• patch

    Although it seems like a funny gimmick, I feel like it wouldn't work all that well for people with longer usernames, plus it can look really bad in some people's eyes.
    I personally really dislike the way the BOT tag looks and I'm happy I'm not forced to have a nitro badge thing, just the icon on my profile is more than enough thank you.

    If it were to be added it'd have to be a togglable option but I don't think that fits with Discord's UX Guidelines.

  • Costpap
    No. Just no. The profile badge(s) are enough, no need for a tag next to your username. Plus, you can pretty easily tell if someone has Nitro or not in chat, provided that they have an animated profile avatar. So yeah, no please.
  • j.

    lol no

  • JACK ☜☆☞ NITRO


  • WaviestBalloon


  • EpicPix

    upvoted anyway



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