allow self hosted servers

Not planned



  • Jerel Andomer

    I agree with this completely.

    Discord would be perfect for my workplace but we can't have someone else in possession of our data.

  • Slyke

    Bad idea cause then people would use it for other means then what its intended for and most times a support nightmare. Also many may abuse it to get IPs and more.

    Not sure what he's talking about, because Teamspeak, Mumble and many other self hosted software would have these problems too?


    But I think this is a great idea. Would be nice to be able to host it yourself, and just register it to the main discord server, so that users can just use your invite link which resolves to your dns/ip. Having a k8s setup would be really useful especially in lans, and where internet connectivity is at a premium. The server could even serve the webclient.

  • Slyke

    > Well good for you but not everyone is like that and most will put it on less secure to no security server or know how to do it.

    People can already do such things with and without Discord.

    > On top of that, they would bug Discord on there issues making it worse for Discord support to help with real issues with the service than already (as I see being a part of the bug hunters group)

    It can be community run, like most other self hosted options are (Teamspeak, HASSIO, PiHole etc).

    > On top of that, people would hit the less secure servers to steal data.

    Lets just ban anyone except vetted professionals from self hosting anything then, or just get rid of all self hosted software?

    > There is also the fact they already tagged the post as not planned.

    Lets change their mind.

  • Slyke

    @Rocks the Squirrel If you do a quick search, you'll see that Discord also has issues with it being hosted officially. There's pros and cons to each method. The fact that I have more options allows me to better control my situation. It doesn't take away from being officially hosted, and adds better redundancy.


    I have hosted Teamspeak and Mumble servers and am a software engineer by profession so I know exactly what 'Issues' Teamspeak and mumble have. The issues you talk about are not relevant to this discussion, unless you have one specifically you can point out?

  • Kestouf

    Sorry for my english, I go through google translate.
    I come from TeamSpeak3 which offers the possibility of hosting our own servers on linux.
    I switched to Discord because it's true that the "social" side is cool, and the ease of managing roles and user is better than on TS3. Unfortunately I find that the sound quality is worse than TS3 and there are often Ping increases and so robot voices with friends with whom we play.
    The advantage of hosting the discord server on our own dedicated server allows to have a machine that does not handle a full server discord and is not overloaded, to have an unsaturated bandwidth, and especially to have the server discord hosted not very far and not in another country. All these points would make that we would discord the TOP with a perfect ping.
    I think that with the ability to host your own server would get a lot of people from TS3 or Mumble to Discord.


  • Vesper

    I completely agree, the voice quality / latency is quite bad compared to a hosted Teamspeak. It would be great to have the possibility to host a Discord.

  • Josua

    @Knagie Minecraft has self hosted servers and has authentication, so maybe a modified server for self hosting could use some sort of session id instead of authenticating with username/password. Maybe all/most of the authentication could be done on discord servers but not on the self hosted ones. Minecraft manages to do it, so discord can too.

  • PennY_Lane™

    I would prefer to self host as I could then control the performance of my environment. My team is experienced professionals highly skilled in massively large communications environments. 

  • Abue

    I'm surprised self hosting is not available. Right now with the COVID19 crisis I decided to suggest my workplace to transition to discord along with a host of other activities they can perform within the remote office and other entities they need to be constantly in touch with. The reason given is data privacy. I'm in Canada and we have to comply to FIPPA standards which means, Datacenters must be in Canada.


    I hope the Discord looks seriously into implementing this, the amount of entities adopting this as modes of communication among other things would be huge.

  • BaSics

    yes we just switched back to TS3 cause we realy had problems understanding each other

    i do like Discord tho

    Hope they come with a fix or let others host their servers

    i dont mind paying for a Stable server

  • possibleluck

    I would agree on this topic very heavy not because "server controlled by my own machine" but due to poor discord server hostings some times brings low service connection to voice channels. Experience break connections and interrupts in middle of conversations is annoying to switch servers and "HOPE AND PRAY" it will be fine.

    This is ofc coming from me who has 1gbps internet speed.

    I know by hosting a server my self the connection is always the best. Never down. Experience.

    If discord is not giving more reasons or even upgrade nitro members to VIP VOICE SERVERS. Self hosting should be an option to keep you and discord happy. Or allow discord nitro members access to upgrade the severs to VOIP. just like verified servers.

  • Vin

    AGREED. I have voice connection issues DAILY. Would love to see a dedicated server option 

  • Cooli McTryhard

    As someone who works in the DoD, Discord could open up a crazy new sector of business for themselves if they did this. Slack still doesn't offer self-hosting and the best alternative that my group can use right now (Mattermost) is definitely not as feature-rich as Discord.

    I'm aware that Discord was made with gamers in mind but Discord is an excellent product and most DoD developers I've met are gamers anyway... ;)

  • ad1k4h

    +1 Allowing self-hosted servers is a good idea. EU Servers are lagging sometimes, and very annoying. If possible, please give us linux binaries ;) Thankies!

  • Kestouf


    I would like to make a small clarification to my post above.
    It would be nice if Discord proposes to be able to host its own server on its dedicated server (linux for my part), but that it is not an obligation. For most people you offer servers it is fine, but you can have a choice.
    Thank you

  • Demon



    I would like to voice my support for the ability to self-host the voice part of Discord as a self-funded paid option of having a customised location for all of your server's voice users, which of course would be limited by the hardware of the hosting machine.


    This solution could be aimed more at the power user/IT part of the server owners, who would like a very reliable environment that is uninfluenced by the global/central situations or general server load.


    For reference, VoIP programs such as TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and Mumble are mainly used for voice purposes, however all of them allow the servers to be self-hosted and thus independent from millions of users that all could put potential server load at crucial moments to some of the more 'funded' communities.


    This is why I believe that this should be a completely optional, free option for users to be able to deploy a sort of "Discord voice API kit" on a machine capable of hosting, and then attaching it to an existing Discord server (by providing server ID and linking it), and thus in the result making the main part of Discord including its chat being centralised/global like it is now, and the voice chat as being locally hosted anywhere the owner wants it to be.


    P.S. The machine to host the "Discord voice server part" would still need to be obtained by the server owner himself/herself just like with the other VoIP programs on the market, and as such this is an expense on their part (whether by renting a VPS/physical server, or hosting a machine by themselves).

  • bastet_of_orion
    There would need to be some extra features for security's sake (such as preemptively blocking malicious code from the hosting platform), but this sounds like a viable idea. I think people would need to have some verification process with Discord to make sure they aren't planning any unethical things with self-hosting.
  • Slyke

    Yeah, I stopped replying to him because it's obvious he's just trying to argue and doesn't really know what he's talking about. All his arguments are basically stating that it's going to cause people to get hacked, and be detrimental to Discord because it's no longer being officially hosted, which isn't even what we're saying. It's very easy to secure it using session tokens or JWTs that are signed by the official Discord server. There are many approaches.

  • SkyBlade

    I'm pretty sure the company I work for would pay for discord if it could self host, and they're not alone, discord is really shooting itself in the foot here.

  • Mr Diamond

    @Daniel I mean if you could just host the VOIP and use the code that's on discords end maybe it could take of the load from a few servers. If the code is the issue.

  • Overdrive

    Updoot for sure. The company I work for predominantly uses IRC for sensitive communication because we can self host. Its super dated, but because of security requirements at the company, it is still the only thing we can use unrestricted. We currently use Slack for inter-team communications, but because they do not offer self hosted options, we're very much limited in the type of information we can send to each-other - again, due to data security requirements. Being able to self host would be the optimal answer to allow enterprise level deployment.

  • Josua

    Imagine this for server owners: having a self hosted server would open doors for local, open source discord bots, that may even have better interfacing with the server itself. You could have internal bots (maybe not even bots, maybe modifications or scripts) that can filter messages before the message is sent. Say for example: someone does a mass ping, because @everyone and @here is disabled, and the mass ping can be filtered out and the user can be warned BEFORE those people are pinged (instead of after everyone is pinged, then the message gets deleted by a bot). The server experience could be much smoother and better for everyone (including discord, because they would be hosting less discord servers).

  • V--FENRIR--V

    I'm going to throw in on this. Half of the reason I don't use Discord (unless I'm kind of forced to I guess...) is the lack of a self-hosted server. I have an enterprise-grade network in my home and I really dislike not having the option to have a private server of ANY kind. I like to put my hardware to work. I like having ultimate configuration ability.

    That this still doesn't exist is an atrocity to me.

  • Harry

    I hope this happens soon, I have moved back to TS, I gotten sick of the laggy servers on discord.

  • Rene

    Is it possible to solve everything programming-wise, for example with a license system? I have the feeling that discord would never want that his user wants to host this server with him. and that's why I do not like discord because I'm too limited and do not get the opportunity to do something myself. as long as discord does not change I stay with teamspeak

  • TekspaR

    Updoot again on Mattermost. The company I work for is looking at that for our inter-team communication for our regulated market teams. Things where data can't leave the country, including communications. All of the concerns mentioned are easily mitigated.

  • burner

    There is multiple reasons to get own server. Lag problems are just one of them

  • Cooli McTryhard

    @DubbaThony Why aren't you using Discord now? Slack doesn't offer self-hosted servers either.

  • DubbaThony

    @Cooli Mc Tryhard

    That would be the slack killer feature. Data-sensitive operations on self-hosted and self-managed platform that has so well-known and such polished frontend as discord...

    And for gamers there is huge profit too, discord servers brainfarts are really annoying. I have own dedicated server and hosting it there would rektify our discording issues. And I think everyone in my company would be so happy to switch to discord, but likr everyone and his dog in my company is to say at least, sceptical about it's data security. 

    So if we had option to self-host it and if discord allowed to do so with perserving proper data safety, I believe it would be able to absolutely destroy slack.

  • 'ttushka

    +1 great idea. I'd love to introduce Discord at my work place (~150 peeps) but our data absolutely cannot leave our own LAN.


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