(everyone) Tag after edited messages.



  • Bloodysunset

    You should not be ashamed to edit your posts for a spelling mistake..... At least you're making an effort to correct yourself!

    If someone makes fun of you because you have an edited post, you may not want to pay attention to it. If it's really boring, block them.


    The "edited" tag is as old as the Internet, and come in handy for some situations. I don't think Discord or any IRC chat should allow users to disable it.


    Have a nice day.

  • String Cheese

    I agree with the OP here. Editing posts immediately or within a few minutes should NOT have an "edited" tag. This is old school internet.

  • I agree with the String Cheese in my fridge at 3 am.

    It just bothers me when I want a clean server


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