Collapse images, website info, and other expandos



  • kilsey

    This would be amazing - also having the ability to collapse by default (not a Slack option) would be pretty awesome!

  • Squid


  • Sola

    Isn't this just doing <> ? It hides the "popout" screen.

  • digitalfiz

    @Sola, what?

  • kyky

    Hope this didn't get lost in the sea of requests!

  • yayitsdan

    I use discord as one of my main chat clients and it's always visible on my screen. It would be really nice to have this functionality, especially on videos and gifs that loop. It's very distracting to have a looping video on the screen that I can't stop.

  • Zimoi

    +1 on this

  • Nano


    This has been my most missed feature when migrating from Slack to Discord

  • Psychodata

    This is not the same as pasting in like <>  versus 
    the <link> one is just disabling the preview on that image (maybe "code" or something? not sure) 

    but it still expands any generic image/video that is pasted in, even with preview. (assuming the channel allows it) 



    Versus Slack. Where it allows you to paste in a link/image, and depending on your settings it may auto-expand the preview, or leave it collapsed. 
    But whichever way it comes in at first, there is an arrow to expand/collapse it. and commands /expand and /collapse let you change all the images/previews at once .

  • Narpt

    Voted! How is this not a thing yet! over a year old now?!

  • Taedirk

    @narpt Not pictured: the YEARS it was also posted on the old feedback site.

  • Lemons

    Yes please make this a thing...we need it desperately.

  • rmmoore1775

    I clicked violently in support of this 

  • jackwagon

    This would be a big quality of life improvement.

  • roman

    lots of people i spoke with confirm that they miss this "ability to collapse images" feature! 

  • tyrol

    My group is evaluating moving from Slack to Discord, and the inability to collapse gifs/pictures/etc is a pretty major disadvantage

  • OculusOwl

    Huge, huge, huge need!

  • johno

    +1 Amazing that this isn't already a feature.

    In most browsers you can right click on the preview, "Inspect" and then delete an appropriate element. This might help some people in the meantime, but it should definitely be an actual implemented option and not a dumb hack like this.

  • TankorSmash

    Chiming in to add a +1 here. I dunno if this is the right place to request new features, but collapsing media would be great to have.

  • yokothejoko

    I just went looking for this feature, but stumbled upon this thread. Would love to have this added.

  • 307 Sharkey

    Being a part of a big group that has a bunch of great folks is wonderful, but there are always a few who don't seem to think outside thier own situations and post content that is either NSFW or inappropriate for children. While my situation probably shouldn't impede others, I would like a bit more control as to what is directly shown onscreen. Being able to collapse images and or comments would be a very welcome feature.

  • Adam Geary

    This really is a far more important feature than most of the stuff I've seen added lately.

  • eccentricbiped

    I'm mostly annoyed that I can't collapse an image coupled with the only way I can delete the message is by deleting it for everyone is just plain garbage...

  • Kainazzzo

    I really hope this gets some attention... I'm surprised this is not a feature already.

  • Racci


    Agreed. A must-fix, please. Honestly, I was going to make a suggestion to have the ability to disable gifs altogether in server settings because they annoy the crap out of me, but this is obviously the more viable and logical option.

  • Apocalypse612


    I'm sick of lewd and weird individuals leaving strange images in channels I frequent. Discord, what's the hold up on this 2 year old request? Come on...

  • SunSparc


  • sturtus


    This needs to be REQUIRED for accessibility. People adversely affected by flashing colors can be harmed by animated gifs and images. 

  • Sket

    How has this not been added yet? It's just some js/css!


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