"In Call" or "In Channel" Status



  • Yoshi | Andre

    That would be the best feature for me
    i like it

  • scarecrow

    This shouldn't just be a status to select. This needs to be an alternate colour bubble next to the user icon that automatically changes. Because someone can be "Playing <Game>" and also "In Call" therefore the indicator needs to change accordingly. Orange is the obvious choice but... that's already used for "Idle" so maybe something like a green dot with a border of orange? Or visa versa? Or some other colour...

  • arni_08


  • Chortle ∞

    I had this idea too, and thankfully I wasn't the only one. Whenever I'm in a call, someone else wants to call me for some reason and I have to turn them down.

  • D3V

    I've had some experiances where this would have helped when trying to contact friends. I would also think a mute incomming calls function to pair along with this as was in a few non server groups where they'd hold a lot of calls ina day but i'd be off with a diffrent group playing a game and have the calling sound blast me out of nowhere. (I know there is already that option in discord settings to mute incomming calls, so tagging that to an in call status would seem easy)


  • sigmundjune

    1 Up for this feedback. This is really helpful. I've been looking forward for this thing to show up on Discord someday.

  • Spectralist

    I've often wondered why this doesn't exist so finally went to see if there was a suggestions area for Discord. Glad to see it's already suggested, saddened to see it's 2 years old and doesn't yet exist.

    Would love to see this added. I hate having to tell a friend who's calling me "oh sorry already in a call". That they can know when I'm in a game, offline, busy, or idle, but not when I'm already in a call is very odd.

  • Théo

    Yup, we need this feature !

  • Panicakr

    I can't see any practical uses for this.


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