Generate an invite link to add a user to a role.



  • Phantom

    I really like this idea, I made a mock up : 

  • DH 🐉

    Tatsumaki will apply the same role regardless of invite used so no, Tatsumaki can not do this specifically.

  • An Experience

    I would want this as a discord server owner, but also on "never expiring invites" in case you wanna cater to certain groups, with the luxury of tracking how many users use the invite.

    (ex: league players who use the invite will get the "league" role, etc.)

    Bots already doing this (like mee6 or tatsumaki) is great, but they can't distinguish who joins, and generally add a single role or many, to any individual who joins, whereas having this implied feature linked to invites simplifies the process by allowing the use of specific invites for certain groups of people. It's overall easier on the users/discord server owners to have this tool be this intuitive since most people would rather it be done in one click, rather than set up custom commands or get a bot to somehow do this ; after they join, give them the role manually.

  • CharmiiVTesting

    To all the people saying "bots can do auto role" or something to that effect, you don't get the OP's concept. The goal is not simply to auto-assign a single role to every new member. The goal is for the unique invites to assign a role based on which invite code was used. Read the post and try to understand before you make assumptions that the OP hasn't done research.

    This would be an excellent feature. People joining from twitch would get the "Twitch Follower" role, and people joining from a YouTube link would automatically get the "YouTube Follower" role. A brilliant idea.

  • An Experience

    @Phantom that's absolutely perfect, I hope this example gets seen faster, it's exactly what most people who manage huge servers would personally want, as long as it isn't exclusive to Twitch Subs or some other weird integration. This should be for ANY role on the server, for any type of invite.

  • Wolf

    Good stuff 👍

  • DrewTheGeek

    I've tried using BOTS. Each one has it's own command set and way of doing things. Not only would the average user need to know that bots exist, but they would need to install and configure one and then the "invite" would still just be an invite that really isn't track-able or use-able other than in the broadest sense.  I would like to note that it seems that many of these bots are trying to solve one simple issue: A way to have multiple discord servers without having multiple discord servers.

    So, I could create a discord server for my Star Wars group and another one for my Ingress group. Then I could manage each fairly easily and the default role would be fine as having two different servers would provide the same role separation. I don't know how resources are allocated on the Discord main servers but it seems to me that more instances of full Discord servers requires more resources. So adding tools directly into Discord to allow server owners more flexibility in how they manage their own servers, would, at least in my mind, decrease the need to create extra Discord Servers and reduce resources. Then I could have Two channels instead of two servers.

    Bots also depend on other servers and other programmers to maintain and keep functional instead of Discord's own intelligent and competent staff. This means that any time Discord updates or changes code, there's always a chance a bot will break and no guarantee that the bot code will/can be fixed.

    If there is more native flexibility in how invites are created and what properties are attached to those invites, it can help Discord server owners better maintain and manage a single server without the need to create more than one or delve into the murky world of Discord bots.

    Ultimately I feel a much better long term solution would be to develop a plugin system for Discord where you can add functionality to your own server through Discord provided plugins instead of bots. I feel this would allow the Discord developers more flexibility on creating new options and fixing current bugs, while also allowing more flexibility and choice for Discord server owners.

    While bots are great for adding games, greeting people, streaming music, and even some things not appropriate for polite company, I'm not sure that automation of Discord server functions (auto choosing a role)  should be one of them.


  • mikeu

    Any updates on this?

  • Sztaszov (Vagrus - SRPG)

    Agree. We need this!

    @people who say mee6 can do this. - mee6 can only grant EVERYONE with the SAME role. The use-case here to grant different roles based on different invite links. I.e.: sharing a link to one particular channel grants automatically one role, while a link to another channel adds a different role to the new member. 

  • J3st3r

    Im happy for all the advice on how to work around this lack of feature, however the point of requesting a feature (in the feedback section) is the hopes the dev team can add it in to the base application.

    From my perspective, bots are best used for niche things that the devs dont feel the need to provide or to allow customization which would otherwise be impossible to facilitate within the base application, not for things that a lot of people would like implemented for QoL reasons which would make the overall application better. You see the devs put notes in when patches are applied literally stating "due to community request", its obvious they listen when they can.

    I dont see why people would actively try to shut down conversation on a request for a feature that obviously ticks the right boxes for a certain amount of people. 

  • Silverhawk

    I'd say the harm in using bots is that you have to know how to configure them, or that it's even an option. The average user would have to look up guides just to get started, it would be much easier if there was simply a drop-down box that you could select which role was given to everyone upon joining the server.

  • JoshuaLovesCode

    Please add this!!! It's a awesome idea!

  • Wip3ou7

    Yes please! I also have a Discord link integrated into my game and I want people who join our Discord server through the game's UI to have a certain role automatically assigned to them. Make it happen, please!

  • ImRock

    That does not give roles if they use specific links that is a general auto role thing.

  • Wayland

    Please devs, make this happen.

  • Axralt A

    Very good idea ! It's will be better than bots. 😂

  • Terraclock

    That's a really neat idea!

  • Killerzwerg

    The most needed feature in Discord !

  • 〘⋌【Alcahest】⋋〙

    i don't think so

  • Kyees

    Please add this.  Been looking for the past few hours to find a way to do this.

  • Zahlea

    I really want this too... It seems like such a basic functionalitiy, it should be included without the need for a bot :) I really like that it would allow one to track how many users used each invite link.

    Even better if you could name the invites (but if the invite overview showed what role people got, that would work well enough to see which link is which).

    Another possible improvement to the idea: Assigning several roles? So that it's not limited to just the one role. That would open up for a bunch of cool customisation of invite links!

  • jesse

    Yes please. This was asked for like 3 or so years ago and I'm surprised it's still not a thing.

  • Poetgetic

    I would like this myself. Have a server for just friends of mine but we've been inviting people outside our circle for other games and purposes. Be nice if I could create an invite link for a role so I can lock out a certain role from categories instead of setting "@everyone" to nothing for every category/channel we have. Had a problem with one guy leaving the server and reusing the link to get around the separation. Actually submitted a separate request but it seems to have gotten closed without comment. I assume it was because this thread already existed.

  • Torbjörn

    Kinda like privilege keys with TeamSpeak, I like it. The one caveat with this would be that if you don’t generate a unique invite and the invite gets out everyone would be able to claim the role.
    Side note: This is kinda possible with a bot that tracks invite uses and when it increases when a user joins. It might not work in practice though since there could be a lot of people joining and the bot might not be able to keep track. (Suppose two people join at the same time — two invites would increase... who joined with what invite?) Another option would be sending a bot a unique code to redeem a role. My final solution would be a login with Discord via OAuth and assign roles that way.

    TLDR; is possible but not as easy for the end user.

  • Rpm103

    I want to be able to create a permanent link with a role attached to it. I have a game platform where people join my discord through the game, and there is no reason for them to go into the pool of generic users when they are obviously there for a certain reason. Considering I can't always be active to reroute their roles, this would be great for me.

    I see it can be done by bots and I will look into that for now, but I think it would be nice to have native.

  • Commander

    This is such an obvious, important, and easy to implement feature to have. I have no idea why this hasn't been done yet...

  • Yodamoo

    For quite some time i have been using a Bot called Invite-Role Bot.  It has been working perfectly with the link I put in my Free Company window in Final Fantasy 14.  It gave every member the Rank I wanted them to have but not people who joined with other links.  Well suddenly Yesterday it stopped working for some reason.


    Mee6 and Tatsumaki and Dyno do Not do this!  They can only give everyone who joins, the same rank. 


    Need Invite-Role Bot to start working again or need a new bot that can do it...or Discord to just integrate it as is should be anyhow lol


    Edit: ImRock, has a good point..but It's kinda invalidated by the fact that I just gave a perfect example of the problem which would be fixed by Discord doing it themselves...there are no bots currently doing this now that Role Bot has stopped working and so the whole "Reinventing the wheel" analogy goes out the window.

  • YoutubeJT_Playz [M3M3] ✔

    If you use the bot Invite-Role Bot or Dyno you can do it!

  • DragonFeathers

    This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for and need. Please make this a thing. I don't need bots that automatically provide the same role to everyone - I need roles assigned specifically based on the invite code used. 

  • Dana

    One year later... no one from the staff replied to this thread? What a shame ;/ Could you please at least tell if that's doable or not? Such a feature would be highly appreciated not only by casual servers but most needed by certified server owners. 

    As an example, imagine you are an owner of a 1k+ server dedicated to your software (game, or even... Dicord). You wish to invite your most loyal/interested/kickstarter/beta tester/ones that paid/newsletter users to join your super-secret locked channel dedicated only for them. As for now you have to do it manually... for, let's say, 500 users.

    You see now how useful it would be to add them a role just via invite link? I'm sending a newsletter with a link, and all those super-devoted people in my software's development join my chanel dedicated just to them... magic! By the way I could count how many of those newsletter one guys used the link, thus I could say what % of newsletter guys are the active users.


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