View Bot and User Login History



  • Zipdox

    The fact that this has 0 comments after an entire year goes to show that discord doesn't give a rat's ass about your account security.

  • Lanez

    I am deeply looking into a better solution than discord at the moment. About 30 minutes ago I had my account compromised and I am now having to look at it by myself and try to figure out what IP had gained access, basically impossible with discords lack of security features.

  • ChimneySwift

    Frankly this is my main gripe with Discord's security. Security measures like strong passwords, 2fa etc are all well and good but ultimately being able to tell exactly when and where your account is being accessed is your main line of defence.

    I now operate several bots which have admin-level permissions on a server with >20k members, and right now there is no way for me to be absolutely certain that only my server is logged into them.

  • Winchester

    This is a more than needed feature. I wonder why it has taken them so long to implement.

  • ChimneySwift

    Additionally, Discord already stores this data, anyone who's requested a data dump will have noticed.

    I'm just looking for a way to easily use this data to my advantage :)


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