Recording Option for Voice Chat



  • CptTwinkie

    I don't know if this has been mentioned - sorry for that really, I should have read - but this is something I've been using recently in Skype and Teams at work. Basically, when we do a training or passdown, we always end up having to do it on a call because someone is in another office or working from home. Being able to just click a record button is about the easiest thing and then the next time someone asks for the same training or whatever I just look up the link. -Teams auto-uploads to microsoft's video site by default. Skype just gives you the file.
    Note: Other applications record video if it's available. It would be sad to add call recording without a video option too. Please Discord???

    I would love a one-click record, appropriate channel permissions, and options for uploading. Record a game? Sure. Record D&D night? Absolutely. Record my explanation on how to clean install NVIDIA drivers for my friends again? Why hasn't NVIDIA already done this!?

  • Bay0network

    Recording voice chat for podcasts would be awesome! I would pay a small subscription fee for that ability right now. :) 

  • ! Nuril

    Жду уже давно добавьте пж)

  • Minou

    We need this! I tried to use Discord to add more commentary from my friends for Youtube Streams, but it never worked.

  • ! Nuril

    This and voice message

  • Hikari 光

    Recording, yes I agree

  • Squid

    This would be cool if someone says something that can get them banned and you can record the past 10 seconds to 10 minutes and send it to discord to look into it.

  • CausticBanjo247

    Yeah this would be great for teachers to record meetings and stuff as an alternative to zoom.


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