with my team while I'm on, but I don't want the constant @role pings because I'm usually at work when stuff goes down. I don't understand how a notification level ping bypasses a filter for all notifications

  • finalfrog

    I've stopped supporting multiple Patreons because I'd get added to their server at the end of every month and there was no way to stop the Role spam.

  • V.


    As the year is 2020, can we please get this now?

    The community

  • JosephKm

    Sincerely please please

  • jumbers

    Please, please add this feature. I'm on a server where I get nearly daily @Role mentions and there's no way for me to stop it even with server mute since mentions bypass mute. The only solution left is to leave the server which I don't want to do.

  • JoRoSaR

    Please please please!

  • prietess

    I am adding my vote.

    I want a function to mute ROLES too. This totally makes sense.

    We want to mute certain roles / tags!!

  • Сионмагила

    Really!? Why Its Still Not Implemented!? I Thought I Just Wasnt Aware How To Do That, LOL.


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