Move Messages



  • varno

    This is definitely a needed feature and seems so basie I am surpeit doesn't exist

  • Nasty Dealer ¬¬

    still like this? really?

  • Mika Lindqvist

    It's very obvious the Discord developers don't read most of the threads here... People just vent in hope that eventually the developers read this thread and decide to implement the feature.

  • S4KuR4

    We want this feature to better moderate our discords!

  • Caleris

    This feature would be INCREDIBLY helpful. 

  • vubar

    It's amazing to me that these companies can leave some basic requests like this for 6 years. 

  • RealPoaB

    + - very important feature. move is a must in bigger communites (even in semi-big ones :D)

  • xelger

    I would definitely like to be able to move messages as an admin on my Discord server. We have a memes channel, and people keep posting memes in the general chat channel instead. Having the ability to move them over would be a huge help.

  • cryptoblivious.x

    Anything happening with this feature gang?

  • bearbear

    This would be a great feature!!! They should have a way to vote or allow people to contribute funds to develop a feature. This way they could guage what features to implement and justify it by seeing people donate personal funds to it.

  • Dom

    Thoroughly disappointing that this thread has been going three years without a response from the devs..... 

  • Number3nl

    Any ETA for this feature? Give us perspective. Either No. Or Never. Or few months.

  • geminiimatt / matt mitchell

    +1 (voted up already so just leaving a comment for extra emphasis)

  • Fizzle

    I would really like this feature as someone who manages galleries in my server, but it would be good for organization in general. Changing channels around and re-organizing is fairly important as communities evolve and this would just make it that much easier to do so in a less destructive way each time.

  • Owl

    I'd like to see this feature added aswell please.

  • tFighterPilot

    Got here through google searching if it's possible. Amazing that the devs continue to ignore this thread after over 3 years.

  • RufflesT

    Adding a comment to say that I'd also like to see this feature added as well.

  • Salvatore Murò

    I think it could also be a good idea to be able to move multiple message to a thread but I also greatly support the initial idea.

  • François / Raydx

    I'm managing a discord server for an organization.
    There is a lot of channels and sometimes people just don't realize they post something in the wrong place, so instead of asking them to delete and recreate the post, it would be awesome that the Admin could move messages from a chann to another.

  • Muse

    This is sorely needed.  I can't believe this hasn't been implemented already and people have been asking for it for three years?

  • Kaffien

    Time to get your poop in a group.  Enable this basic feature.  Whenever someone asks me to move something to another channel I cannot be assed to do it.  I just delete the post.   ENABLE moving posts to the correct channels please.   Threads is not a solution to this issue.  I've only used threads by accident.   

  • seanivore

    2022 and this would still be very useful. Forwarding a message from one channel to another when they're both public shouldn't be that problematic. Copy/paste of the original message link doesn't work when you are trying to share/forward the original message in channel A to channel B with a [youtube] link for example. Then there would be two links... 

    I'm surprised this functionality does not exist. It worked flawlessly on Slack back when I used that at work in 2017. 

    I don't even care about deleting the original post in channel A -- for me this functionality would be about sharing a piece of information that was relevant in channel A, with an additional related piece of information that is appropriate for channel B. 

    Working example: We share youtube tutorials in Channel A. We share design trends found "in the wild" in Channel B. To make these channels useful when sharing a trend that already has a shared tutorial, you need to forward the tutorial from Channel A to Channel B along with the new link to the example of the design effect that was found in the wild somewhere. 

  • Dalten

    Can we please revive this request? Since Discord is supposed to be the modern successor to web forums, it ought to have this basic moderation feature. the original request suggests proper controls to avoid abuse. the recent threaded conversations feature does not address this problem, and has limitations of its own.

  • joshg253

    Exhume might be a more accurate term since this request has been ghosted by Discord for nearly 6 years ("only" 3.5 years on this thread, but they replied to someone asking about it on Twitter in Jun 2016).

    The effort/reward ratio is apparently too high. Easier to add sparkly NFT emojis that can only be used by Nitro PremiumPlusMAX subscribers.

  • SuperSaiyanRaja

    We decided to move to Guilded since Discord couldn't be bothered.

  • Chaos_Zen

    The lack of this one feature has been the demise of many of my past Discord servers. I have just deleted two more today because the average logged in member count would build up to somewhere between 200 - 300 users, and then as things get more and more disorganized, that average starts to drop until it becomes a virtual ghost town with barely 4-8 members ever seen online at the same time. 
    The current options are to simply let it go until it's time to delete the server and all of the work, interaction, ad collective knowledge vanish, or else discourage interaction by members thinking they did something wrong if their messages get deleted. 
    Because of how often a few years worth of work and contribution becomes abandoned or deleted, I am at a point where before I even consider starting any servers for any games or interests, I already feel discouraged, knowing that ultimately, it too will suffer the same fate, and any time I invest (waste) on it, will be for nothing, eventually.
    I do not see how this can be conducive to Discord's support/monetary model, as many members of my past servers subscribed for Nitro because of their care and contribution to their Guilds, Clans, Teams, etc, and wanting to boost those servers, and then eventually those servers get ruined by the inability to keep them in any productive sense of order in a non-destructive manner, that won't discourage users from using. Eventually, those Nitro users will tire of spending to boost and invest in servers that will ultimately suffer the same fate. This isn't just free users asking for a vanity feature, it's also Nitro supporters, requesting a basic necessity. Why in the world should we support you, if you, in turn, won't even support the basic needs of Discord server admins?

  • Camio

    Come on it’s been 3 years add this feature

  • Jwsto

    Can we please have this already? :(

  • CloriEden

    Three years later and this still isn't a thing yet? Why ignore such a brilliant suggestion? This would be mighty useful and would make it more sincere to other users who post their comments on the wrong channel without making those users feel publicly called out. Please reconsider this, Discord!

  • Sherif

    it could be added as a privilage option. by that way cant be abused by members while moderators can keep channels arranged


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