Let users send messages to themselves



  • Owlen

    (this is somewhat a special case but) I personally use a separate discord server for all my notes-

    It would be a lot cleaner to just message myself, and it wouldn't clutter my server list!

  • wAffles
    I actually have a server that I use for stuff like this, it has much more functionality anyways
  • 󠇰󠇰

    I need this don't know why this isn't a thing I used to do this on Skype all the time and I miss this feature. Plus Discord has a search here so I can upload files and search for the file type.

  • talaitha

    telegram also has this. would be a useful feature to have

  • marissa.lauren

    Definitely miss this feature from Slack -- I use Whatsapp in order to do this now so I can share files, notes, links with myself across multiple devices... but I'd really rather not use Whatsapp bc its desktop app sucks lol

  • Joni
    This would be a very powerful feature. You can do it this, for example, in Telegram, and I use it regularly. It's an amazing way to transfer files between devices and make quick notes if you just need to write down an email address or something. In Discord, it would also be a great way to save draft messages or test something, for which I'd normally need a private testing server.
  • Rkane31174

    I agree. I would love to be able to leave reminders to myself.

  • yumbee

    You could always just make a server with just yourself in it and it would do the same

  • Rana

    This feature is a must, it exists in every IM, even irl people write notes to themselves, so it's just natural.

    Lol about (dm loopholes).

  • Mel

    @waffles is correct.

    Just create a new server and use it only for your own messages or file sharing. Set privacy options if you want. Works great. Transferred a .pdf file to myself, from PC to Android, today.

  • 💚𝓒𝓸𝓭𝔂 💚

    Just create a new server and don't invite anybody to it then just test features out

  • DieNand

    I actually just use a server with only myself in it as why way to index notes to myself. Discord is a very good way to keep notes. xD

  • Jvm

    Nothing new to be invented - just implement telegram's/slack's logic. ezpz

  • travis

    Why is this still not a thing? It would be as easy as flipping a switch. Right now, there is conditional logic that prevents the message box from appearing after clicking on your own name. This would be simply removing that logic. It shows that Discord actively chose to disallow messaging oneself.

    It literally required more code to block the user from messaging themselves than there would be if it were actually allowed. Most other messaging apps have this ability. It's really an area where Discord lags behind.

  • KyleKartMC

    there are ways to create group dms with just you and nobody else in them

  • Honorsmacked

    To clarify KyleKartMC's post:

    -add your own Discord tag in shown prompt
    -dismiss following friend add prompt
    -title can be adjusted at top of the page.


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