Auto Do-Not-Disturb While Game is Detected



  • Axralt A

    Very very good idea ! I vote for this !

  • carrot1401

    Could very much do with this; I record my racing on rFactor 2 and then edit a highlights package for youtube. It's the only game I want to automatically set do not disturb so I dont get the pinging sounds!

  • Dalevridge

    Please I know this is old and has just a few upvotes but it seems like an obvious option to me, discord should really add this!

  • citrus-melon

    This would be so useful, since I already have Zoom set as a game. I could have it automatically be on do-not-disturb when I'm in class.

  • blank

    This is indeed a issue while playing League of Legends Dominion! Some of the discord servers are really annoying pinging many users. In such cases, I just close the Discord app completely! Even while playing roblox, I need to use Decal IDs all the time to build houses in Bloxburg. But this constany pinging always irritates me.

  • RB

    the best idea


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