Allow only admins/moderators to mention certain roles




  • ItsEricAaberg

    @NanoCE no I meant a specific role @mention! Ex: @Student Events - I can make it mentionable, however anyone can then mention it. The warning thing also does not show for custom role mentions, only @here or @everyone!

  • NanoCE

    Ahh I see, so you want to broaden the already implemented features to have more customization. I guess I dont have enough server management experience to have gotten this right away. Either way I do think this is good idea.

  • Zacatero
    @AnimeDestroyer It can be done with certain bots, I believe Auttaja can do it, it basically is you do a command, the bot makes the role taggable, tags the role, and then makes it untaggable again.
  • Xblade

    > If you don't want to be ping, make it clear to your members (by writing a rule in a "rules" channel for example). 

    The entire point is to prevent abusers, not the people that follow the rules (or we wouldn't need this).

    I host a Discord server of 14,000 people. 1 role may contain a TON of people inside. We have about 75 total roles over the years.

    It is useful for both mods and bots to do this. Currently, bots have to set permission to allow the role to be pingable, ping them, then turn it off. 

    Then let's say our stream is going live, and we want to ping hundreds of people that's in the streamer role, but also want to announce it publicly to encourage others that may not yet have the role to join:

    Same thing. We have to allow the role to be pingable. Ping. Then turn it off again. 

    It's extremely tedious. This feature would mostly be useful for larger servers. EXTREMELY useful. I've been wanting it for ages. Ah... it'd lower so much stress. You'd get the spammers that come in and try to @ping every single role possible before getting banned. Sure, they get banned, but always after they ping a ton of roles.

  • ShaMe

    Hey there Zleet.

    This has been suggested a bunch of times for Discord.

    Staff are going to close this and give you the following link this seeing as it's a duplicate thread of the thread below so I'll link the other thread to you before they can because that's just the type of person I am!


  • zleet

    Oh, thank you

  • Supreior

    The thing I currently do is set up a word blacklist list with YAGPDB automod v2, and set a rule that if someone types something in that list, the message gets deleted and the person gets warned. (i.e. I put @Notified, @Verified etc in the blacklist) I also put a condition that ignores the roles that are allowed to ping it. 


    Not saying that I don't agree with this, I would love to have this as a feature.

  • Qsie

    It's true that it can be helpful to work around it by using conditional mention deletion.

    The problem is, of course, by the time the bot reads the message, the ping has already gone out to the server's members with the role(s) that were meant to be protected.

    At this point, while we wait for the feature to get some attention, the best thing to do is flat-out make the roles unmentionable until necessary, and then reverting the roles' to their original state.

  • Kaicer


  • Aeon1704

    Two threads were redirected here, and, again, this one is not the same as those two.

    But... since they point me to this thread, I really want to have not only Suppress @everyone and @here for servers, but also Suppress @allroles for per-channel bases.

    My MMO Guild have daily contests with prizes and stuff. They use @guildmate role. Since i am not interested in those contests, i don't do them, but yet, everytime i have alot of notifications thrown at me because i am @guildmate.

    Muting certain channel, doesn't not mute @guildmate notifications. Creating another role for guild-wide contests is bad idea, since we will have to do very big poll.

  • Qsie

    These two issues, though technically separate in their implementation, are intertwined. I, too, think that users should have more control over their mentions; and at the same time, that moderators, admins, and server owners have more priviledges in terms of pinging roles that are not pingable by the server population.

    It feels like a niche use case, but I have experience in large servers where there are legitimate needs to mass-mention specific users as moderators but not for the populace to abuse said power.

  • CarcinogenZ

    yes for the role ping, definite no for the "anyone" ping

  • Alexis
    Then it's not "everyone". You could create a common role for all those that you want to mention
  • NaP

    how they don't have it already.. cmon discord..

  • .sauer

    The one easy checkbox for this for simple end user, is to have allow anyone, and allow those with higher roles. That way at least people without any role can't mention certain roles, and other would need a higher role level? to ping them.

  • Qsie

    I concur. Although I have more I want out of this, it's possible to have the "higher role mention lower ones" be a switch (in that higher roles, only with that switch enabled, can ping other roles). 


    My input here is that it'd be smart to have an optional "advanced" role configurator button, where you could change things such as this on an intricate level.

  • Charmander

    This is definitely something that needs to be implemented, it'd help out all levels if servers no matter how many members. 

  • Hawk

    Can we please have this implemented already, discord staff? It is such an obvious feature that should've been implemented from the beginning. I know I sound 'entitled' or whatever word you'd like to use, but for moderation purposes it's almost a requirement.

  • VanValdenburg

    discord doesn't seem to care about core features like this, they got the numbers and now sellout like any other startup. They made nice changes in the beginning but never finished any part of their development really. They don't concentrate on voice or chat or permissions/server management. All they do atm is selling out like any other company when they have the opportunity. You basically need a bot for everything. Obvious feature for example is to let people create voice channels but they can't implement this correctly because their permission system is flawed in the first place.

  • ||Jojo||
    What do you mean by allowing "maybe mention roles" ?
  • Em


    I meant the default option in permissions, the gray / that's in the middle. I don't know what it's officially called. 

  • Nicolai9852

    This would be both good and useful

  • Geez Rick

    This would be so useful and I've already run into the issue a few times where I find myself wanting some roles to be able to @ specific roles. It was quite surprising to find out this is not actually possible yet. I hope this feature would not be restricted to only admins and moderators but to each role that you set up to allow to @ specific roles.

    I hope 3566 upvotes are enough to make the devs see the relevance of such a feature :P

  • TIM

    Support so much, this is really annoying having to enable it.

  • Inspector Soviet
    Kinda harsh. May be abused by some admins who tend to tag a role to avoid everyone or here confirmation. I'd allow this for Server Owner only.
  • Sulanum

    +9999, with an option which role can't mention the specific role. :D 

  • TecmagDiams

    A common use came for me would be allowing @Developer and @Tester groups is a server to be allowed to mention eachother, without allowing @everyone to be able to mention them. Yes there are other solutions (such as having closed chat channels that only those groups have access to) but it's a general use case that I think allows server owners to better choose how to organize their server based off their indivual wants and needs.

    Another use case is allowing only user's who have been promoted to mention @Developers for example. So @TopContributors could mention them as well for increased visibility feedback.

  • Haughington

    Yes, please, I have wanted this for years.  I really can't believe that the only way for me as the owner of the server to mention a role is for me to allow everyone else to mention it too.  I just don't see the reasoning behind this.

  • Drarom

    I have a suggestion like this that I posted earlier today

  • Gooman

    I asked the Discord team about this on Twitter earlier and they said "There aren't any immediate plans to implement such a change", which is a huge shame. Upvoted this suggestion to show that we need something like this implemented.


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