Show an indication in the voice channel that a user is currently live.



  • Lone Destroyer

    To go with this, I think their name on the playerlist should change by putting a symbol next to their name. This would be similar to the current crown for the owner of a group dm.

  • United009

    It already shows which user is live with the LIVE thing next to it

    I do see the use of it showing what channel has a person streaming, But it wouldn't be much harder to just find the "live" next to someones username.

    So I dont see a huge advantage of this. Maybe an option but not forced?

    And it also shows on here too 

  • Toothy Fernsan

    It already shows..

  • lenincaslo

    If you're talking about live then you should look into aos tv for sports live and more.

  • Burnardshaw

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  • immortalGoku1452

    Thanks for sharing, this is awesome. Would love to see more of these. I also love to use gbwhatsapp for fun and is fun really.

  • Pjosip

    Discord currently shows if somebody is live in the channel, but not if they're streaming to Twitch or elsewhere.
    That way you could join a voice channel and suddenly find out you're being streamed to Twitch.

  • itzzadams

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  • Nobity342

    If you're talking about live then it's already available. If you mean any other feature, then explain a lil more. 

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