New feature. Mute for specific person



  • Mark Wolf

    I think its a valid feature to put in Discord, I look everywhere, and can't find a way to deafen a specific person in a room, somebody i dont want to hear me, Im not admin in the server, and i dont want to deafen this person to everyone, i just want him not to listen to me, without they needing to do anything, obviously i wouldnt be able to hear them as well, but there is no such a feature, mute and deafen only one person and only for you, everybody is in a group in the same room, i just dont want to interact with a individual there, but i cant deafen and mute only him to me and vice versa.

  • munt13

    yes somebody please consider this feature

  • DainBramage

    Yes, yes, yes. This would be very helpful. I have friend who have annoying friends. I don't want to force my friends to separate for my sake, I just want to mute/deafen for that one person. This would be amazing.

  • Xenomorphette

    Please for the love of God, add this feature! I would use it daily. There are certain members who are friends with some and NOT friends with others and they don't want to hear one of the others or want the others to hear them. Please please please add this feature. 

  • Nizart

    I needed this. A bit variation to that would be great tough. So I am the owner of a server and want to be able to force the *mute* function you can use as a person to mute someone else, just for you. So as an effect, the someone else is muted for the person, without being muted for others.

  • .MattyIXIriva

    The person saying this can be solved easily they need to understand that sometimes we just need someone to shut the hell up

  • Hornet

    Inability to deafen someone I don't want to interact with is literally ruining my entire Discord experience.

  • Guedes

    It would be great. 1+


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