Discord channel scroll



  • Hyperclaw79

    Have you the tried the Alt + Down Arrow?

  • Roxi_USA

    I had the same issue on my Asus laptop and Cntrl + Down Arrow works great! Thank you!

  • chotaneem

    That's the answer then even after such a long time. I should work on few things cause I'm a newbie here. Your contribution is very helpful. 

    My Boy Apk

  • Jody Crawford

    Hi guys I'm amazed at what I discovered, so I'm gonna share it with you. You can actually scroll up and down your server list without the use of a mouse in discord on your laptop! Just follow those steps :

    1. If you want to go up click on the highest server available and maintain the click. If you want to go down click on the lowest.

    2. Push the corresponding arrow on your keyboard (up/down) twice. Poof you jumped 5-6 servers in the direction you wanted to go, uncovering those directly above or under the one you clicked on.

    Tell me if this works for you too, if not I am sorry for the time you lost, but it worked for me :) !



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