Increase max file size for free accounts



  • Lottery248

    neon7 sure it does need to make money, but look at the price of Nitro (Classic) first. it is already 2020, the cost of storage has significantly decreased over last year. your speech of disagreement is equivalent to "free users are not entitled to suggest for more". if you think a better service should be paid "just because they need money", then it is harder to gather more when people don't know what is inside.

    while rejecting to enhance their basic service, there are simply less users.

  • Shix

    I add my vote to this.I came here to open a topic about increasing the limit (but saw it was already opened) when I was just trying to send a mere screenshot from my iphone 11 max and it was just too big for discord. Please do something about it.

  • iko

    Please increase the file size. 

    I can't even post an photograph from my smartphone without taking a screenshot of it before posting .... 

  • Devoldo

    Agreed the upload size for non-nitro users is way too minuscule. Can't upload a simple photo from my phone without jumping through hoops to decrease it's size. I was a nitro subscriber for over a year and canceled since I don't use it enough to be worth it. One photo and I have this app that I supported screaming at me because I wanted to send one simple picture to a chat...

  • novice

    So today was the last day I was chatting in Skype with my last friend who was still using it, I managed to move all my friends from Skype to Discord now and that is fantastic, HOWEVER when my last friend joined Discord he tried to send me a video that was recorder with newest iPhone and he was not able to send me that video because obviously the file was larger than 8MB.

    That was kinda disappointing to my friend, he thought he will be able to send almost any video/photo just like in Skype..

    8MB in 2020 is a joke, please increase it to 40-50MB for non nitro users (if that is too much maybe make that limit ONLY for mobile devices)

  • Lottery248

    i am downgrading my Nitro after this month for this reason (not upgrading everyone's upload limit).

  • TERI

    I agree too, I was trying to upload a zip file and it says it crossed 8MB. The thing is, my zip file is 9.29MB this isn't that reasonable. I use discord to host the file because It has a function that has a URL to download the file instantly. Many file hosts don't have that and zippyshare is garbage.

  • JohannLau

    20 MB is the right size…it can allow a bad quality video for a few seconds

  • ░ Colomanse ░

    I think they should make it 500mb if its going to compete with other gaming sites they might as well do it

  • JohannLau

    File size limit for different chat apps

    Telegram: 2 GB

    Gmail: 15 GB virtually (if it exceeds 25 MB it will auto-upload it to google drive)

    Skype: 300 MB

    WhatsApp: 100 MB

    Discord: 8 MB only ~ WTF?!

  • I agree. I screen recorded an iPad 10.5 air screen, major cropped a video that was 8 seconds long and it exceeds the limit. I understand limit but please make it 10 or 12 megabytes.

  • 🌟🌟

    I honestly think instead of the 8MB limit, discord should have A 1GB file limit instead, but files over 8-100MB expire after a set amount of time. 30 minutes is enough for someone to download a 700MB video. This would solve most cases, but it wont solve all sadly. I think the limit should be 20MB at least.

  • ₪ Alex ₪

    I would recommend lowing the quality or making it shorter

  • eggsnham07

    personally i have had no issues with this most of my videos and pictures are ok but still, I agree Johann Lau put it pretty good

  • Mae

    I keep taking photos and can't send them because my phone takes to high quality photos for Discord.
    1st-world problems, yes, but still really annoying.

  • Thalleous Sendaris

    They should increase the file size limit. Like, for example:

    For non-Nitro users: 8mb > 25mb

    Nitro Classic: 50mb > 100mb

    Nitro Full: 100mb > 250mb


    The perks when you boost the server is okay though, and I don't think it should be increased much more because there's a lot of members that would use it. (still Level 2: 50mb, and Level 3: 100mb).


    Discord probably already can do this, many people are already supporting this platform, and Telegram's limits (which is totally free) is actually better than Discord.

  • JohannLau


    If no one use Discord because of the stupid limit, no one will pay for Nitro, and they are losing money



    Yes if you want to upload a 10 second video you have to pay a monthly fee.

    Im sorry, this isnt the 1970's, this is 2021 and we cant even upload 5 second videos without paying $100 a year. its not our fault this platform will die in 6 months, its your fault for restricting us free users to 8mb.

    15mb alone would be a huge difference and wouldnt take away from nitro.

    People are saying use links & shit, well most servers use moderation bots that blocks links.                             and to the people who says use nitro, Did you know people has to pay bills for their house, phone, etc. For most people it would take years to get that sort of money, shut up u spoiled rich brats who grew up getting everything u want.

  • schhza

    I guess its worth it but what if no one wants to spend their money on nitro..

  • StinkerB06

    I'd definitely want the file size limit for free accounts to go up! 8 MB is just practically too little for a lot of things. In 2021, of course! Oh, and next to nobody in the servers I'm quite active in actually boosts them to prevent everyone from being faced against the most cursed file upload system of any modern social media platform!

    It just makes me want to switch to some other Discord-like platform where I can actually share my GIF's and videos and stuff without paying a bunch of $$$ just to break a tiny barrier! I know you guys need money out of all things that can possibly exist on Earth, but come on. Run ads or something. That'll give you your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • Ramsey

    its 2021, new hardware are coming along and there are plenty of solutions that discord can do to fix these problems. I have bought nitro in the past and while it looked cool to have gif and send custom emojis for as little as $5 a month and I have been using discord for more than 5 years. Server boosting is like one of the least interesting things about nitro. I can't imagine how much of my expenses could be if i paid monthly for 5 years straight. This supported money should go towards new hard drives and security and other good things that improves discord overall experience. Microsoft was interested buying discord for 10 billion dollars so this shows that discord is very wealthy value and yet users who have paid for nitro lose all of the benefits when the membership ended. I am seeking to see 8mb to expand 25mb for all users. If the storage is a concern then they could add something that auto deletes after a day so discord server storage wouldnt fill up as quickly. 

  • Beatrix

    I don't understand why everyone switched from Skype to discord, if you could transfer files up to 300 megabytes in Skype, and only 8 in discord, it's funny. I live in a poor country, so I can't afford to buy nitro. It's more expensive than paying for the Internet. twice. I ask you to increase it to at least 15 megabytes.

  • Mae

    I have Nitro, so I don't deal with this anymore, but my camera at default settings takes pictures that are past Discord minimal size for free accounts. My friend has a super-ultrawide monitor and screenshots can't be pasted for him without him manually compressing them first. If my phone, by default, takes pictures that are too large for Discord, maybe they need to up the minimum.

  • yashi

    Still waiting for an increase. I couldn't even send a CROPPED screenshot today. This is absolutely pathetic. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have high to no limits on file size, so I see ZERO reason why Discord has to be this stingy. Last week I tried recording a video on discord on my phone, literally 8 seconds, and it was too large.

    Literally just add compression when you post something as a free user and this issue would be fixed. ALL other social platforms online add compression, so I don't understand why Discord has to live in 2008.

  • Hexxed

    Have an option to compress videos and pictures automatically to reduce size. Nitro users still get more space so that doesn't necessarily reduce your income stream. There are a dozen sites out there purely designed to compress Discord videos and pictures to 8mb that are profiting from this. Makes sense to bring this in house at this point. The cost of server compression should be outweighed by the reduced storage amounts and data download users need for larger files.

  • KevZer

    +1   8MB en pleno 2021?? tremenda miseria :/



  • SirPenetrator/Softload3r

    Discord please, get with the damn times. Update your server. 
    We're almost in 2022 an I can't even upload a 1min clip to discord.... 


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