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  • Official comment

    Nintendo would need to reach out to us for that one! 

  • Azantii

    Are you sure that Nintendo would have to reach out? I don't think it would hurt to at least ask them and pique their interest.

  • Hudson Bay

    It would also be nice if we at least could integrate accounts, so it can say that you're playing a switch game 

  • Hellero

    @Dannysaur Couldn't you guys make a business inquiry with Nintendo upon the matter of discord integration with the Switch?

  • Prowerrr

    This is now pretty unlikely now that Nintendo will want people to subscribe to their online service and use their mobile app for voice chat...

  • mum
    As Danny has said, Nintendo would need to reach out to DiscordApp, like if you wanted DiscordApp on Xbox. You can suggest it to them. c:
  • SawyerNQA

    time to make a change.org thing


  • SonoraWolf

    I would be fine with this even if it was just for game activity only.

  • vgmoose

    A point that I haven't seen made here yet, is that the Switch does have a built-in browser, provided directly by Nintendo. It can be accessed in the Settings menu. Most websites work very well, but notably the Discord web app doesn't finish loading.

    It uses an older version of WebKit (601.6), so it may be missing a required API and silently failing. If this issue were resolved, people would at least be able to log in and chat via the browser, even without any official integration on the Switch's OS.

  • King K. Rool Boio

    All I want is just discord on the switch. I didn’t like what they just did with Xbox but maybe an ACTUAL APPLICATION for the switch. At least the treatment they did with Xbox, but I would love if they just put and app on there. That’s all I’m hoping for...

  • GhostSquirrel

    in response to this comment by Prowerrr: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360029881992/comments/360003146891 ) they might not allow it but if they allow us switch users to have discord they can still make money by selling the online service because we need to pay to go online in some games with optional online multiplayer

  • Magesw

    I call BS that Nintendo would need to reach out to Discord, I mean Hulu is on Switch and I doubt Nintendo reached out to them, more then likely Hulu reached out to Nintendo to get the dev kit to write the app for Switch.

  • Kaaizen69

    " Nintendo would need to reach out to us for that one! "



  • As a fellow discord user it would be great to have discord on the switch via switchbru browser as a good concept. There are other wierd tech people manged to get discord runnig like the samsung fridge or a raspberry pi via debian or an android os for the raspberry pi 3 I use a raspberry pi 3 as a desktop to get the web version of discord working on my raspberry. But, helping Nintendo with there voice chat app would be great.


    Sending this on the Nintendo switch

  • lapis_w

    i really wish i could just send switch screenshots to discord instead of only twitter and facebook

  • D

    Nintendo would need to reach out to us for that collaboration.

  • TheGuy

    Discord can contact Nintendo about this!
    I don’t think Nintendo would as they rarely even see Player Suggestions.
    Customer Support is extremely bad in Nintendo too, so very little chance of we suggesting this to them.
    Please Discord, just contact them and ask them if they would like it.

  • MrTrash

    Even just having the integration so my friends could see what switch games I'm playing at the moment would be amazing so people would know. "Oh wait, he is playing botw, probably shouldn't interrupt him to ask to get om his pc to play tf2"

  • Cat

    Unfortunately Nintendo is allergic to online social features. 

  • Lumber_Jones

    I think an RFP for brining Nintendo into the mix and even Sony for that matter would within the scope of possibility. Discord is an incredible platform that helps to connect a lot of users across so many games that any company which would say "no" would be foolish at this point. 


    Even from the standpoint of "they have their own app/service" they should be painfully aware that most adults utilize Discord services. For games like Mario Kart, Smash, Pokemon. Having a connection to Discords suite of features would not only help them to bring more of their users more connected than ever, but also to promote everything that they want to be as a company. Namely  Friendly. Open. and Welcoming. 


    also in response to @cruggs comment above Discord may be a "new" company but saying they are small at this point is just not true. Discord is a widely used and beloved program for all gamers regardless of the type of game they are enjoying.


  • coN

    Please make this a thing and make it where we can still use the voice chat through game switching and just in general in the background. Maybe Nintendo will be open to making this a huge integration for voice chat and adding friends

  • Brooksie

    I can see how this would be mutually beneficial and work well. Switch already gives us access to YouTube without charging, and many Indie games are HUGE on Switch. Everyone write to Nintendo to suggest it, get them on board, tell them you'd both use it and recommend it. I doubt it would take much to put them together. Great idea!

  • JustinRoKStar

    In my opinion, I think you guys at the staff could contact with Nintendo about having discord on switch. I’m not saying it would happen (although I would be surprised if it did), but, I just wanted to let ya know. ^^

  • Deku

    i think it would be wonderful for discord to be on the switch,you can connect to other people around the world  on the switch and even join groups on the switch that soports switch games.i agree that discord should be on the switch

  • skaterbeanz

    I really just want Discord. I don't care how you have to open or access it.


    It would be nice to tell/show what game is that person playing, Kinda like the Steam & Xbox connections (Linked accounts)

  • vgmoose

    To the commenter above, I agree the experience wouldn't be ideal, but right now it's not possible to use it at all. Also using the touch screen or an external keyboard does make that a little easier, as you said.

    There's an online petition with about 220 signatures so far to encourage Nintendo to make their built-in web browser available to users: https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-nintendo-expose-the-fully-functional-internet-browser-built-into-the-switch

    If this browser were exposed, and updated to support the latest HTML5 capabilities, then we wouldn't have to worry as much about Discord making the app as people could just use Discord for web. This wouldn't solve the voice chatting or game status problem but it would make it usable as a chat client.

  • Rhyagelle

    This would be fantastic! Tons of party games and online community games, like Pokemon, would greatly benefit from Discord. If Discord has to reach out to them, why haven't they? If Nintendo has to...Nintendo, why haven't you already? Discord is one amazing platform, and the Switch would benefit greatly from it. Do it!

  • Cille

    Please make this happen!!!!

  • Hermy

    The switch is able to multitask. Just look at was homebrew is doing. There's even a discord homebrew app that can run in the background, a spotify music player or an ftp server that all run while you play a game. 500mb ram and one of the four cores are reserved for the operating system and background tasks. (that's why you can also Access the eshop while a game is still running)


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