Warning when changing to a name that will change your DiscordTag#0000.



  • sdfghj

    im so upset. all i wanted to do was change my name but nooo, now I have this new tag too. mine used to be #7717, which was nice because I could remember it easily,, but now its #0620. i mean, that's not too bad, but I've had #7717 for years! i formed an emotional connection to that tag and discord had the audacity to take it away. its not like there was any warning either, its was pretty much like i went to chance my custom status and discord was like, oh btw, you have a new tag,, hope you like it bc you cant change it back!

    dang. . . I'm so sad

    rip #7717, you will forever be missed

  • thebrodie925

    I think theres a way for u to change ur tag again
    all u have to do is join a tag changing server and change ur username to a name with the same tag as urs
    that's how i lost my tag and thats how im trying to get it back

  • Sairam

    I hope there's a way to change it back, I love my #4334 tag, my current tag is #1724, which changed an year ago, while trying to prank my friend.

  • 3060PlayZ

    Still having the #6669 tag :D

  • im_very_sweet

    bro someone legit put their penis on my pfp and then change my name to im very gay who does that on my pfp

  • haz

    mine was #0800 and now im pissed off that it changed without warning me at least

  • Mel.


    I found 2 ways to change your tag, (not customize it)

    First method:

    change your name to your tag number, for example if your tag is 3782, change your username to 3782 and it'll automatically change your tag to smth random 

    second method: 

    Use the ?discrim command with dyno bot, it'll show you people with the same tag as you
    change your username to one of the names the bot showed you and your tag will change to a random one


  • kel

    i had the tag 1147 for the past 3-4 years, it was very special to me because 14 is my lucky number and 47 was my favorite number, idk if anyone cares but it was just special to me. I changed my user from “ava~” to just “ava” with no warning and my tag changed. I was terribly upset but it’s cool.

  • joko

    just buy nitro, it's only 10 dollars

  • Serinyx

    I literally had 0024
    People would ask "Is it someone's age?" "Is your birthday on the 24th?"
    That type of stuff.
    As a joke, I changed my name to "Your mom"

    But there already was someone with Your mom#0024
    So my tag changed to 6613....

    Like they could've told me since I've had nitro like 6 times and never changed my tag so I'd keep a pretty one...

  • Lyn

    the way i've been able to "solve" this is by sending a friend request to the username + tag that you want to change to. if the request goes through, the combination has been already taken and your tag will be changed if you try to change your username. if it doesn't, then you're free to change your username without your tag being changed :)

  • AnnoyingAngie

    I love my 0333 now. I prefer this over 6779 :)  And lyn, thats what i do now if i wanna joke around by changing my username.

  • アンナ

    I can feel y'all's pain... I had the tag 9147 since I created my account. I really loved it... But one day I changed my username to .🙁. and my tag changed... I thought discord glitched and i just restarted it... I hated that new tag... One month later I was gifted nitro, i changed my tag to 9147 but once it expired i got another random tag. I found a way to get it changed without nitro and now my tag is 8800, I really love it because 8 has been my fave number since i was kid but I still miss my old tag :c

  • Kiara

    Mine was pretty rare, i forgot whats the front number is but the back was 111. Im really pissed that i lost that tag cause i really liked it.

  • dog

    i am not happy with this, ik it's old but i am not happy with this. I wish i can get my tag #5500 back


  • cloudy

    Im also really upset about this, my tag changed without a warning while I had grown attached to it. Hope they make a fix for this in the future

  • jayyy

    no bc this made me so mad, i changed mine rn n i was 5914 now im 9982 or something like that n i hate it so much

  • Rubieeeee

    Haven't experienced this yet but thanks for the warning! I was just about to change my username when I thought of something like this happening. Thanks again, and wish all of you the best of luck getting your user tags back. Short but expensive solution: buy discord nitro (if you want to).

  • danieleremin

    The only reason why I don't want to change my username is because of this.

  • Rowan

    I once jokingly changed my username to my Discord tag and then immediately regretted it.

  • Greg Ford

    Want to create discord server for my gloves related website, but I may change name multiple times and I guess I will face errors. 

  • T W

    thought I'd hop on the sorrow train. after four years of having it, I lost #0700 :(

  • CommunisThree

    My tag was #2006 then it changed to a very ugly #5573

  • unkmeown

    rip #8618 your 3 years of service will be missed

  • Sassa Status Check

    I am also facing issue i have my community in discord.com about the sassa status check were we share all the updates to our user.


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