Move Messages



  • HunterAP

    Would also like this feature. Instead of yelling at people to post in the correct channel, I could just move the post. Seems like a no-brainer.

  • MindofaSnail

    Yes, we need this feature. 

  • Guitarshreda

    100% yes to this feature.  Not everyone is going to know what section to post something in, and instead of a mod telling the OP to repost their question in the appropriate place, a simple feature to move the post would be way easier AND less annoying on the OP end.

  • rowskey

    Hey everyone, sorry I'm late to the party.  I actually contacted support directly regarding this, before seeing this support page, as I had thought the feature used to exist but was now missing.  Turns out I was thinking of Slack.  Anyway, guess how I found this page?  The support guy gave me the link saying, he had found a page I could upvote the feature on in hopes they might add it.

    Wow, let me tell you the depression spiral I went in seeing this two year old post with thousands of total upvotes - all apparently not enough despite him saying "It really helps us out if you upvote the idea since feedback contributes greatly to our decision-making", of course he followed this with "Please note that the number of upvotes is generally not the sole basis of a feature being added to the app."  Yeah, no kidding.

    I honestly am not here because I want this feature - I mean I do, like leave the platform do, but really I just want an acknowledgement of all of you that came before me, a freaking NO with a quick explanation would honestly be fine.  But they seem to be ignoring it, and tossing more people into this massive pit of despair of a website.

    You know the best part?  Discord's official Twitter account said they don't have the feature "just yet" but would "look into it" ... back in 2016!

    I think it's safe to say we are abandoned mates.  No hero to our plight and the plight of countless others that don't bother to ask for basic moderation rights.  Discord is stagnant and deaf, and I think I speak for all their customer service when I say - get over it, stop asking, live with it or leave.


    QUICK UPDATE:  People have invented bots to get around Discord's laziness:

    When in doubt, walk around the giant sleeping beast.

  • Radicai

    @rowsky you have basically put it in a nutshelss, apart from the beast is not sleeping, blind or deaf. The support pointed you in this direction, so maybe someone there does care. However it appears the rest of them treat him / her the way they treat everyone who has taken their time to post in this thread. Were just not worthy of acknowledging with a reply.

  • JFDI

    I can't believe this basic feature still hasn't been added after 3+ years.  As a moderator/server operator, I need to be able to move messages (and groups of messages) into a new/different channel for prosperity and to keep threads organised as a server / channel grows

  • Basil

    With Microsoft now looking to buy Discord, if this goes ahead, me thinks they will get this sorted

  • Anima C13.

    I am really starving to have a feature like that. I use discord as a alternative to keep track of my annotations and the only tool that I need to have a full organized note-taking knowledge base is this.

  • Anima C13.

    Maybe it may be easy to implement this in BetterDiscord?

  • ㄒㄚ尺丂ㄩ丂

    i thought betterdiscord is dead?
    I'm using this bot to move messages.

  • SiNevesh

    I could have used this many, many, many times times over the last few years. This would be an absolutely fantastic addition, please consider it.

  • Anima C13.

    This is how move messages looks like in my dirty dreams (a Gitmind-like move messages feature?)


  • route

    I don't even know what the point of writing this is given the response, but for small group servers it could be really useful to move a block of chat messages into their own channel. If there's a new topic or lasting focus of the group, it'd be great to select all of the messages that fit the category and make them easily accessible later.

  • Yann

    Guys, what's the update with this???? What is happening?
    Is there going to be this function or what???? this seems to be a nightmare. Discord please can you implemement this for heaven's sake! (how many people need to ask)

  • Nkt

    BUMP!! Come on. This is a simple thing to add, even if only an admin permission that changes which channel a message is displaying in from one to another. Then add a gui that allows them to be selected. It pushes one simple database update, for that single message. It's maybe one day for the two appropriate devs to do?

  • vigdis

    Two years later, would be great to finally have this.

  • Lily left the valley

    As an admin/mod of a few forums, I find it a bit weird that this still hasn't been implemented yet on Discord because it's a staple need on forums which are set up similar to how Discord has Categories and Channels. Noobies make wrong channel posts, and it would be so much simpler to be able to shift it to where it belongs, as many have pointed out already. 

  • arpitthehero

    We have finally reached the Top 10 Uncompleted Feedback in the Text Chat category.

    And are 2nd on the basis if Comments in Text Category. 

    I think now we should definitely, we should get this feature. Discord please!! 

  • gingerbeardman

    I live in hope!

    I wonder which will come first: Twitter edit feature or Discord move message feature?

  • NoFoxTuGiv

    Bumping and adding a +1 comment. This would be a wonderful feature with several great uses to help keep channels organized.

  • M00N 🌙

    Bumping. Cant believe this hasn’t been implemented in almost 6 years. That’s quite insane. They need to implement this! It would help.

  • GrumpyOldNord

    Two years since this thread was started and nothing? Please, for the love of Discord, give us this functionality!

  • CharmyRosewolf

    Day 1 of me bumping this. We need a daily bump train!

  • Nexas

    Bump! I have implemented the move feature in my discord channel's bot, but would greatly appreciate having it as a native discord feature... In the meantime, if anyone is interested in a standalone bot that allows moving messages, let me know.

  • ehobbit

    Nexas I would like to know about this move message bot! Can you post the info here?

  • Nexas

    ehobbit msg me on Discord: N3X4S#6792

  • Nexas, if anyone else is interested

  • Telkar

    Draftbot is a really complete bot.
    One of its modules is messages : move message, or. Move a whole conversation block, to delete,... and preserve owner of message.

  • Gameflow

    Move of messages is so important. Not only for daily chat, also for channels with surveys where you collect posts with reactions. Able to move them would be great to organize such channels. Of course bots should also be able to move messages. Great idea to leav a automated system message at  the place or inform the person who wrote original message per discord system message about the move of his message.


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