We need Karaoke with microphone effects, and audio adapter streaming NOW!



  • peachysakura24

    I had no idea there was a chat app that had karaoke out there, and I am sad it is gone. I definitely second this! I can see so many practical uses for a music mode!

  • Ascii

    For someone who has never used Raidcall, WE NEED THIS

  • Takun

    First and foremost, try to be professional by using proper formatting and refrain from using phrases like "NOW!" on a request. Failure to do so makes developers in general less likely to even give you the time of day.


    Secondly, this feature already exists, and has for a long time. It is called a bot, which you can add to your server and ask it to  play music for you. You can Google for it, they're free.

  • Dissonance

    For the guy above, no it doesnt exists. What music bots do is just playing music from another server, ex: youtube. It could works for dj channel or something like that but doesnt works for karaoke. For karaoke you need to be in sync with the music and music bots gaves you a lil delay so you can't sing along. There's not API for karaoke, just for queue administration so a music mode like the ones who has raidcall would be perfect an useful.

  • Maksdonchik40

    После закрытие Raid Call перешел ПОЛНОСТЬЮ на Discord, и я полностью солидарен с этой идеей, ведь лишь одна кнопка Music Mod создает большую атмосферу в сети, она принесет программе Discord много посетителей!
    Поддерживаю данную статью! +

  • Zapiboss

    It would be a great feature, now that's Raidcall has definitely closed its servers, karaoke singers don't have a real substitute for their hobby.

    Like some guys already said, bot karaoke always have a little delay so it's not very good for the listeners.

    Discord could attract much more people with that feature. And maybe if you add some perks for nitro users, it could help you gain more nitro suscribers.

  • JJ

    I had a strange feeling when I read this, haha... "THIS GUY" the OP is talking about is me.  I wrote this over 4 years ago in a request post.  I thought nobody from the community saw my request, so I'm happy my words reached some people after all.

    Original Post: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/requests/585990 

    To this day I haven't figured out any way for music mode / karaoke to work in Discord the way it worked in Raidcall.  But believe it or not, I ended up turning towards VRChat for this experience.  There are karaoke rooms you can find in VRChat where they have a large TV, couch, and a menu with hundreds of pre-selected karaoke songs from YouTube, and it all plays simultaneously for everybody else pretty convincingly.  There isn't a "mute everybody else" system, but I've grown to prefer that because now you can hear other people's comments live, people cheering you on just like real karaoke, and even have sing-alongs.  There is a queue system for songs too, just like a real karaoke place. 

    I've had a lot of late nights loudly singing songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Hey Jude with people I just met, and honestly it's some of the best entertainment I've had in all of 2020.  Most people are respectable when meeting randoms, because everybody's there for the same reason: to sing some karaoke.  VRChat is free, and if you don't want to sing with random people, you can make a private room and invite friends too.  Until Discord has something we could use integrated on their platform to share our audio sources and do things like karaoke-- I highly recommend trying out VRChat for this experience.

  • Kjndst 🌸 白羽

    Discord have "Activity" now. Pls make Karaoke Activity. We Need this


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