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  • /usr/bin/dylan

    Likely not relevant now, but feel like I had to say that the "chat bot" that addressed your female employee as "love" was 100% not a targeted message. Discord's built-in welcomer just randomly selects a line of text to announce a member's join. It's almost laughable that a workplace would mistake that as a targeted, condescending message when Discord's registration process does not even ask for your gender -- it was by chance.

  • Boi_Play_With_Joy

    Dear Discord,


    I am writing this letter because I think discord could grow a lot in the future if servers had private(secured) options. Personally I use discord on the daily and I don't like using Skype for conferences calls or any other platforms instead. Discord is so easy to use and moderate for personal use it should be considerable for work. Due to the logo and the gaming status it has a bad name for work use. 

    to get people more users and get discord growing they should add/change the following: 

    -change logo

    -private and secured servers

    -servers being able to be run all over the globe for maximum communication(not in regions like Europe, America, etc)

    -advertisement for their new platform or changed platform, for a better name in the business world 

    -simple timers and planning systems programmed into the app

    -change of terms of use

    -connection to LinkedIn to attract more users and expand their platform to other users

    -friend system(maybe not that smart due to privacy policy... and reliability for big businesses) 


    So dear Discord, I don't know what your goals for usage are(gamers only or expanding to the workplace) but I would go for expanding to the business section!


    Thank you for your time and consideration.




    Roel Linde


  • _Lucifer

    Really don't think its a good idea since then discord might become a business site and discord is built to have gamers come together and relate. It has roles, VCs and alot features that gaming apps and platforms such has twitter and Instagram have making it the best game communication app. If they add the business section it could lead to some problems and disagreement it's better to just convince your co-workers that discord isn't completely for gaming since there are alot of servers that are based off-topic and used for other purposes as well.

  • Bodhi

    Never said it should be a business app - just a few minor adjustments to make it open to business-interested men/women.  

    For example the app says "for gamers".  The interesting thing is, gaming communities themselves are in a way business pursuits.  I'm building a community/gaming right now which is absolutely a business pursuit.  

    So to keep the business spirit alive, it would be nice a minor appeal to business.

  • VikingGawd

    I love discord and its bots are easy to integrate or make.

    Here is where Discord for gaming and Bizcord skin/app (or whatever name, going to use bizcord to differentiate.  It is either a new separate app or a skin for the web/desktop app for that user.)

    - When you send a link to a user you are faced with gaming images and gaming quotes.  Sending that to an external non gamer is a strange way to start.  This is the biggest reason people want a business discord skin/app

    - direct and grouped messaging.  I think this could be built up better for both discord and bizcord.  For business I found we use DMs a lot and discord is cumbersome in this area.  Having a Server DM helps with moving around and keeping communications where they need to be.  I made a detail request here:



    The Big Question (I think just having a skin):

    Are these separate programs (different user account and app installs for desktop and mobile along with different website) or is it just a skinning so I can have my user in both server types. 

    If single app with a reskin:

    - Need to disconnect the gaming being played status update for those specific servers or allow a setting for the user per server.

    - Home screen is all about games and library.  This would not be on bizcord skin.

    - Turning off the gaming status for business servers so it is not shown.

    As separate apps

    - Notifications between gaming and business would be clear.

    - Need separate logins for each platform

    - The big problem with separate is the gray area when setting up the server.  Should it go business or gaming.  Plenty of companies that have customer facing sides will be in this gray area.

  • Jack

    Yes, discord for business would be great. The fact that you have channels to talk and don't need to click a call button you can easily hang out in your channel and ppl join if there is smth to discuss or just a small question.

    Possibility to remove game section and add apps like Dropbox or google calendar would be awesome!

    And maybe a visitor link for separate channels to give customer an overview of the project.

    I believe in you and would love to see it! Give me a message when its out:)

  • rickersilva

    Just a bit more on how weird things are. I've been using slack intensively for the past three months. People use the gif extensions, bot extension just to have a bit of fun on the chat rooms.

    And you think a funny gaming logo is everything that keep your from using it? I really don't understand some of you

  • Jack

    Yeah! Had to smile about it as well R. da Silva:) First of all they would need the security of slack, I guess and parallel get rid of the game part and the app would be top!!

  • thetechguy
    we need this
  • ObLoM

    I've been using discord for work and for play, and I have to say, I love it. Would pay for a business option in a heartbeat, even if all it did is change the data ownership rights and permissions. I'd like to create or manage a business-related server, basically.

  • Technomancer

    I was going to write a suggestion for this- but I found this suggestion so I'm tacking on:


    I think this is a really good idea- and I think Discord could make a lot of money with it. If "Discord Business" had it's own version of Discord Nitro which didn't include all the games + game perks, the price for Nitro would drop significantly. A lot of businesses are happy to pay a few dollars per month per employee buying the full version of everything they use as a matter of course, so if there was a Discord Business a much larger than normal portion of users would buy Nitro. This would make a lot of money for Discord, and provide a much needed service of a strong competitor for business facing chat programs. 

  • Vedran

    Discord is too complicated and counter-intuitive for Business meetings. If you want to attract business users, user interface must be super-intuitive, simple and self-evident even to a person who sees the screen first time in life. It must be totally clear.

    Channels and servers - business users do NOT want to know about these.

    They are interested in:

    - share screen

    - invite more people

    - schedule a meeting and send invite to XY people

    - new people (who receive meeting invite) should have super-simple and small install to join the meeting in 30sec from receiveng the invite. Even if they have never heard of Discord or have zero knowledge about it, they should be able to participate.

    I am a programmer, seen 10 tools for online communication, I COULD NOT figure out the interface in 10 minutes. And it should be clear in 10 seconds, completely obvious to a newbye. Test with newbies, test on old people, and you will see how good or self-evident your user interface really is - for business meeting.

    The best rival in business area is Zoom.us - take a look at their interface. I bet you can't make an even more clear one.

  • Vedran

    Please summarize all requests for discord for business into one. Because now votes are scattered into many "give me business" topics, and they should really be sum-ed up into one big, and very important request that might change your future.

  • Vedran

    Please summarize all requests for discord for business into one. Because now votes are scattered into many "give me business" topics, and they should really be sum-ed up into one big, and very important request that might change your future.

  • Major

    In theory this sounds like a good idea, but in practice I think it would destroy the original purpose of discord.

  • zhangweinnar

    I would like to see this feature as well, I would like to bring Discord for use with my boss at my company but they will dismiss it as a "gaming"...but also scared if they do make a business discord they will charge $10 / user / month or more like slack


  • Snocember
    Yes, that would be a good idea. A "lite" version that surpresses game and fun content and only shows chat and voice things, so that it is suitable in a job.
  • Patrity

    "lite" may be a better way to sell this version, very true.

  • キットちゃん

    The welcome messages and the games on homescreen can be disabled. Though I think it would help if there was a business client which disabled these by default.


    Even as someone who plays video games, I'm not a fan of all this 'gamer culture' nonsense.

  • deonjoubert

    Although I agree that Discord is good for this, I'm surprised nobody mentioned Google Hangouts as an alternative.

  • cyeklone

    Discord would be great if they treat Business at least  as their second class citizen. Their apps runs smooth across all platforms. Slack has horrible UX. I didn't know I have to click our company Logo to open menu in my phone. Should have been a hamburger icon.

  • Expurgated

    Love Discord.

    Hate Teams. it has lousy voice chat. weird UI. Extremely poor text chat.

    Don't like Slack. If you mention you are doing business with Iran you will be banned.

    Google Hangouts is not an alternative. Some of our personnel are not fond of Google ID which means Google tracking.

    Reskin "Discord for Business" and you'll have lots of paying customers like our company.
    Possibly sell a container as a server.

    Thank you Discord!

  • Joseph

    That sounds like a cool Idea, then discord can make some moola, and help build up their stuff.

  • DreamQuest

    Yep, business version of Discord would be awesome!

    Do it DiscordAPP!! We business owners are ready to pay for it!

    (Slack suck in comparison to Discord in terms of features - and Microsoft just go home..)

  • s̷͎̐ṱ͖u̴̽k̷

    Hey Discord team!

    Your app is awesome. My company switched from Skype to Teams and it's a PITA. Teams is slow and sucks and Discord has so much more to offer. Add PSTN support, AD support and remove all the gaming related stuff in another app.

  • Music4lity

    Hey Discord, I know you guys could make this a phenomenal tool for business. Skype is lame, Teams is slow, but Discord is fast, has a great UI, is so user friendly and so much more. Adding AD features would make user management simple and seamless.

  • zhangweinnar

    hello discord please make a business version, my company would use this and pay for it! 

  • Dan

    Still waiting for it, Teams is so bad dude

  • Tenno Network

    Yes, :-)
    Bizcord, please make it happen!

    It would be great and we would love to pay for it!

  • Jack

    Too late, we use Slack now and pay 5$/person in our company. Good app afterall. Could have been yours, discord...


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