Add "Do not disturb" hours



  • ekolis

    Hours and days - I want to enable DND from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday because I'm working then - oh no I got distracted from work to write this comment! :P

  • bray
    best idea ever
  • drfuzzyness

    This would be excellent as I can't seem to find any way to do this through the Official Discord API

  • wargrimnir

    This would be great to enable both for working and for sleeping. Managing a large server that crown is just a target for people asking for support. I really don't mind when I'm available, but you know, sleep is nice...

  • Brian

    Just chiming in, I would also like to see this feature.

  • Zaragad

    Now with WFH we need this feature more than ever. Please Discord! 

  • Johan

    Yes, please get this. It is never too late to be what you might have been.

  • Tahru

    Yes please!

  • Yami

    Echoing in my support for this

  • leticiavna

    Fully support this!

  • DarkSwordsman

    I guess I didn't comment on this already.

    It blows my mind that Slack already has this functionality, but Discord doesn't. I feel like you're more likely to be blown up with notifications on Discord than a Slack. 

    Also, Slack has DnD timers, where you can set a DnD for a period of time (say for a lunch break, or maybe you're focusing on something important). They already have muted timers for servers and messages, so it doesn't make sense why something like that doesn't exist for DnD mode.


    I ALWAYS forget to turn off my DND. If it was automatic, then I wouldnt miss soooo many messages!

  • VaderCraft_

    Please add this I work most of the day and I get constant pings (because my friends love me :p) and I go on do not disturb then forget to turn it off (I do that)

  • Zoomjah

    Yes please!

    I also wish I could turn off ping notices throughout the day. I have them silenced anyways, but some game tryout servers do most of their tryouts while I'm working. But ideally I'd still want to know about the ones during hours I'm not working. -shrug-

  • not a name guy

    Please add this. It would be very useful to block discord notifications during school or work hours. Many people would use this. Setting DND for a certain amount of time would also be useful during certain important events.


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