Warning when changing to a name that will change your DiscordTag#0000.



  • btw still want my tag back

    I had #7777 and I lost it. Im so upset. I almost cried it was such a big part of my image

    :( 2017-2020 #7777 4ever

  • Hungry Hungry Hobo

    I was so unaware of this being a thing! And I'm sure there are many others out there that don't know about it too!!

    I changed my username for a bit and then just POP! I loved my tag and it was the perfect combo for me. I'm really gutted about it. Really disappointed and upset. Then I found this while trying to figure out what happened!! 
    I wish I got the chance to get it back or be warned about it before being silly. Very, very frustrating.

  • nosirpp

    shittttt my #4108 gone bc of a joke i had it for years ok rip

  • Slinky

    I had #6900 by pure luck, and I dont have nitro I changed my name from "Slinky" to "Pimp Vader" to make a joke and next thing I know my tag is #6993

  • Sahel

    This happened to me literally just right now, I used to have #3377 for almost 4 years at this point and I changed my username for 2 minutes and now it's #6924, at least a warning wouldve been great :/ got really attached to that tag too

  • strawberry

    I just changed my username and had no warning whatsoever of my number changing. My number was 3116 and very easy for me to remember, pretty sad about it and I considered making a new account because I can't afford Nitro.

  • 𝙏𝙚𝙙𝙙𝙮🙅🏿

    I'm so sad rn. I had 0076 for 3 YEARS. I got it when I made my acc at 2017. It was perfect. Made my name more simple and now it changed. I wish I could reverse it.

  • fluffstar

    my tag changed from 4909 to 7907 to 2703 with no absolute warning :(

  • hannah

    I changed my username to make it more simple and my tag changed without warning!! My tag was 1103 (my birthday) and I was so happy about that. I got it by total luck and now it's gone!!!

  • hexe

    There should be a warning about this I'm absolutely livid. Had my number for years and was really attached to it; changed it as a joke like many others and lost #0698 and am now #9195. Not paying for nitro to lose it again. Really poor design part on discords half not even warning users about this.

  • Chuu

    omg this, please

  • PutoJooj

    I've made a comment here 1 year ago, and to this day I still really miss my original tag. It seems like they have finally added a warning to when you change your name, but still, they should have done this before. So many people lost tags that were special to them.

  • AnnoyingAngie

    I joined discord in 2017, and my tag was #6779, and now recently im #0333, cuz i changed my username for one server..... grr. memories... 

  • Yogi

    If you changed your discord name you lose all the servers you joined and friends?

  • 𝓛𝓸𝓷𝓰

    They don't have a warning! changed my name as a joke yesterday and now my stupid tag changed. i had my tag for 4 years. 



  • Domicron Perrotwat

    Yesterday I changed my name to "Mom", as a joke. I realised that my tag changed. I got it since I joined. I have to rely to change usernames everyday, just to get my original tag back. I don't want to get Nitro because if I change my tag, my tag will change once my subscription ends. If the warning existed in the beginning, we all wouldn't be here. 

  • markus*

    Today i lost my #0207 which i got when i was registering. Nice now i have 4 number tag instead of my 3 number tag which i got for like 3 years.

  • demonjunkie

    Really irritating. I think the problem for me is that for a moment, I changed my tag to something like 0747, then changed it back to 7948, which has been my OG tag for about four years now. It changed to #4166 right after my nitro ended though. I'll have to update my discord on forums and such which can be quite annoying.

  • super_bananaman_64

    So if you change your name to something and nobody else has the same name and tag will your tag stay the same? Because then you can search if another person has the same so you don't accidentally change your tag.
    I want to change my username to something simpler because I feel this one is two long, but I don't want to loose my tag, #1222, witch is easy to remember and unique.

  • Erin Mishkin

    I just got the same issue as y'all, I had my 5336 tag from January 30, 2017 all the way to just a few minutes ago. When I typed erin into my username, my gray discord pfp became red and also the tag changed and I want to get 5336 back without getting nitro, any way y'all can help me?

  • super_bananaman_64

    Sorry to say, but it will probably never go back to 5336 unless you are lucky and it changes to 5336 when changing your name, but that is very unlikely.

  • Denali

    Life Saver:

    Send a friend request to your new username and number then you will get:

    1: "friend request succesful"  ( this means the name already exists and your number will be randomized)

    2: "user not found"    ( this means you can change the username with no problem)

  • Atomic Superior

    So it gives us #0000 randomly(lost a good one I tought was bad) but some random number- This is used in many youtube videos to tell you its a system glitch or something and tag change without nitro - how they do it is simple,

    They get a bot- in this case dynobot, they do the command which brings the people with the same tag,use their name, basically gives you new tag

  • Kesuu

    My first discord tag was #5129 I didn't really like it but one day I change my user and it changed to #7909 I really liked it and I hoped it would stay like that but no I changed my name again today and now it's #4494 it's ok but I want my old one back 

  • oop

    Okay, so I had my first discord tag that was #6669. I actually really liked it and hoped I would always have it. But I changed my username and it changed to #0413. This pissed me off, cause I didn't get a warning that it would change and I've grown attached to my tag. oof this fricken sucks ass.

  • Phr0zt

    Yeah, I've had the same tag ever since I joined. (Way back in 2016/17)
    It was #9669 and it's pretty obvious why I loved it. I changed my username about 20-30 minutes ago and now I have a totally different tag. It's really, really frustrating.
    It's bad enough that there isn't any sort of confirmation message like that, but after reading all of these replies, it seems nobody has had any luck getting their tags back.
    I can't afford to subscribe to Nitro, and I know many others can't either. Even if we could subscribe to Nitro we all know it's not the same. 

    Is there absolutely no way to get my tag back without Nitro? Isn't there anyone I can contact to get this all sorted out? This is really disappointing.

  • Phr0zt


    So. I've figured out a solution. It isn't perfect but if you REALLY want your tag back, it may be possible. You'll likely waste months or even years because if you change your name too often, you'll be forced to wait an hour to change it again. It's essentially like winning the lottery if you want your original tag back. But! If you're extremely dedicated to it, can likely be done.

    I've found a webpage that will let you lookup users by just their tags alone. (https://discordhub.com/user/search

    • If you lookup your current tag, there will be other users who share that tag. If you change your username to one of them, your tag will be rerolled again!

      (Try to look for usernames that seem pretty unique. If too many people have that username, it won't let you change it.)

    You will have to do it a LOT to get your old tag back. But if you're extremely dedicated, like I said, I believe it's possible.

    I have tested it. It will reroll your tag. 

    I can't yet say that I've gotten my tag back, I only just came to this realization less than an hour ago. However, if and when I get my tag back, I'll return to this post and update it!

    I sincerely hope this is able to help some of you.

    Anyways! Until I get my tag back, I wish anyone who tries this luck! 

    [UPDATE: Unfortunately, it only worked the first time. I've tried a few times and it doesn't seem to want to change again after the first. Seems my method is unreliable. But if you want to try, it will likely work the first time around.]

  • awesomised

    I had #2322, pretty nice tag, I had changed my username before and nothing had happened to my tag. I was just messing around and changed my username, and my tag changed as well. It was then #8319. I wrote an e-mail to discord yesterday morning but they still haven't responded. In the meantime, I tried Phr0zt's method and I have to wait an hour to go again but my tag is now #0151 which is pretty good but I would still like my old tag back. My e-mail might do it though, so I will keep on waiting for them to get back to me. Wishing luck to everyone else who lost their tag.
    -awesomised (it probably shows Impulze, but that is me trying Phr0zt's method)

  • awesomised

    I recommended a popup which the discord team might add. Hopefully, nobody else will run into this issue in the future.

  • judy

    hasnt happened to me yet but yea they should add this


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