The ability to disable popup notifications



  • bonfire1337

    cant believe this is not in. this is by far the most pressing reason i want to go back to irc :/

  • novaburger

    I need this. I use windows 10 and this is driving me insane. Please have a feature to remove pop up notifications but keep the sound notifications.


    I found this post because I was searching for a way... +100 on this feature PLEASE!  You have no idea how many times that popup gets in the way of my game and really screws me up.. and on a very active server, it pops up every few seconds. My only option is to go DND and mute it entirely with no notifications at all... there HAS to be some middle ground!

  • Sheppard22

     Hello i have same problem its driving me insane messages are starting to show up couple of days ago for me on my desktop when somebody is writting something in chat and i cannot find the way to disable them who idea was that in discord ???!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody asked 4this 

  • Deja

    Discord is great and all...  But there is nothing worse than watching Netflix and then having to pause what you're watching because Discords popup gets in the way.  This is a long overdue feature, and I am NOT disabling all notifications just to amend this, then I'd not know if I had a message or not without checking! 

  • AnotherSilentSoul

    Still looking for this feature. Is there any plans for it?


  • Tpdz


    If you turn off "enable desktop notifications" in your user settings it stops the message from appearing, and as long as you have the sound notifications turned on you'll still receive the sounds if thats what you want.


  • bonfire1337

    Thats just a bad "soloution" to a problem that shouldn't even exist. Disabling features because they're bugged should not be a way of "fixing" them.

  • Din_Alt

    Thanks Tpdz for the solution.  

  • Zahyra

    I found this and I still have a problem. Disabling desktop notifications only gets rid of the Windows notifications but not the big ones that pop up on the top left from the app itself. I am on a lot of servers and it's really damn irritating

  • Indomonous

    I turned it off thinking I could turn it back on because I was turning off notifications in servers but my friend kept spamming so I turned it off thinking I could turn it back on without a problem, but after it finished up I tried to turn it back on but found no setting or a way, my friends tried helping me, tried googling, tried watching videos about it but nothing. Can someone please tell me how to turn it back on, it’s annoying me that I can’t, and this is the second day on trying to fix it. Oh and anyone that now private messages me I don’t get a pop up for any of them.

  • AlexT

    Go to Settings - Overlay - Disable In-Game Overlay


    Turn it off on the windows 10 notifications on windows side of things... small chat box. 

  • hxr404

    We need an option to disable it server-side. I selected only @mentions but it still notifies my server members


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