Server Organisation/Server Folders




  • goDlluB

    I think dividers would be amazingly cool and maybe we could type in little headings for the dividers so like ''Community'' ''Youtubers'' ''Gaming'' ''Official Discords'' ''Favourite Discords'' etc...

  • Titus

    Holy moly, now that I have Discord Nitro and I've joined a bunch of Emote server I really, really need this feature, like NOW.


    Please, discord team. Make it happened!

  • MooningSpartan

    as of right now I am in 44 servers and counting

    this needs to be a feature

  • voovoo

    server folders because they are NEEDED.


    here are two concepts. 

    This is what i mocked up. i think it would be implemented the easiest! click cluster to expand. once another cluster is clicked, it will expand and the previous cluster will collapse. or there will be +/- symbols to expand or collapse at your hearts content. i feel this would also work very well with mobile as youre not adding many extra elements to the screen. 

    Here is one my friend Wonder made! very clean and attractive. i dont know all the in's and outs of their idea, but i feel by the image itself, it is very self explanatory! 


    please send your feedback, or maybe your own conceptual drawings and such! 


    @discord, please consider this!

  • Skwaleks
    Would be really handy to organise it!!
  • Permanently deleted user
    The concepts are great, I love them. I hope they are implemented soon along with as another nitro feature, they both would be great to see in the discord world, and definitely would be useful to a lot of users.
  • LocalHyena

    Pls Discord, we're drowning in servers over here!

  • Goku

    This is what i need 

  • Goku

    Folders is better if you are in lot of server

  • LumberingTroll

    Please do something! I have over 20 groups and finding the ones I am looking for is a HUGE PAIN!

  • Unreal Black Barons

    Every time I join a new server I come here to see if they've planned this as a feature yet. No such luck.

  • moonlightcapital
    No thanks, it would make "dead" servers worse
  • Forneus

    Yes please dear god! Collections look great. As someone that plays an MMO(Albion Online). There is a ton of guild/alliances and activity specific discords which means i have had to leave so many actually good servers just because it becomes an utter mess. Collections would solve this issue hands down for certain types of games. Secondary is also the aspect of knowledge sharing communities, had to leave a bunch of good ones aswell due to the mess. Im a developer myself and Discord servers for communicating tech in general get very specific. So being able to organise things into collections matching that specific tech/field etc. would be hugely beneficial.


  • Joshodude

    I really like the folder one. The reason stopping me from joining more servers is because I don't want it to be so unorganized and I don't want to scroll through a bunch of servers!

  • Indigo the Fox

    Please make this a thing, Discord! There are lots of people out there that have a hundred or more servers that will need to categorize them so that, for example, there is a folder for their role play servers, then there is one for their fan club servers, and another for their twitch streaming servers. That would be very helpful. Thanks for your time!

  • pelase do this i was just about to post befor i came across this thread, i have about 6 rust servers, 5 runescape servers, its horrible to scroll though them all !

  • McoreD

    I would love this. Ablity to categorise them with labels would be superb. 

  • chloroform chloe

    Or you can just you know...create a category?

  • Sosig

    Can't wait for it. Cross my fingers it becomes reality. 

  • SIG_Josh

    This needs to be a feature that is at the top of Discord's priority list. This feature has been demanded by both free AND Nitro users for years now. How many upvotes is "enough" for you to decide to flip the switch on this feature? 100k likes and 50k shares? Do it.

  • snip

    I think they mean to organize the servers in your server list, not the channels.  As far as i know categories only work on channels within a server not the servers i'm connected to.  For instance right now i'm in like 30 servers some of which i dont check often and it would be nice to group them and minimize the ones i dont check that often.


  • .dragagon

    yes please!

  • Raffy

    We really need a feature like this to organize or categorize our connected servers. It's an absolute mess when connected to many servers.

    This should also have way more than 9315 votes. I've seen this talked about since 2017.

  • ZaZoTX

    A. Folders - Keep servers related to one program/game together.
    B. Rename - (Personal) Rename servers, to track frequent renamed servers (only visual for user).

    Additional note: "Remove (new message)" Alerts on channels ENTIRELY!
    (right now even if its muted and all.. it says (3+) on servers... and it keeps being refreshed.
    mentally disturbing.

  • SomeGuy

    I 1000% support this idea, and would prefer folders. I would love to be able to organize my Discords by game/Topic that they are related to, and to be able to minimize all discords of a category at once. ie. I don't want to see my Final Fantasy Discords right now, and only my Call of Duty Discords, I would minimize the folder group containing the Final Fantasy Discords.

  • AussieATL

    This. So much this. 

  • Sto1te

    This is what I need! COD Folder > Cod related channels - Overwatch Folder > Overwatch related channels - Friends > Friends channels... ect 

    W00T Discord #1

  • sungoldened ༉‧₊˚✧

    I'm actually surprised this isn't already a feature. It would look really pretty with a simple animation like when you click on the folder the server icons all coming out next to it in a honeycomb looking thing? does that make sense? it could be simple, easy to use, and pretty to look at. 

  • TheRealDjabk

    please do this idea

  • bastet_of_orion
    How would this interact with server folders? If we get folders first, or folders are the primary sorting method for servers, could we not just make a folder that can be hidden instead?

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