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  • snake

    2020, we still asking for this simple feature that can be covered in 5 minutes by coding a bot. But that should be a in-built feature from discord!

  • munch

    Sure would love to have this feature..

  • Safallon

    ahhh pleeeeease discord! this would be so good. makes so much sense to have a permission type to do this!!!

  • Andrew_DE (formerly UK)

    I'm following this thread. We have a user who is often posting in the wrong channel. He posts "Other Games Chat" in the "Introductions Thread"


    I'd like to be able to move his messages.

  • YakuzaCrow

    This option is very necessary, to have a clean and orderly channel

  • ⦕Q⦖

    This is a basic function of any online forum. I can't understand why Discord does not have it ... and a lot of other simple, basic functions. I joined not too long ago, and am wondering if it's worth staying, as I keep banging my head against the wall looking for basic features and finding out that they do not exist!

  • shazzy

    why is this not a feature yet. do we need to start a petition to get it implemented?

  • Leah96xxx🌈

    Wow... This still hasn't been implemented yet? Unbelievable. This is a feature that we should have had from the start.

    It's so much hassle telling people to repost in the correct channel, especially since hardly anyone will. Adding a "Move Messages" permission for Mods and Admins would let us move stuff to the right channel without having to wait for the OP to repost. This would be especially useful in Music, Art or content promo servers where people need to post in the right channels to keep the peace and keep links/content in the right places.

    It may also be useful in servers that see a lot of memes and shitposts being posted outside of meme channels. Instead of just "being a bore" and deleting them, we could move them to the meme channel where they can still be enjoyed without clogging up #hangout.

  • jitspoe

    I would REALLY like to have this.

    A) People post in the wrong channels all the time, and it would be good to be able to move conversations to the correct location.

    B) When reorganizing channels, it would be nice to be able to merge the contents of different channels or split a large discussion about a topic into a new channel.

  • Rufkenze

    C'mon Discord. Please make this happen!

  • SevWren

    As admins we NEED this feature please!

  • Nox Ffred Dragon

    Discord - this feature would be very helpful. Please prioritize it. 

  • bola

    Please have this feature implemented!!

  • Excel13

    I am also an administrator on a Discord server and it seems obvious that this functionality is missing out on.
    It is no coincidence that it is present among competitors such as "Forumotion" for example and many others.
    But when I see that nothing is moving on this subject, the question is rather is this forum being viewed by officials at Discord?

    It's a shame because apart from the problem, Discord is almost perfect!

    Sorry for my bad English language translated by Google.

  • Wordview

    Just wanted to throw another comment on here to say please, everyone, send them a tweet and an email if you want this feature! As the user above points out, this thread is clearly being ignored.

  • Oomek

    They're not gonna care until the vote count doesn't go up. Spam your servers with the link to this thread and upvote!

  • jheitz223

    We need this.

  • Brutto ☢

    Discord izstrādāji palikuši slinki, jo nevar ieviest tik vienkāršu funkciju kā pārvietot ierakstus no viena kanāla otrā. :(


  • Dame Book-Beta

    I administer one server and moderate two more. I and my staff would find this very useful for moving post put into the wrong channel or moving posts where the conversation has veered into another channels focus.

    One of the servers I moderate has a very broad list of channels covering everything from healthy habits and goals to gaming and books. Conversations have changed topics often in that server, and the only thing we can do is ask the poster to repost in the correct channel and delete the old post. Or we have to manually quote the post in the right channel and delete the old post.

    I, and many fellow admins and mods, would be very grateful for this feature!

  • irebel1544

    Yes please please please add this feature! Pretty please! I use discord for our MeetUp group, and there are often a number of times where event suggestions or details are added to the wrong channel. I would have to ask the person to repost to a different channel, or copy and paste everything myself.

    For channels that have locked permissions, say only admins can post to a channel, but an admin wants to move a post by a non-admin to such a channel, the fact that an admin is moving the post should over-ride this permission for this single post.

    Anyhow. This feature would be so incredibly useful! Please add. And as always, thank you so much for all that the Discord teams do for all of us!

  • Hida_Oni

    still not implemented? Its not hard to implement, easy (great to use), what can that say about devs? (yeah, instead they adding crapton of useless stuff that no one care)

  • Radicai

    I am not sure why people are still asking for this amazing feature, it is pretty clear that after over 3 years of this thread being completely ignored that maybe it's time to stop asking for something useful and just accept that the devs of Discord do not want to implement it or comment.

  • imouse1

    I mean, they've made their focuses pretty clear. Niro's basic appeal is animated emojis and being able to use them across servers. They want the vanity, not the functionality. I agree we should be spamming TF out of this thread so it has daily movement. That might catch some attention, anyway.

  • Bludra

    Discord, we need this! My friends already hate me, because 75% of conversations are started in the wrong channel and I have to lecture them. Also, they often write to public channel, while the topic should remain in permission locked channel and deleting 50+ messages is a chore!

  • Pizza w/EasternHops

    forum is over 2 years old, I would say by now discord would have said something by now or add the request by now, don't look like its going to happen.     my question can a bot be built to do this?

  • Bnof007

    Something like this (it's in PT-BR)

  • VillainTheBlank

    Yeah... Storyteller for a text-based RPG here... when someone posts in the wrong channel--IC stuff in an OOC channel, for example, I can *delete* it, but I can't re-post it without taking a screenshot and doing that myself... which in turn serves to embarrass the OP. We have people in 5 non-contiguous timezones, so often, we're dealing with tired players who accidentally post in the wrong channel.

    Discord, PLEASE look at adding this feature. Without it, it makes it very difficult for me to take care of business in a way that doesn't alienate players.

  • Nubnuk

  • DieNand

    I guess a concern here is that being able to move any messages anywhere has the potential to make that message lose its contextual meaning. But it would be nice to move a message if someone, for example, posted an image in a channel that is not meant for that type of image.

  • joyous



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