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  • [SP]XdLolWutIsLife

    Oh I didn’t know it was a duplicate of that post because I didn’t know that post existed but thank you for pointing that out I’ll alter this post a bit so it’s not a duplicate 

  • Redd

    Discord for the switch would be great, but its probably not going to happen.

  • flushed

    its been a year where has nintendo been for like 3 years because someone SAID NICE LOOK TO DISCORD ON THE NINTENDO SWITCH AND THEY ALSO MENTIONED IT ON THEIR BROWSER

  • NtheOtaku

    Want to write this to clear things up: Some titles in the eShop don't require Switch Online to use their online features. Fortnite is one notable example, and so is YouTube. From what I've been seeing in articles and Reddit posts, you only need Switch Online if you want to use the online features of paid titles such as Pokemon Sword and Shield, Splatoon 2, or Mario Maker 2. However, this is just the common trend I've noticed, so there are some outliers too. Some free titles on the eShop such as Tetris 99 still require Switch Online to play with others. So it seems that whether or not you'd need Switch Online to use that title's online features is something determined on a case-by-case basis by the title's developer, rather than Nintendo.

    That being said, I honestly don't believe that the Switch is the right place for a Discord app. Discord integration, maybe, but not an official Discord app available on the eShop. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see an official Discord app on the Switch, but there's one thing that I think would get in the way of using it: the keyboard. Take a look at the screenshot of the Switch's keyboard below and think about it in a usability sense.

    As all Switch owners know, the Switch's on-screen keyboard takes up the full screen when you're typing, obstructing everything in the background. It's slow to type on because it's not laid out like your traditional QWERTY keyboard, in terms of key placement. (What I mean by this is that Q, A and Z are all aligned on the Switch keyboard, but on a physical keyboard, they're offset from each other, as shown in the picture below. And when it comes to human-computer interaction, even the smallest difference from the standard norms can result in a decrease in proficiency and ease of use.) Anyone who has a Switch can attest to these claims. These factors really make the Switch keyboard not ideal for typing out anything more than phrases, and the slow typing speed means that if you're in a server that's pretty active at least part of the time, you'll be missing new messages that others send because the keyboard was obstructing them while you were (slowly) typing out your message.

    Like I said, I'd love to see Discord on the Switch as much as the next guy. That's why I upvoted this idea. But currently, I only want to see Discord on the Switch to go as far as social media connections, so that on Discord, you could see Nintendo Accounts in user profiles and what people are playing on their Switch, and so that on the Switch, screenshots and videos can be shared directly to servers or DMs. Discord is best with an actual keyboard, so unless the application would require the use of a keyboard peripheral, or unless the Switch's on-screen keyboard gets reworked to be more usable (which is incredibly unlikely), I doubt that Discord would have a very good user experience on the console.

  • MarioDude

    Exactly. Discord could reach out to Nintendo directly with no problem. They have there own Business Inquiry line. You should prepare a presentation on "why should i utilize discord with my nintendo account" then give them time, and give them your contacts. They would be foolish to put down Discord.

  • Rhyagelle

    This would be fantastic! Tons of party games and online community games, like Pokemon, would greatly benefit from Discord. If Discord has to reach out to them, why haven't they? If Nintendo has to...Nintendo, why haven't you already? Discord is one amazing platform, and the Switch would benefit greatly from it. Do it!

  • Cille

    Please make this happen!!!!

  • essi2

    The Switch like all Nintendo platforms is not able to multitask, Discord on Switch would only be usable when not running anything else on the Switch

  • Hermy

    The switch is able to multitask. Just look at was homebrew is doing. There's even a discord homebrew app that can run in the background, a spotify music player or an ftp server that all run while you play a game. 500mb ram and one of the four cores are reserved for the operating system and background tasks. (that's why you can also Access the eshop while a game is still running)

  • Minteck

    That must be good!

  • GhostSquirrel

    @SawyerNQA here you go http://chng.it/SZ98cw6xWs


    i think this is unlikely, Nintendo has its Nintendo Online

  • Bicurious Girl

    Yeah it would be cool

  • ajcrespin78


  • jimmio92

    This is never going to happen. Discord is a pile of trash Electron app (Google Chromium embedded; it just displays the webpage, just like Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari would do). No way in hell is any console manufacturer dumb enough to allow a web browser to be added to their platform, especially not running in the background like you probably want. :rofl:

  • kat

    if they were to get onto the switch, it would only be useful if you can use it at the same time as playing a game. eg. you can run the spotify app at the same time as playing something. there arent any apps like this yet

  • Robovo

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  • Pandawan

    Let’s be honest, this probably isn’t happening. Why would Nintendo allow Discord, a text + voice chat app, on their platform if they have a competing product, Nintendo Switch Online’s mobile app? If anything, they would probably add a new version of it that runs on the Switch itself, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let Discord take that place.

  • PS Please


    The idea itself is really good, but there's one problem: Discord is (in comparison) a pretty small company, and Nintendo is a giant company. It would take a long time for Nintendo to respond to Discord for a "collaboration" like this.


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