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  • PositiveSky

    This really needs to happen! Discord, what are you doing and when you implementing this!?

  • RockyHawk

    This is what we all require. I limit the discord servers I have so I can actually find them but I would really rather keep them. I have actually recently just started keeping them and it is out of control.

  • GrifGrif
    allready asked 1 hundred times
  • Caliber

    Still waiting for this :(


    I'd buy nitro for this to be implemented, upvote if you agree. Literally add it as a nitro feature you'll make 1 million dollars in 1 year

  • aenima72826

    I think the dividers would work the best for discord, there are already channel categories that are collapsible-- it would be nice to keep that for other things like server categories, role categories, etc.. plus its very simple where the slider example just LOOKS like it would be a pain and not really solve the original issue.

  • Discordia

    We aren't talking about folders for inside individual channels.  We're talking about the outlined area.  We're asking for folders for that list.  I have 42 channels total.  There are 7 alone for Chronicles of Elyria because we have to be members of every step of royalty above us in our chosen house.  I'd like to pop them all into a folder, call the folder CoE, and be done with it.  Same for D&D, nerdy things, and a handful of MMOs.  

    While in theory I agree that making the folder organization a Nitro thing would bring in a lot of cash, in practice, it would suck for those of us who have a very finite budget and no wiggle room. That being said, I don't think it would be unreasonable to charge a one-time fee ($5 or $10 USD/equivalent) for permanent access to folders. 

  • Caliber

    Well they are deleting other posts about sub categories and the like and directing us to THIS suggestion, so therefore bingo bango bish bash bosh ala-kazam green eggs and ham, this suggestion is just a sham for sub categories

  • Raffy

    This should be a basic quality of life feature, not something that has a fee attached just to use it.

  • Caliber

    I agree, but if the only way to rouse them from a 7 month suggestion is m o n e y then ill do it.

    lol nobody wants to pay for this shit XD

  • Discordia

    I absolutely agree that it should be a QoL thing.  In the early days of Discord, maybe they never thought we'd get so prolific with channels, but at this point, I can't understand why something like this hasn't been implemented yet.

  • Dakuyami

    I hoped there is a Suggestion like the one i had.

    @Nelly , you made some awesome examples, thanks for that *-*

    I would like a combination
    of "Collections" and "Folder",
    because that way you can categorize your servers as you wish
    and it would'nt be just sorted by alphabet,
    also you could have Folders inside of a Collection.

    Thanks one more time for this Suggestion
    and those awesome Examples how it could look like.

    I Hope that the Developmnet will see this someday after 7 Months tending....

    This Feature should be Free to use,
    its a missing basic feature,
    no one would pay just to have this.
    There are many greater reasons why
    to get Discord Nitro then this ;)

  • AdultContent

    So is this going to happen? I like the collections idea but I'd be happy with any of them

  • Dakuyami

    Sadly its just a Suggestion at the Moment.
    We all really hope that someday the Development
    can make this real.

    Keep Pushing this Suggestion
    and tell everyone you know.
    Maybe it gets attention from Devs faster
    if there would be more who like this idea. ;)

  • Skwaleks
    Need folders, good idea! Hoping this will be implemented soonTM
  • Kaleidox

    PLEASE make this happen :wumpus:

  • Kaia

    This is a good suggestion. It would make organizing our servers a lot easier, I'm personally not in a million servers, however I have buddies who are in 100+ servers and spend a solid minute looking through it for a specific server. 

    +1 from me.


  • Matsuri

    Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  Give us the ability to group servers into folders or groups.  This would be SO handy for people who use Discord for multiple things like Games, Guilds, Twitch Channels, Artists, or whatever other things they might follow!  Having a OMFG huge list along the side of the page is such a hassle when you have 50+ discord servers you're a part of.

  • GeorgeRossofKildary

    Why is this not yet a thing?! It's been on here for so long, and by the amount of posts linking to this one it should be clear that this is something alot of people want. Sifting through all the servers I have now is becoming more and more annoying bc of the mass of servers I'm in. We have the quick switch, but if you're in more than 20 servers, it's not that quick anymore...

  • cjrrrr

    I feel as if the folder concept would work best as some of us have 10 or more servers for the save game and i would like to collapse then into one game style folder.

  • vex

    instead of pinning why not locking the server order?

  • DMCPEPlaysOfficial

    That is really a good idea.

  • Is Shoo

    I don't get it. Teamspeak and other systems have no problem with having a sub category .. 7 months down the road and still no result on this? If you want discord to be the mass program to use ( which you guys went for ) .. then why not put the work and time in it to get this done since so many people of your community is requesting?

    Discord might look different but it is still the same piece of scripting wheither it be SsH Ventrilo Mumble Teamspeak or any other voice program. So what's keeping?

  • Moot

    Why isn't this fonctionality already up ?
    Please, do this quickly, it would be extremly helpful !

  • Volyz

    This is one of the best suggestions ever and i think the most important quality of life improvement for Discord ! Make it possible please !

  • Artman 215

    This needs more attention. god, it really does.


  • Cole | Coral Ferrinas

    Why is this not implented yet!? I saw people have been asking for this two years ago! This is a must have feature. I'm angry at this point. For every games, each guild has it's own server for crying out loud!

  • Pally

    I sure would love this!

  • JackTEK
    Personally, I wouldn't use sub-categories, I don't think they'd be a bad thing to implement, but I don't think they'd serve much use to me. However, they may confuse users who are looking to have permissions set on the highest category and different permissions on the sub-categories, also, would you be able to put sub-categories into other sub-categories? On the other hand, moving VCs above TCs would be useful to me as I can use locked VCs as dividers for certain TCs.
  • Mantice

    Using locked Voice Chats as divider between text chats and voice chats, is exactly what I suggested sub-categories for! I just suggested moving the Voice Channels around because, idk it'd be cool. You don't have to add the permissions to the sub-categories, it's just for divider purposes.

  • thrasher alpha

    Rather than subcategories, a thread like system should be implemented.  Too often key conversations happen over and over again, or the same topic gets discussed but never built upon. Having some sort of global thread(s) per channel would mitigate this.

    Actually, in a programming server, we've had many hours long discussions on how discord could be improved.  It tries to be a forum, but fails spectacularly at it.  If used as it is designed it is fine, but many servers supplant their forums for discord, and it becomes an utter mess.


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