Be invisible on one server but online on another.



  • JAti-HUN

    According to that topic, i would have an other option to hide the people who is still our "member" but theirs Status always showing "BUSY" (or do not disturb)

    I would use an auto role for these and make them Invisible when they wouldn´t be reachable...  

  • blackmitchell

    331 comments, 7675 upvotes. Can we make it a thing alreadyy pleasee.. TQ!

  • Adanolas

    Realy very cool feature, can't wait when it's already done.

  • Erinnnn

    This would be such a helpful feature. There's some people that wont stop asking to talk to me and can be draining to talk to (they havent done anything wrong technically and they're nice people so I'd feel bad blocking them, even tho I wish I could) but I'm also a mod for a couple servers- it'd be really nice if I could just sometimes appear online for some servers and offline for people who are more stressful to talk to, I wish this was a feature on Discord

  • kohgchamp

    Please we need this sm!!! :<

  • Aspiicote

    bump, really need this to be implemented please xqcL

  • tripplet

    It's a shame that this is still not implemented and I think my be hindering discord adoption in the long run because there are now more and more communities for example like (has ~8000 people) and other groups which are not gaming oriented.

    I don't want my gaming status or (maybe also online status) to be visible on these kind of servers.

  • InstaGraham

    This is would greatly appreciated if implemented! I'm on servers with friends I just don't have time to play with regularly and would definitely benefit by being able to avoid all the "sorry, I'm playing with other people right now" conversations.

  • 69b

    it's time, discord

  • Joao611

    Why is this not a thing yet? It's very important.

  • jtomasrl


  • Lutak

    +1. Need it.

    Use discord at work and at home.

  • ZapPack

    Yes! They should absolutely do this!

  • SebM

    3 years on and I still want this feature - and it still doesn't exist.

  • As a streamer, I need this thing like nothing else. I just want to appear online and streaming only at my own server and I definitely do have some servers I clearly do not want to show up as streaming, but it's either quit the server, turn streamer mode off or go full invis.

  • Glitterific

    Another for throwing my name on the list.  

  • Oblivionlight

    Wow, I'm surprised we have been asking for this for 3 years and still nothing. This is a MUST for an app like Discord, I think

  • mochiron_desu

    Why is this not a thing yet

  • Shadz

    Aye. We've started a work Discord, and this would be really great. Since it's only a single server (for work) compared to the 15 I have for games, I really didn't want to create a second Discord username/setup for this. This feature would be so helpful! (not to mention allowing you to market Discord as a mutli-use communication agent).

  • Gatopelon

    How is this still not a feature?

  • Ogami

    +1 for this feature. It's sorely needed when you do various activities with discord besides purely gaming with friends.

  • SirB

    I really really need this. At this point, I'll literally get nitro for a month if they actually implement it

  • Xeperu

    In 2021, influencers, developers, and celebrities are more active on Discord than ever.  The face of a project might want to be able to monitor servers related to the project without everyone in every little fan/clan server thinking "OMG, the YT celebrity I do all of this for is here in my fan server, he must be having AMA in his DMs!!"  Maybe that person only wants to be communicating with the admins on a certain server and not all of the members.  Maybe they want their online status to be automatically synced with their activity in their private servers, but not in public-facing servers with tens of thousands of members.  Call it a green room, or backstage.  A lot of productions that utilize Discord for fan engagement now could use something like this.  This could be something that activates when you turn on the "community" server status - a "special guests" role and channel category that has the ability to change online/offline status for the whole group so they can be visible when they're engaging the community live but invisible in the public-facing channels when they're planning with admins/mods in the "green room".

    Yes, I can more or less accomplish most of this with roles, but I can't necessarily invite an influencer into my server to stay and coordinate without them being a major feature in my member list any time they're ever logged into Discord.

    In all actuality, all users should be able to choose their status per server, as well.  If someone joins a massive community on Discord for perks in a marketing campaign, they might not want their online or gaming status broadcast to every scammer in that server.  I didn't even think of the personal privacy reasons OP presented, but those are totally valid, too.  This feature would totally get the job done when combined with my roles idea, but a green room with an automatic online/offline switch (maybe it can trigger online when they go live, offline when they end voice chat, etc.) would be really cool.

  • terse

    Having my visibility and status globally defined undermines the entire point of having distinct servers. This would be an absolute nightmare if I was a streamer/someone of note as it's annoying enough for someone trying to relax without exposing this data to groups that shouldn't have it.

    This would also need to include the ability to give certain bots permission to access game activity regardless of visibility.

    For instance, Deep Rock Galactic has a feature that relies on profiles being set to anything but invisible with game activity on so that their bot can capture data. It's not game-breaking in this instance, but it's a big Quality of Life issue since I don't want that information available to anyone but that server.

  • Wallace_

    Yes, we need this!!

  • Prominent

    Please...why do you do this to us

  • Calyde

    Just commenting here to say that this request is still relevant. Would love to see this feature added.

  • Lycanthrope5150

    This is super relevant. Please add this feature. It's been requested for a long time it looks like. I don't think it would be that hard to add a status property for each server.

  • invariantvoid

    This is surely in progress, correct?

  • Belk

    I was surprised I couldn't find this setting! Now I know why....


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