Allow Discord volume to be increased beyond what's currently possible.



  • Taurus

    I have solved this problem by instaling virtual audio cable. Setting discort output device to "CABLE Input".

    Then in windows recording devices enabling "listen to this device" checkbox in "CABLE Output" properties.

    And then installing equalizer APO to boost volume of virtual audio cable.

  • Discord Mrfresh

    I think this is a good idea, like I don't need my VC volume up'd but the volume output from the app itself, I'm on windows and I can see how this may be a struggle for some with volume. I think it's a good idea

  • Peekofwar

    I've noticed that when I increase people's volume from 100% to 200%, I cannot hear a difference. To me it seems like it only goes up by like a single decibel if even. What I would like is a decibel-based volume setting, where instead of 200%, it would be an additive dB setting like +6 dB -4 dB or something. 

    The only thing that would work for me currently is if I increased my base-volume, and then decreased other's volumes to balance them. The problem with this is that new people would potentially be way too loud, and I'd have to adjust people's volume all the time which would be annoying. That and notifications would be way too loud (assuming they're on the same audio channel - I have a GoXLR mini, not everyone has this). This is why I do not opt for this.


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