Unlimited Pins



  • animal

    Commenting for awareness

  • Sapphire

    Give more pins pls

  • 米路比(MallowB)

    It had been a year, and Discord didn't fix this problem yet? I don't see a problem to let your user to change the pins limit. And I don't think it is that hard to fix.

  • angelar

    pls add more pins so i can see my brother express laughter in a way that isn't "PINTHIS" again

  • peach

    Here's a solution:
    Make links to your pinned messages and put these links into messages. Here's the format: https://discordapp.com/channels/GUILD_ID/CHANNEL_ID/MESSAGE_ID

    To get these IDs:
    - Turn on dev mode
    - right click the message to get the id
    - right click the channel to get its id
    - right click the server to get its id

    Put this link in a message and people can click it

  • ShadowJonathan

    @peach, that's a workaround, we're here requesting discord to make an actual change to the software

  • anemoth

    i didn't even know there was a limit, why the heck would you need one?

  • NiiTK

    I agree. I hope this is noticed. I also love that every comment suggesting it be a nitro feature has been disliked into the negatives lmao. If one more feature ends up behind a paywall I'll be furious.

  • Dániel

    Unlimited pins would be good. BTW, is there any update about it?

  • ayashi

    How has this not been addressed?  I'm in servers that hoard funny quotes that hit the limit, and people have resorted to deleting the 'least funny' ones to make room for new pins.  Screw this "make another channel, clone the old one" talk, it defeats the purpose and convenience of accessibility to these in the first place. 

    Give us more pin real estate, make it a server boost feature if you have to.  Some of us would find this far more useful than more slots for emojis.  


    Has anyone from Discord actually responded to this?  It's not an unreasonable request, and reeks of laziness at this point.

  • ToxicMushroom

    You could use bots with a starboard for this tbh, just add a star to the message and the bot resends it in a dedicated channel

  • Kitters

    Please fix this madness discord. I see no reason why there should be a limit to this. 

  • sickolas

    its been almost 2 years why hasnt this been implemented yet

  • tehmario

    This feature has actually been asked for for the past four years and they can't even state a reason why it can or can't be done

  • DKGaiming

    i wonder if their just trolling us with this
    i mean, why else would they not tell us why?

  • Cursed

    Yeah, cmon discord it's been two years. 

  • TheElectricRaichu

    4 years later and still nothing. Yikes.

  • Faith

    Need more pins! 

  • X_Epicness

    We Should be able to get unlimited pins


  • Turtle goat pie

    Its pretty dumb, me and my friend hit the pin limit in like 4 months, why can't we just have more pins?50 really isnt that much and I don't see any downside to having unlimited pins. 

    EDIT: So I guess somebody asked this same question back in 2017, and they answered saying "Because we said so"


  • Lloydsalot

    So clearly in over 4 years, nothing has changed about this even though it has over a thousand upvotes. On twitter I just see Discord making fun of people asking for a reasonable explanation or bragging about the fact that there is a limitation, saying if we want it changed, then we need to put it in here. Meanwhile it is here and never acknowledged? The hell?

  • MyriaCore

    I kinda wonder if the devs actually use discord extensively. Like obviously they do, but I mean how is the pin limit not something they have to contend with in their servers? IME any server that's a year old will pretty much always have at least one channel that's hit the pin limit. Hell, there are bots that try to fix this problem for us. It's not that complicated.

  • Arkh91

    Im writing in 2021 and yet nothing! Please! We need the unlimited pins!

  • TsengFayt

    Agreed. We are in 2021, I have been asking for this since 2 years ago when this request was first opened. We need unlimited pins for many reasons. Please make it happen.

  • Slam_Duncan

    This is insane that Discord users are still dealing with this sh*tty pin limit with absolutely zero explanation from DISCORD Let's go!!!! Why is no one even looking at what is such a glaring and obvious problem that likely is not very hard to fix!! Most of us are paying for Nitro and still have to deal with a 50 pin limit per channel.

  • Slam_Duncan

    Let's blow them up on social until someone responds to us! Retweet me and comment! https://twitter.com/duncansworld_/status/1378164674827542537?s=20

    Oh and this is the second thread lasting 2+ years I have found on the pin limit subject. Here is the other https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360055590111-Pin-Limit-?page=2#community_comment_1500000569761

    What is the point of having these boards if no one from the company ever looks or responds? DISCORD

  • Slam_Duncan

  • bepis

    unlimited pins please. This has been an issue for over 2 years... seriously?

  • PicoDeMoose

    If devs read this I'd like to mention that in a server I'm in that has been pinning (at a fairly slow pace) messages for several years, we have worked around it by archiving a channel to read-only mode once it has reached pin-limit and then creating a new channel to replace it.  I imagine this might constitute (marginal) extra overhead to discord and third party developers in contrast to simply allowing more pins per channel.

  • ROHAN37

    Me and my  friends chat a lot , and it is obvious that we pin a lot . And right now , we hit the point of 50 pins . Is there a way increase this limit . And actually the limit is too less . We started the channel just about 5 days ago . It was really disappointing after seeing this coz discord is the best for friends according to me .



    Allow normal users to pin 500 messages .

    And unlimited for nitro


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