Alternative to "Search with Google"




    Well, maybe you could rephrase that to Search with *default Search Engine*, the one you configure/chose in your (default) browser.

  • r00ster

    Yes, please! Google is to me just a terrible search engine and I prefer DuckDuckGo.

  • izob

    Alternatively, Discord should just use the default search engine of the default browser.


    So if Discord makes a search, it will open the default browser and the browser will use the default search engine. There would be no need to tell discord to use a certain search engine, as the browser will take care of that.

  • Bambel Boar

    Instead of using the web browser's default search engine you should be able to set one in Discord in case you wanted to make Discord searches with a different engine than normal

  • nanaya

    is this the part we learn that discord has been paid by google for that option 🤔

  • Jack~D

    Google really should not be the default for all users.

  • r00ster

    @nanaya, that, or the Discord team is really that naive and thinks everyone uses Google.

  • ChildishGiant

    I really have nothing to add here, I just want to show support. DDG > Google


    Literally any alternative way! even if i have to manually specify the URL.

    this isn't just about other search engines - being able to search a dictionary for instance. we don't want more buttons, or a list of options.

    in fact, why not just let us write out the launch command, as in a box where i could type
    ...\firefox.exe -search [string]
    would be all i would i need.

    If you think this is asking too much for a little thing almost no one needs - then maybe you shouldn't be selling a $150 A MONTH PER SERVER upgrade that increases the maximum bitrate for opus from 96k to 384Kbps , a single channel of uncompressed CD audio is 700Kbps. Opus is very well compressed, and VOIP is single channel.

    Raising the slider above 64K correctly warns you that in fact opus at high bit rates is a complete waste of bandwidth anyway.

    I'd sooner pay £150 a month for a search alternative than i would for nanometre accurate mic noise raising my ping.

    ps: why do you let us change the opus bitrate but not how it actually uses that bitrate? - opus can encode with a 4ms latency and lets you pick bandwiths. opus is free and open source, but discord charges to let you configure the least useful parameter, and doesn't even tell you what the rest are, let alone let you change them.

    the more I use discord, the more i miss IRCCloud and Mumble.

  • way


  • samomalley

    Hate to just +1, but this seems like a rather simple request that provides better interoperability and accessibility to all.

  • MisterGore

    team can you give us a response on this?

  • Zwei

    How can this still not be implemented?

  • izob

    I am unfollowing this post. Its been 2 years and no action has been taken. Discord is not listening.

  • Shroom

    Why has this not been implemented yet? I get it, Google is the most popular search engine and to most people a feature like this would be useless. But, I much prefer just right-clicking and selecting "Search with DuckDuckGo" instead of copying it, opening the browser, pasting it and pressing enter.

  • Bennett

    Had to do some deep searching to find this thread, odd discord does this tbh

  • UmbraAtrox

    Almost 2021. still nothing...

    Seems they sold their asses to google.

  • coppereyecat

    I too would like the option to change this and/or use browser default search. Doesn't make any particular sense for it to be the way it is. 

  • CoryMartin

    I really want to be able to use this feature with my search engine of choice.

  • Pieteek

    Yeah, I loved the quick search feature, but I'm not using Google anymore, so...

  • ossha

    yes please

  • LetsJustWipe

    2 years later and not a word on this, I guess its not something they want to offer. This may backfire when more people realise they want more privacy for their web activity. A change to open your default search is not a big ask, it already utilises your default browser.

  • metasamsara

    I want that feature too. I'm leaving Google for Qwant and Gibiru.

  • gtflip

    I figured someone else would have requested this.  Me, too.

  • Guyon

    Still wishing for this

  • Poi

    Why hasn't this been changed yet? 

  • GarThor

    This is the #1 thing on my discord wishlist.

    Let me change it to *anything but google*

  • PhilMinecraft

    yeah it would be good + Google don't own the Windows platform, it's made by Microsoft and Google is just dominant so they should change it with "Search with [Search Engine name]" or "Search" instead because as I said earlier, they don't own the Windows platform. Pls, for the name of ecosystem...

  • NeatNit

    The age of this thread does not strike confidence in me.

  • Duma

    Pretty please


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