Discord for Business



  • deonjoubert

    Although I agree that Discord is good for this, I'm surprised nobody mentioned Google Hangouts as an alternative.

  • Giz Mo

    >Except o365 tools and teams sucks. What we're looking for is a voip chatroom version of slack with the same flexibility/capability with webhooks/chatbots.


    That's exactly what teams is, but also has PSTN as well as VOIP support.

    >Except o365 tools and teams sucks.


    >And that let's you chat with people outside your team/organisation/server.

    Yup, external recipients can be invited as well.





  • Ricker da Silva

    I think that if youre company ditch a valuable option for improving their work because of a logo (whch in fact is not a game controller) you should be worrying more bout who your workers are, which values are you actually gven value to and try a transformation to a more agile environment.

    I´m also considering discord at my workplace, the seamless integration of voice chanels and PTT button sems very appealing for our noisy offices environment. besides we can rely on it for chat voice and doc sharing, chanels and everything skype for business and even slack does not work so straightforward


  • alexx

    User Settings -> Appearance -> Show Games Tab

  • Giz Mo

    It sounds like you guys are looking for Office 365 E3+ licensing.  Teams = Discord for Business + RazRs suggestions are  Sharepoint / Flow / Power Apps

  • Bye

    Uhhhhhh... It's still professional, it's still aimed at gamers


  • Giz Mo

    Office 365 Teams are the business version of discord IMO.


    Even more feature rich than discord with just as many integrations; but business based.  Also PSTN support.

  • The Meme Lord

    Discord was made for and is for gamers. Not business.

  • The Meme Lord

    Discord was made for gamers. Find a different program if you are against that


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