separate Group DM and private calls



  • WafflesAlmighty

    I agree and I would rather much have within the messages area there be a separation for group DMs and one on one messages.

  • Zacatero
    I agree, being able to filter them would be so much easier to find
  • pacblinky
    Yes that would be helpful in many ways
  • Zei

    From what I understand this is the suggestion area, so I will suggest something albeit having a low chance of getting read. It is extremely vexing to have such a nice feature made inconvenient because we can't call someone from a group individually. If I have a group of 4 people but only have 2 of the members online, I want to be able to call only two of them. Not only that but like the above mentioned comment this causes my group of friends to have 10-20 groups made a week just from us leaving previous groups. I don't claim to understand why this could or couldn't simply be fixed, but I do know that Twitch has private calls that can be entered and left without any "group" residue every single time it is left. Either have the group dissolve once every one leaves the call, or make it so that people can be called individually from a list of members from the group.

    A great example of the issue at hand. This time around, I did not delete my abandoned groups to show the extent of the problem. The list goes on for an entire extra length of my screen.


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