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    Custom Status has been released!

  • Fayoka

    I totally agree with this but...

    Instead I'd prefer a system similar to slack where I can set an emoji and hover description. It's such a cute feature and think this would translate well into discord. ( And not get rid of the "currently playing" ) status. As I'd like to utilize both a set status and a "gaming" status.

  • BasicallyWiz

    Some partnered services do this. Like: "Streaming: *Stream*" (Twitch) and "Listening to *song*" (Spotify)
    However, it would be a great idea to widen the range of this feature.

  • Azantii

    Please yes. I'd love to have custom names here, even if it's just a limited list. "Playing FL Studio" just looks weird.

  • mellodoot

    Better yet, how about an option for a fully custom status? Even with a full list like the one suggested in OP's post, it still may limit some people who want to customize their status a little more.

  • Dumelax

    Yo I'd definitely be down for that!

    Instead of having menus within menus the customization could be inside a Discord pop-up just like this:

    Then the pop-up window can look like that:

    It is important to note that more options can be added to that; like the colour of "Custom..." in the Status menu doesn't have to be green, but can be selected in the pop-up window with a drop-down list.

    About typo, using asterisks to make some words bold and pretty much everything that works in the chat can do (almost everything, may not be able to use code formatting).

    If you wish to edit your original post to add images I've posted feel free to do so! In any case I'm hyped and filled with hope now that I saw a suggestion that got such a massive support!

  • flurry

    I think the ability to put a quote or a mini description as a status would be even cooler. Like whatsapp, skype or facebook does.

  • ColtHale

    Or! Discord could add this sense it's a suggestion! This suggestion is not looking for alternative methods to doing this. It's askig Discord if they'll add it into their Application/System/Code! I am not looking for alternatives. Also, that alternative don't work if someone doesn't have a PC. So...

  • WeBelongToTheGoddess

    I'd really just like to see a box option where I can type in whatever status I want it to say. I love having the feature, for the RP world it's great to be able to rep your fave or own forum in that area. Setting your game status to chrome you can customize the name of it...however it doesn't stick. I have chrome active at all times, but Discord is constantly reading that I don't, so the game status doesn't even read on it. Just having a spot where I can type a quick url to something. Or just randomly type "BOO" would be nice. It'd be even COOLER if it could be changed on a server by server basis, but honestly I'd just like to see it more customize able.


    That being said I reallllllyyy like Fayoka's suggestion. Less cluttered that way!

  • wildcard

    I'd really like this for the item trading channels I'm in so people know when I'll be back from work or w/e for trades. Barring AFK auto-response and custom status message, this would also work.

  • Aritel

    It would be really helpful to have a "Custom.." status, that you can change as needed.

    It would solve this problem here aswell! :)

  • SmallPepperZ

    I think this would be a great feature addition

  • ColtHale

    Yes, but not every user knows how to do this, and some users use mobile. You can’t do this to my knowledge on mobile. So, it’d be much better if it was simply implemented instead of using some half bug half on purpose thing.

  • Frosty
    Yes please. It can be so cool!
  • Taylu

    I strongly support this! I;m in some servers where a lot of people DM me randomly asking questions or for my opinion or help. I love being able to get the messages on my phone and stuff, but sometimes i can't reply and i end up with 5 people waiting on me and i feel like i need to click in and repeat myself to them like, "Sorry im at a family thing i'll reply later"!

    even i f i'm set offline they will message me and thats okay, i just hate feeling like im leaving them hanging. 


    If there was just a little message area where i could set "At a meeting, will reply at 5" or something, that would be so nice! "Away from desk, I'll reply soon!"
    "Driving right now, will not see message until 2pm!"

    things like that, it would create such a nice feeling of "Im not here, but I'm not ignoring you!" especially if people are having trouble and feel like no one is on to help. 


  • SidiØUS

    i can not wait for this, give us this update! 

  • Sage

    Yes please! It'd be nice to not have it say 'Playing: at work" or something. I get that discord was originally built for gamers but it's become too broad to just be a gaming platform anymore.

  • MulverineX

    Please implement this


    It also appeared on my server but I do not see this feature on other servers. Indeed, this is maybe a test version for random servers

    It also appeared on my server but I do not see this feature on other servers. Indeed, this is maybe a test version for random servers
  • Kostanj42

    im in 2 servers with custom status, but only in one it works, you get the little icon next to your name.

  • Immaridel

    I also see this one my main server that I created years ago, but none of the others I'm a part of or own.  I'm guessing this went into alpha/beta for a handful.


    I have set my status, both for a duration of time and to "Don't Clear".  The status message window does change after the selected duration of time, so that part seems to work, at least.  The message itself is never displayed on my profile, however.

  • Alex!

    agreed on the emoji status, that'd be super cute

  • Luke-Bilston-(SleekZ)

    I reckon this would be a neat idea, Albeit the fact it is already sort of a thing with rich presence and custom game titles, they shouldn't force the "playing 'x'" status.

    But then again, discord may not care to add the feature. Or they'll make it a paid feature

  • すきくん~

    the existing ones just tell you if they're online, idle or don't want to be disturbed

    new ones could be custom and be fun or wacky

  • .𝗟𝘂𝗮 🌸

    Just that people understand it: Don't remove "playing" or "listening to spotify" status, just add a third option.

  • Floofball Dragon Lady owo

    I found the trick! Certain servers are given this. Like with the screenshare thing. Just spamming servers has a chance to get it but this has little use in current servers sadly. GO DEVS though. This is great!

    Also. @taco dude it sadly does not but most likely will when it gets fully released.

  • nilsber

    Well, now you can be happy, because today Discord released a new feature! CUSTOM STATUS! You can type anything there

  • Kostanj42

    nilsber, i updated discord on my phone and pc and custom status is still only in one server that got it early.

  • bitesizepies

    Among my friends and I, we have been thinking about some sort of smaller icon (could be next to your Online/Away/Do Not Disturb status icon) that could be like a game controller, purely to indicate that you are looking for some people to play. Imagine the scenario where you wanted to post a request for people in a busy chat, it would be likely that your request would be hidden by the newer messages. Using the icon by your username, your request would be noticeable because of the icon by your name. Food for thought on top of the other suggestions.

  • RuralAnemone

    Is there any way to do this on the website? I'd love it if there was.

    For now, I'm just using this:


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