Be invisible on one server but online on another.



  • Willshire

    I'm a part of several discord communities, and being able to hide from some of them when I don't feel like playing with them would be lovely.  I've got close friends in one server, but they won't hit me up to play anything if I'm not "Online" and then I've got some other servers that'll bombard me soon as my icon turns green.  If I could pick and choose who can see me, it'd make my life way easier.  Please implement this!

  • CandyCoatedCarnage

    This is a need

  • Dracanium

    PLEase this needs to be a thing I would love to appear Offline in one server and not in others, that way people can't bitch about "HEY your ONLINE FUCKING RESPOND."

  • sion

    I'm surprised this isn't already a feature for privacy.

  • milk 🥛

    i don't think its a necessity- but it would definitely be a cool feature, one that I would use.

  • Stray

    This is a feature I'd use consistently. I would love for servers to have more of a personal presence, such as different icons and online statuses and support both of these things wholeheartedly.

  • Eevee

    This is a feature I've been wanting for a long time!

    I have some servers I use for work and I'd like to appear Online to those servers during work hours, and on Do Not Disturb or Invisible to all other servers while I'm at work, so I don't get disrupted.

  • pitilon

    Good idea!

  • HeyRob

    Same here, would be much appreciated if this could be implemented!

  • I support this suggestion.

  • Carmen

    As someone else said I would like to show invisible in one of my servers while remaining visible in my other servers.  It would be nice to do that on a server to server basis

  • Kreelix

    This would be amazing to have.

  • Sylencer90©

    I'd love such an option.

  • Tiny Dejaaaa

    We need it, so people that we dont like cant see us online from groups/dms/gc or anything

  • thetechguy
    what would be the purpase of this?
  • BjörnⓋ⚰

    I do not know why anyone would downvote this, I think this would be awesome!

  • NexusTheBrony

    Definitely a good idea and would be useful for my linked alt suggestion

  • lakzer

    How the hell is this not a thing already? come on discord step it up!

  • wickedred

    This.  I would LOVE this as an option!  Come in Discord!  We need this!

  • \pLudak\p


  • Sylencer90©

    I hope this will get added one day.

  • Ethna

    I too need this feature, please add it.

  • kiril

    This would be really great.  I don't necessarily want every server I'm in to have the ability to see whether or not I'm online- especially since I've seen a lot of servers where the ability to see online statuses was exploited for nastiness and guilt-tripping.  (Doesn't happen everywhere, but it happens enough that I'm actively concerned about it when I join new servers)   Plus, it's just nice for the added control and privacy it gives you.

  • Grym Illusions

    I just found this thread by trying to google if this was a feature, then signed up just so I could up vote and comment. PLEASE! We need this, I am tired of always being invisible to everyone.

  • iTwalkers

    YES!!! I definitely need this (and all 72 people who comments here as well). Discord make this happen!! PLEASE 🙏

  • Frosty
    Should be added. 'Cause there're some servers that we want to be invisible, online and so on. It'll be real cool feature.
  • Dann™

    Yes, please. We need this feature.

  • Argasm Voragz

    It would be really nice. It's almost "obvious" once you start thinking about it.

  • Nova

    I thought the block feature would function this way since it did in ye olden days of MSN.. essentially you went offline to that person and they never knew they were blocked. And you could unblock them without having to re add them as friends. 

    Seriously it's annoying to have to be on Invisible when I'm just trying to avoid one or two draining people that spam me as soon as I log on, but don't want to actually block forever. 

  • Aurel

    Nice to see people are still asking for this, it's been years and I'm stil surprised that this isn't a feature.


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