• nef

    Why would Discord add stickers, instead of keeping emotes? Stickers don't make much of a benefit in my opinion.

  • Twitchin

    I'm not saying to get rid of emojis, I'm saying to add stickers

  • Permanently deleted user
    what do you mean exactly by stickers?
  • ♡ Its Kiwi 🥝 ♡

    like how telegram has stickers

    itd be like emojis but easier to see

  • Permanently deleted user
    I have no idea what that means. what is telegram
  • cloudpie

    Yes please!! Also custom sticker packs like Telegram has

  • LonnonjamesD

    Delete this nonsense

  • ||Jojo||
    This would be a mess when discord users are starting to steal emojis from servers to use them in other apps
  • inesom

    awful but cool

  • WalkieTalkie

    as someone who religiously uses reaction images/stickers, i wholeheartedly support this idea lmao

  • Zacka

    Yes yes yes !! Emojis are so hard to see sometimes...

  • tawniey

    To clarify to those who don't understand what "stickers" means here: Big-scale emojis. Roughly 100x100px or 150x150px is what I've seen before on different programs.

    Agreed! I loved stickers in Line, and have honestly considered downloading it from time to time just to have that feature again... But I don't need or want two chat programs. Discord! Be the hero we need!

    It would of course be awesome to have custom sticker slots per server, but I'd love to see the ability for each user to upload a small personal set they take with them. 5-10 for normal users, then bonus slots for Nitro? 

  • DocWhovian

    Im not familiar with telegram but loved the sticker packs in Line. I wish discord had that option

  • aginogolochovy

    i want stickers a lot personally, and i'm going to make a long winded post about why i want stickers and why i think they would be good for discord and its users. it's going to be broken down into 3 parts:
    my primary 3 reasons (basically the tl;dr),
    possible arguements (to save us all time as i probably wont be back here for a long time),
    and my idea of how to implement it into discord on pc and mobile

    PART 1 main points:

    1.) as zacka said, emojis are hard to see, and images/emojis have or need a lot of detail to see, meaning that the resolution is wasted and makes it look like a 64x64px mess

    2.) stickers would help stimulate the artist economy. if you had a collection of stickers you can send/save, or use like server emojis in discord, this would actually cause a demand for custom stickers to be commissioned/made, which makes artists want to put more time into those efforts, and possibly get them more commissions. there's a lot of other things i can add, but i'll keep it short for this point (as an artist, this is a big one for me).

    3.) people argue why not use an image? well, if you're on pc, having to have a file manager window (or mac equivalent) and dig threw your desired stickers would be a pain. especially if you're doing anything else on your pc other then gaming or talking in discord. and if you're on mobile, it's even worse, and if you're an iphone user, basically impossible.

    PART 2 possible arguments:

    now, i'm also going to make some arguments to possible "issues" with stickers

    "those would be nightmares in large servers"
    just add an option to disable it like emojis

    "they would take up too much space and be annoying"
    could always add a custom slider to change the size of them on a user basis. anywhere from 64x64px to 512x512px would be a good range imo

    "it wouldn't do anything for discord users"
    maybe not for you, but i know a lot of people who love telegram because of the stickers, and this would give them another reason to use discord instead of telegram.

    "it's a nice thing, no one would use it"
    ontop of the telegram talk, facebook and kik both already have stickers, and large animated emoji type things. and facebook (not too sure about kik) would not have implemented that if it was a throw away feature. facebook is worth multiple billion for a few reasons other then data farming.

    "discord would have no reason to do this, it would cost them too much in data and wouldn't increase profits much"
    well, again, telegram, facebook, and kik users. as well as discord could do "nitro exclusive" sticker packs. like partnering with; overwatch, r6, CoD, battlefield, nintendo (rly whoever wanted to partner) and make even more incentive to make it as they would have/get brand deals.

    "it would be annoying for servers, and large servers would be a nightmare"
    just make it an option to disable in server settings like emojis.

    PART 3 implementation:

    obviously i don't want all talk without actually talking about how to implement. and i'll do my best to do this for both pc and mobile, starting with pc.

    i can think of 2 ways it'd best be implemented. option 1 (easiest, but most annoying probably) is to just add another emblem beside the emoji one (to the right i think would be best) this would obviously have the issue of taking away more of your room to type. so i would maybe suggest as an alternative, there would be a tab above the text bar, which opens the "sticker drawer" both would be basically the same as the emoji tab, but they'd be 4x larger (2x2emoji units instead of 1 emoji units)

    and on mobile, i have 3 ideas aswell. you could either have a tab or a button (just like the pc version) or, you could change the emoji selection from a tap to a swipe. swipe left for emoji selection, then right for stickers (or something of that sort). tho, this may cause issues for people with strain injuries or disabilities, so i think that would be a bad idea.

    and lastly for select/send. i think the facebook "send image" approach would work best. you tap/click on what sticker you would like. the other stickers displayed would become darker to indicate they're not selected. then the selected one would "bulge" out slightly. a secondary tap/click would confirm that that is the sticker you wanna send, and send it. obi it would be delete-able, and if discord could make stickers a gif instead of just a .jpeg/.png, it would actually make stickers on discord better then telegram (as telegram only supports animated stickers in a very niche format which requires adobe illustrator and is super awkward to do and has a lot of other issue too).

    i think around 5Mb is a good size to limit too, but if that were an issue due to data limits or just wanting to let users have more then 10 or so, i could see as low as 1Mb being acceptable (larger format requires more data). and i personally 15 would be a rock solid amount of stickers/server or person. or, to again push nitro, it would be 5-10 without nitro, then 15-25 with nitro.

    thx for listing to my ted talk, hope this contributed to the convo and (hopefully) eventual implementation

  • DocWhovian

    Thx @insert for such great points made. You even included addressing the naysayers. Very brave! I use GIPHY but stickers you can search, like I do with GIPHY, already part of the DISCORD platform would take less storage space and be far quicker to use instead on going back and forth between multiple windows, especially on an iPhone. I eagerly await DISCORD stickers!

  • L A M E

    okay look. why would they not add a sticker marketplace and build an api add on for posting stickers to your favorite channels... like you can with other chat apps? no one said anything about removing emojis to replace with stickers... like wtf. adding a market place to buy sell trade and create sticker packs that you could use on any server would help grow discord even more. I'm surprised it hasn't been done already to be completely honest.


  • Hazel

    zomg yas! that's exactly what I was thinking discord should add! =D

    stickers would be so cooool! although we may only have the gif and emoji feature for now, but hey it would be awesome to have stickers aswell ^w^

  • 彩虹喵

    aaaaaddddd stickers!
    emojis are too small to see !!!!
    maybe a stickers market and creators may put some stickers onto it like LINE
    PLS make it a new feature to discord

  • 8km

    being able to add custom stickers would be nice!

  • genrou0

    Yes, I miss this from other apps. Would be nice to have a market to buy stickers. I think most other message apps have this even short lived ones like Allo. I end up finding and copying stickers from other sources. On PC it is the hardest. I have a saved sticker folder for this. As others have said, the emojis are much too small to see.

  • SecretAgentStache

    Stickers are really the ONLY thing that Discord is missing. I know people that will never leave Telegram, even though it's not as good, just because of the stickers and gifs they can post there.

  • Draxial

    It would be really interesting to have the option for stickers. The only thing that's making people NOT MOVE to discord it's the stickers. You could let people have a freemium, and also let people import these; People would flock to discord in the masses. Everyone I ask about telegram, they say "I use telegram because of the stickers" and that's it.

  • Filipa Antunes



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