Make minimum window size an optional feature.



  • RtlThrpył^°§

    You're definitely right, logged in here for the first time to vent, they have a dang robot to read chat to you, and no auto-dark mode, let alone an easily accessible toggle button. And all this trouble with the sizing seems unnecessary to say the least



  • rainbowpockets

    I'm a smaller screen now and the space discord takes up is ridiculous. Even on my bigger screen, why do I *need* to see the channel bar *all the time*?? Newsflash: I don't need to always see it. It needs to be collapsible. I can't believe how old this thread is and nothing has happened! Figure it out, please!!

  • nobody

    This is honestly super annoying.

    I'm now keeping it hanging off the left side of my screen. I adjusted the window minimums in settings.json and have it pinned and half transparent using a window manager app. What a shoddy solution it is. Can we have a tiny pop-out chat window, or something to hide the useless bloat when we're not hopping chat to chat?

  • PinkChiliPepper

    To be able to rescale it yourself again:
    1. go to yourusername/App Data/Roaming/Discord. 
    2. Open "settings.json"
    Add "MIN_WIDTH": 0, and "MIN_HEIGHT": 0 in the file, on the place like below:

    "IS_MAXIMIZED": false,
    "IS_MINIMIZED": true,
    "MIN_WIDTH": 0,
    "MIN_HEIGHT": 0,
    "x": -7,
    "y": 0,
    "width": 954,
    "height": 831
    "BACKGROUND_COLOR": "#202225",
    "enableHardwareAcceleration": false


    5. Restart discord and it is rescalable again :)

  • metasamsara

    Can confirm that the tip above works, sadly it doesn't resize the DMs list width, do you know a tip for that as well?

  • Barleduq

    I can get mine down to about 1/4 of a 23" screen. Yes, would love to make the Conversation List People smaller. 


    Anyone know where to find the file to mod per 2 previous messages, on Linux? 


    And will I have to just change it again after the next update of Discord? 


  • sswam

    This is ridiculous and extremely user-unfriendly. It should not be necessary to hack configuration files in order to have the discord UI take up less that 3/4 of my screen. (using an older laptop for chat and email while working on a PC)

    Does anyone who works at Discord actually read these threads? I don't see evidence of that.

  • Ryo Satsuma

    Why hasn't this been fixed yet
    I'm tired of discord sticking out of the sides of my monitor when it's in portrait mode

    If you're going to make a minimum window size at *least* know from a usability standpoint that some people use 1080p monitors in a vertical orientation for text and communication stuff. That's *far* from a weird edge case. It makes discord extremely hard to use, having to shimmy the window to the left and right just to keep up with the notifications (as notifications are on the farthest left side) and some options (which are on the farthest right side). It almost feels like it's actually designed to ruin the experience when using a portrait oriented monitor.

  • abhinavmk00

    just get better discord


  • Bloodsong



    i did see today a button to close the side member list.  i was so excited!  but instead of removing that space from the discord window, it only expanded the chat section out to cover it.


    ALSO:  please make it STOP GROWING.  several times a session i'll reopen or switch to the discord window and have to grab the lower right corner and shrink it back down again.


  • DonZeriouS

    What are you waiting for, Christmas?

  • Sarai Kindred

    This UI is killing me with its inability to just resize. I just want to put it all on my screen at the same time, wtf. Zooming out doesn't help, nothing in any of the settings helps. If it MUST show the servers and channels then just. be. smaller. Of course in full size mode it will fit just fine, but if I restore down, it's too wide. This is absolutely ridiculous. 

  • Ticktok


    It's been years. Just what the absolute fk.

  • Etaril


    Work-around provided in the thread is nice, but this would be a good addition to the regular options.

    Ability to hide the server channels as well, or shrink them somehow.

  • Manolol

    For anyone using the Discord Flatpak:

    The settings.json file used in the workaround is usually located at ~/.var/app/com.discordapp.Discord/config/discord/settings.json


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