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  • Ilhar_Kal'daka

    As is I end up making 20-30 posts as reserves then editing in 2K word blocks into lore posts and such then finally deleting ones I don't need just so that they flow and look like a single post. This would be amazing if there was a way to remove the word limit or at least make it a hell of a lot larger.

    Would also be amazing to be able to add pictures when editing a post, but least the word count alone would make thing extreamly better.

    (Also run into this for guides, large blocks of code, and many other instances where posting large blocks of text is required, sucks to have to do it in word so watch word count then to post ion multiple blocks.)

  • Zane

    I beleive the text file is not a option for browser users. Rip.

  • exerion

    I have given up waiting for Discord to implement this feature. Farewell ✌

  • Hope

    The ability to turn off the character limit per-server or per-room and for friends in DM would be lovely.  This has been a thorn in my side since getting into discord and has been the biggest reason I refuse to pay for any of their services.  It's such a basic and simple thing, something Skype, of all programs, mastered forever ago and it's totally free with no premium features.  Let people remove the limit or, if you won't do that, automatically post it in multiple 2000 character posts.  After all, people are doing that sort of thing already.  Why not just make it automatic?

  • Populous Online

    2000 is pathetic. Please, we desperately need more.

  • Painkiller

    This limitation prevents me from compactly placing the rules on the server where I am.

  • muuvmuuv

    We would like to switch from Slack as a company and this really is a drawback. At least allow unlimited chars for a boosted server please. We often share kubernetes or other console logs in our dev channels and its impossible with 2000 max chars.

  • roelani

    It is NOT fixed, and making this a "paid" feature would be dumb as hell. The same amount of content (in bytes) is still generated. It's just generated in multiple messages instead.

    Just let us set our own limits, per server. Per category, even, would be choice. I refuse to believe this is a complicated ask.

  • Ju

    Can confirm that this is still a limitation in Discord. Really, really hindering when it comes to roleplaying servers, or as a previous user stated for working with a group on gameplay walkthroughs, etc. Discord Team, can we please change this? At least make it a feature that can be changed by the server owner and/or moderator? I think at this point in 2021 we can all agree that Discord is not just used for gaming. As the uses for Discord changes, so do the features and/or limitations. This should not be seen as an exception to that. This 'character amount' limitation hindrance definitely needs to be changed to at least a 10,000 character limit. But 20,000 would be absolutely amazing.

  • NotZoe

    So I run a game development server... when we want to share blocks of code, this hinders us. When we want to share update notes -- this hinders us. Faq? This hinders us. Writing discussion? This hinders us. If not for the overall popularity of this platform, I would be investigating an alternative. 

    I just want to add that any limit should be something that can be implemented by role and channel.

  • keith

    Please increase the limit. There is really no reason it needs to be so low.

  • HeroGamers

    If you upload a message over the limit, it will embed as a TXT file in the channel which you can unfold without having to download. This essentially solves this suggestion.
    Also they seem to be working on the char limit now - for Nitro.

  • Cross [Campaign Terrain]

    It does not allow me to "embed" anything. It just says to cut it shorter. That's in the Android app; I've not tried elsewhere... because I shouldn't have to

  • redax

    Does anyone know: If I have Nitro, does my bot also get its character limit extended? My bot scrapes some data from websites and there are theoretical scenarios where it might exceed 2k characters (but I don't see it ever going above 4k)


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