Cross Channel Voice Communication



  • ||Jojo||
    With this feature some game developers may decide to use Discord for publishing their game, so why not?
  • Kirru

    Been saying this for a year. We definitely need it for our racing league for pre-race and in race announcements while teams being in their own voice chat room


  • Fri13

    Any multiplayer that has a teamwork with more players than Duo, needs the whisper feature. No, dual channels doesn't work same way, they are nice but not same thing.


    A multi-channel feature is great when you have a hierarchy of the gameplay like you have 2-3 squads and each squad has 4-6 players and each squad has a squad leader and then you have a platoon leader that leads the squads. You need to be able quickly talk to each individual squad leader, overriding their hear by priority. And then allow each squad leader to talk to other squad leaders. 

    This is where TeamSpeak is great as it has these channels.

    But whisper is needed when you have 4-6 players in the same team and you need to tell something to specific players without disturbing the others, be it then a secret conversation or to prioritize your communication temporarily with someone else as others are somewhere else and they don't need to hear how you two are going to plan your tactics on critical moment.


    Discord might not replace TeamSpeak in the large scale games, but less rarely people play those huge games than they do with just 2-3 other friends, and quickly just pressing ie. Alt+F1-F4 to whisper to specific Discord member (please allow to set it to friends as permanent, regardless who is on channel and when it is started the call).

    The two bindings would be required:

    1) Whisper Hold.

    So your communication goes to that player as long you press and hold the shortcut.

    2) Whisper Toggle.

    So your communication is turned to that player only, until you untoggle it. 


    The player itself should have option to set then each talker profile is their whisper priority or not. If it is priority, then Discord would silence or lower the volume of the general talk for that moment when it is received, or if it is not set priority then it will sound just like any other talk. 

    And then of course have a option for GUI overlay to be such that no overlay is shown normally, but when a whisper is received, then the overlay will symbolize it. This would confirm the receiving end that the talk is private and to whom to respond as well. 

    The toggle whisper mode with priority would be great in quick moments, where example 4 player team splits to two pairs, and you can just toggle the whisper to your pair and your discussion is only between you two, but you will hear at lowered volume the other duo if so configured with that pair.

    A point of whisper is of course that others don't hear it, while "priority" point is that specific people would get normal volume above others, so others volume gets lowered then priority people talk, and that would be a client side setting. 

  • Makedonsky

    Discord team, your app is a delight to use.

    But unless you add possibility for a "general"/guild leader/clan leader to communicate his commands via voice to several units/groups/squads, while obviously not staying on their voice channel, no serious  MMO gaming guild is gonna bother using your product seriously.

    Because there are clans/guilds of 20-50-100-200 people raiding or participating in a single activity, and they need one or a few people to be able to give commands to all of those at once, while allowing local squad/groups communications.

    For now they still stick to teamspeak/raidcall/mumble/whatever just because they have this feature.

    Please add it finally, it's been >3 years we're asking!

    Let it be a paid feature, but please add it finally!!!

  • Pedro Alves
    please discord, make it happen
  • Botikus(Виктор)

    This feature is a "must have" requirement. Many people and whole communities need it to completely switch to Discord from another app. 

    Without it, Discord will never become a truly comprehensive gaming comms network. I hope to see it implemented in the near future. 

    Without it, Discord is outclassed by TeamSpeak and Mummble.


  • callidus

    "Without it, Discord is outclassed by TeamSpeak and Mummble."

    But *ONLY* in regards to this simple feature and I suspect that Discord could, and will, make it an even better, more comprehensive function... but it has to start somewhere.

  • Frosty
    Nice idea
  • Draezha

    This is a feature that discord desperately needs. I'm part of several large discord communities that this feature would be a godsend to. Many of them use team-speak as a secondary option for situations where we would like to use a whisper function.

  • SCG_Wulfe

    Absolutely necessary and needed. My squadron for il2 is still forced to use TeamSpeak for any large group to organize voice comms... can’t believe this feature is still missing.

  • Murdo

    So... this has been a topic of discussion for quite a while. This thread, which is apparently "the" thread on the topic per mods, is 5 months old.

    .... ...Do we have any significant response from Discord?

  • Moostafa

    Hope we see this soon.

  • Rieliesza

    I also line up with that request.

  • Shamalott

    The way i would like to see it work, Is to be able to join 2 voice channels at the same time. (main channel and a sub channel)

    The Sub channels can be set up as an "Open" voice channels for smaller open groups to chat and anyone in the sub can chat openly to everyone in that sub channel and the main / admin channel can be set up to only work on "Push to talk" and this would communicate to everyone in all the Sub channels below it.

    This way, you can set some users to have admin rights to use the Main / admin channel on "push to talk" channel and everyone else would still have the normal voice chat, but still be able to hear any admin chatting over the global chat.

    Being in development myself, i do not believe this would be too difficult to achieve.

    thank you




  • NelsOn

    any news about this?

  • Cobalt Echo

    On so many different levels, yes please. This is the one advantage TeamSpeak still has over discord.

  • DKFever

    Just found this thread. Throwing support here from Eve Online. A small fleet is 10 people here. Larger fleets number in the thousands of individual players. Almost everyone uses teamspeak instead of discord because of this. I know that my alliance would be happy to pay for a discord subscription if we could communicate cross channel.

  • Force.ofWill

    Come on, this need to be implemented. Can't believe this is not done yet. If discord wants to reign supreme look foward to this.

  • Esscanoru


  • Raith

    This would be great for rp as dispatcher in fivem.  Where dispatchers could listen on all or different channels and respond in any.



  • UniseV

    Of course, this is a necessary feature in order to be the first voice app .. but maybe Discord don't want it, because this important feature is asked for a long time without success.

  • Itzy

    We really need this feature.


  • Boogie

    Please, implement this. Absence cross channel voice stops many teams migrate to Discord

  • Vhex

    Found this topic while searching to see if this feature existed. I add my support for its addition to discord. it is much needed.


    All I want to do is listen to the Orange team's voice channel and Blue team's voice channel from a Spectator channel. Be able to whisper from the Spectator channel to both teams. Team channels cannot hear each other. How is this not a feature yet? This is a very desired feature.

  • Creep

    Would it be possible for an admin to merge all of the similar posts together for this feature? There are 9 others that specifically mention "/whisper"! That is a lot of interest in this much-needed feature! If they made it a premium feature that you had to pay extra for, I know that our squad would pay for it tomorrow. 

    Please devs... puh-lease!!!

  • Fri13

    The discord really requires to have feature to:

    - whisper another specific individual(s) in group
    - listen another channel
    - whisper to another channel

    It is a must to be able have 4-8 friends on one channel, and then be able whisper to one or two members in that same group.
    That way prioritize whispering sound over others in settings by receiving end (is, others in channel set to -60% volume and whisper at normal volume).

  • Jenko

    Absolutely need this, it's to much of a mess to operate four squads in a single channel when we should be able to have 4 channels and a sub-channel whisper between commanders.

  • GluttonySDS

    I would legit cancel my TS servers for this... and pay extra for it on discord as well.

  • DKFever

    Please. PLEEEEAAASE add this. My 100 man Eve Online alliance is looking to move to teamspeak exclusively simply because this feature isn't available.


    If I could just hotkey to speak to different chat rooms taht we made, taht would be amazing. i could have a logi room, a dps room, a scouts room, and a fleet commander room, hit "a" talk to logi, hit "b" talk to scouts, etc. We're regularly in 30 to 60 man fleets, as in, 30 to 60 individual people all on comms trying to get information to each other on enemy comp, battle formations, fits, logistics, positioning, electronic warfare etc. This feature would make our lives soooo much easier.




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