Enable pop-out video chat, and allow dragging the box anywhere.




  • sammy_owo_

    Yes please, being able to have the video chat window anywhere on my screen was one of my favorite features on Skype and I would love if we could have it on Discord as well.

  • Health

    they should make this a feature for text chat as well like twitch allowing you to drag a channel out of the window minimizing clutter and more space.

  • Tiemen

    Discord could make use of Chrome’s new Picture in Picture API.

  • KidKerrigan

    I love how the pop-out video window focuses the person currently speaking as well. Would love to be able to pop this window out & turn the rest of discord into DND mode to be able to capture the pop-out window for team talk shows, podcasts, etc.

    Ref from Twitter

  • I cry when angels deserve to die

    literally the only reason why i still didnt uninstall skype and the only reason why my brothers refuse to move to discord :L
    Like rly just add it already 

  • neth

    This NEEDS to be a thing. Skype has this and its the only reason I use skype anymore, since I want to see the person I'm video chatting when I play games. If discord adds this I'll be able to fully uninstall skype finally.

  • Sleepypanda

    This is the only thing Discord is missing for me, especially for those of us who only have one monitor.

  • eggbrow

    Yes. I would also like to see this feature. Perhaps ask around in the better discord community too for plugins.

  • marissa.lauren

    I just downloaded Discord and I'm so disappointed this isn't a feature :( Was hoping to leave Skype behind for good

  • Brent

    I've been experiencing this as well. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  • DantesJudgement

    Hopefully this is just a glitch, it needs reanabled asap if not. I use this a lot to help with PC builds etc

    Remember to up vote this

  • chronicDreamer

    I just noticed it this morning, and I think it was working fine for me yesterday. I hope this is fixed or patched back in soon.

  • I cry when angels deserve to die

    yes pls this needs to be added x-x

  • RacerX

    yep i agree this needs to be implemented. 3 of us video chat and the other 2 guys only have one monitor. It needs to be a popout windows and resizable with a "always on top option"

  • MajenKwaad

    This would be awesome! I'm vouching for it too.

  • Luke.

    Please, with a capital DO IT NOW, can you add this, 5400 people would like to see this be a feature, that's a lot of people. It wont affect hardware, it wont affect bandwith, it would be an incredibly useful to so many people as we can currently not see the person we are video chatting with while tabbed out of discord. This would be great for confrence calls, gaming, education and more. Please, please add this content.

  • Tom

    Guys, please we need this, but when you do it, don't be stupid like Skype, make any icons for hanging up or whatever appearing ONLY when hovered on by the mouse! the pop up window is already small, the icons just hide the person you talk to, complete non-sense, making it re-sizable too would be perfect. please make that happen.

  • Implatonic

    Seems like a huge oversight to me. There is no one who doesn't want this feature. 100%

  • Cecer

    Looks like they've done the opposite instead. It doesn't show the video at all if you're not directly viewing the call...

  • ActionBrother

    The ability to do the same for just voice channels would be nice too. Like the overlay you have in games, but this time not only in games, but also on your desktop.

  • RudyTheNinja

    Ya a pop-out would be nice

    Even if its only on discord, kinda don't like that I can't read a pm's or chats on other servers without the shared screen going away

  • isaac.carvalho

    Install Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google), and click on the icon to get the Discord Video on PouUp, it works even on desktop or on another window https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/picture-in-picture-extens/hkgfoiooedgoejojocmhlaklaeopbecg?hl=en 

  • ceruleancerise

    @isaac.carvalho Thanks so much! That solution worked out great :)

  • Curious Kamel

    I came here to say just this. So yeah, vote this up please.

    Would also be great to be able to resize this pop-out window, and of course it should have a window-bar at the top so we can drag it, but could this bar be skinnier?

  • FinnishCoffee


    No. It does not work on the Discord app. With windows 10 pro and chrome as of this day, 21st of july 2019 anyway, I can not get that pop-out addon to chrome to work on anything that is not the browser itself.
    If I use discord via the browser, then yes it works on that videocall, but browser-discord is not working nearly as well as the separate discord app.

    This video popout is really needed on the Windows Discord app!
    I agree with previous posters that valuable screen real estate is wasted, especially when gaming on a single screen setup, when we have to use the entire Discord app ontop of things to see video and screen shares.

    Discord claims to be an app for gamers but this, the most vital of things, it is still missing. (!?)

    I have also noticed that using the screen sharing and streaming seems to be using nothing but CPU for encoding.
    This also feels a bit outdated when todays videocards (NVenc and similar), equipped with several gigabytes of VideoRAM could do this job much better with a far less system performance impact.

    Get to it DEs! This need to happen yesteryear! :)

  • Jabberwocky

    I came here as well just to agree, yes please! This would be very much useful. Especially those who have only one monitor.

  • Cireelim

    I would really love this feature in my co-streams as it would be so easy to grab the windowsource in OBS :)
    Has there been an reply to our wishes??

  • FinnishCoffee

    Original post was made 9 months ago. I fear they are prioritizing other irrelevant things such as emoijs or whatnot.
    Screen sharing also needs to be active for servers. 
    In games like Warframe and many others, it would help alot not only teaching the clan/guild noobs stuff but also show builds and see and co-ordinating bossfight positioning of the other team members.

    No idea why this feature that is so essential for a "gaming voip app" has not been given more attention.
    If the ancient (but horribly user unfriendly) skype can do it, Discord should have it long time ago.

    The same goes for mic Audio in Stereo (non game scenarios where musicians like myself would like to be able to jam with my buddies in real time with decent audio quality from our DAWs).
    I dont buy the "bandwidth cost" for that as an argument since Audio uses very little of it.

  • Mazzagatti

    Okay Discord, it's been 10 months. I did what you said to do on your tweet, hopefully it amounts to something. Let's make it happen boys!


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