Option to automatically run discord as administrator



  • Tahg

    You can do this yourself. Right click the shortcut (or right click the taskbar icon, and right click the program name) and click Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab, and check the Administrator box.

  • Razunter

    Discord creates new folder on update from time to time and this resets "run as admin" setting, so this isn't the proper solution.

  • Robotuxin

    Here are some workarounds that may be of use to someone:

    Part 1: Create a second shortcut (named e.g. "Discord (Admin)"). Don't use the Compatibility Tab because that can mess up updates or, at least, the installer. In the shortcut Properties, ensure the Target ends in this "Update.exe --processStart Discord.exe", set the "Start in" field to empty, and go to Advanced button (near bottom right) and check "Run as Administrator".

    Part 2: If you want to start as admin on logon without the UAC elevation prompt, use the Task Scheduler. The important options you need: "Change User" to your own. Select "Run only when user is logged on". Check "Run with highest privileges". Uncheck everything on the Settings tab except maybe "Allow task to be run on demand" (to allow you to test it). Uncheck everything in Conditions tab unless you want things like only starting on AC power. In the  "Triggers" tab, add new one for "At log on" with "Specific user" set to your own. You can also add a delay there if you want. In the "Actions" tab, add new one for "Start a program" with Path set to Update.exe (same as shortcut, look for it in AppData\Local\Discord within you user's home folder) and use the following arguments: --processStart "Discord.exe" --process-start-args "--start-minimized"

    You can remove the stuff after "Discord.exe" if you don't want to start minimized.

  • droodics

    @Robotuxin thank you very much, i made a Task Scheduler and it works like a charm.

    Overwatch is an example of a game that needs Discord to be started as administrator. I usually forget that I have to start it as administrator and waste 10-15 minutes to fiddle with mic and app until I remember.


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