Add functionality to nickname others



  • nolargemonsters

    Notes aren't easily visible and can't be used for sorting. If they were all that was needed we presumably wouldn't need server nicks either. Agreeing with the OP that it should be implemented for friends, at the very least.


    Maybe also add an option to override server nicknames / names (only visible to you tho)

  • Dust

    As an artist who gets in contact with most of his commissioners through discord (chat is quicker than notes), sometimes theyd change their username and forget to remind me, so when i look for them i cant find them and thus they end up losing their slot and i lose a client; sure i can ask them for a set userpage i can reach them out to, or set up a server, but both are too time consuming to manage; i could just add their username to their notes and then look for it in the search feature and it would be super helpful, it would also help me categorize them (IE if i add the Commissioner word on the notes, it would show all people with that word on their note)

  • texasbubb

    This would be a very helpful feature.  So many like to change names frequently, it is hard to be sure who is who...  Being able to add a private nick is just the sort of thing to resolve any confusion.


  • cameronbears

    Why is this marked as completed? This feature is not available.

  • Livalia

    Yes it's a good idea ! It would be nice and fun to integrate this feature!

  • Lance McClain

    Yes, But that's only for servers, Not for friend DMs.

  • gtflip

    Is this marked completed because you can put it in the note field?

    If so, I don't think that's what the OP meant -- I think they meant something like Steam's where it will show up next to the user's nickname, not something you have to click on a user to see.  Notes are handy, but it's not the same.

    Also, I don't see a way to search notes, so you would have to go through each user, clicking on their name, to see if the one you're looking for is in the notes.

  • fantom

    Similar to that, but it wouldn't be for just your friends. It'd be everyone on the server, but not a server setting. It'd be a client setting

  • Lance McClain

    Thanks for the reply! Thank you for up-voting this feature, I agree with you! :)

  • Lance McClain

    Not what I'm working for, The issue with doing that is you can't find the person via the find feature (CTRL + F) and it also doesn't change their nickname.

  • Sosig
    Would be a lovely feature to see implemented, especially for those tricky friends who change names often.
  • Drummy

    I get how this may be weird from a server view point, but it would be very helpful to set nicknames for my friends. This way I can remember who they are when they change their own names or pictures. Basically, the same way that you can set nicknames for friends in Steam.

  • VULT

    This needs to be a thing.


  • Gooch

    Steam nicknames work. 

    You can see them in your friends list and don't have to dig around every time you want to know who it is. 

    Any nicknames you assign to people are only visible to you. 

    This seems like such an obvious feature to have in Discord and I was surprised to find out today that all the nicknames I've been setting are visible to all users on my Discord server.  I expected them to be only visible to me, like in steam.

    Notes are hidden away and not part of the users name, so it's not the same thing.

    Please add the ability to set nicknames for firends that only I can see right from the friends list without having to click somewhere else to find it.

  • Lulu

    Yes please!!!

  • SnowFlake
    It is really useful indeed I have already gone through the issue of having to find out who is it and having people removed thinking it was my brother adding em but it was just a name change... so it would help a ton having a feature like this 😄
  • Ekusu

    What I think he means is a nickname only for your client without changing his server nickname which can be different on every server, and maybe you don't even have the rights to change the nickname.

    What should be mentioned is that both the username as well as the nickname can change at any time, the nickname can even be different on every server. Something like that, the AKA is already a feature btw.

    You can more or less add your own nicknames with notes already but you have to open those every time to check them.
    I would actually like to see this feature too, since I have quite a lot of friends on different servers with different names that also sometimes change their nicknames or even username, and its kinda annoying to always have to figure out who is who.

    I would limit it to only friends thought. 

    About the format, "Username (Nickname)", of the name thought not sure , since you could also just give that name to yourself, maybe highlight the "client nickname" or so. (like the AKA)

  • TehShrike

    I've been recording friends' names in the user notes.  The problem is, I can't type their name into the Ctrl+K quick search to bring them up.

  • Lulu

    Yes please!!

  • emilbees

    I came looking for this exact feature. My SO and I share several servers and being able to give them a special nick that I know is only attached to our DMs would be great. Obviously we both have personal info about each other that we don't necessarily want divulged. When the notification popup appears for a DM, the only difference from a server popup is the lack of a server name. Cue mini heart attacks as I double check the channel and server it's coming from to be absolutely certain. 

  • Oldbie

    Totally agree. Steam has this, and it's very helpful.

  • texasbubb

    Still a problem. But hey, we have games and tons of other useless crap that has nothing to do with the original intent of the app. I like Discord, but get so discouraged when any application tries to become all things to everyone. It never is a success. Instead, why not be the best at the thing it was intended to be. This would include being able to see who the heck you are are chatting with regardless of how many names they have or how frequently they change them. Add a nickname field so we can put our own ID for a given user. Please.

  • Stockmon

    I think of it like your contacts list on your phone. Its your view of the interface, you pick what you label them as. Its frustrating not to be able to set how it displays on your end. Notes are to keep track, but I want to be able to set the display name as I see it in private chats. I mainly use Skype, which has this, I cannot fathom why this feature isn't in. Notes are truly not the same function. I keep checking to see if this becomes a thing, it is a big bother not to have this ability.

  • Mason16

    Say your friend is the type of friend that changes their name / pfp a lot, it can be really useful for that. Also it can just be useful for keeping track of who's who, I could see it being very useful for me at least, and I'm sure for other people.

  • Torbjörn

    This would be great! I often find myself utilizing this feature on other platforms to keep track of who is who. A lot of people change their name often leading to confusion. You can already kinda do this by making a note for them. A name history similar to steam would also be nice. 

  • Cosmonaut_Vlad

    Yes, Please DO this discord i have a friend that changes his name every 2 weeks for the MEME's and i dont know who he is because of it. Hard to keep track!

  • DragonFruit

    I would also like this.  I have people on my friends list whom I know in real life but change their display name(s) constantly.  It's really confusing.  Being able to see something like this

    [My Assigned Name] (@[Server Display Name]/@[Global Display Name])

    Where [My Assigned Name] is the note I took down to remind me about who the user is


    Where [Server Display Name] is the user's display name for the server


    Where [Global Display Name] is the user's overall display name


    would be pretty awesome awesome.

    These would, of course, only be visible to the local user (and not the server nor to anyone globally).  It would be a simple way to easily note who is talking.  I would think that a 24 (maybe 32) character limit would sufficient and make styling not too terrible to implement.

  • Maximoo

    I need this, I'm always losing track of who's who!

  • geddy135

    Because I'm not talking about servers. I'm talking about my personal friends. The other guy was talking about personal nick names on servers.


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